The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Capter 21: Jaw Tightened. Strong Minded

Luke’s POV

No, no, no. This can’t be happening. He just drugged her…unconscious.

I can’t freak out. I can’t look like I care.

Any sign of weakness…they exploit. But it’s killing me, seeing her limp form lay on the red booth.

“So, Lukey boy, now that’s out of the way,” he says turning towards my direction, “where’s my gun?”

Jaw tightened. Strong minded.

That’s what Zack always taught me.

“It’s in my boot, my brother-” I was cut off before even finishing.

“Oh Zack, how is that young fella? Haven’t seen him…well…it feels like centuries. Let’s go out, have a chat” he exits the booth and then the shop. I look at Zoe but then remember that I’m being watched. So, I just leave her and follow Cannon.

Yeah, that’s his name. Cannon Bruiser. The Big Boss.

He’s named that for a reason. Fights with him are not pretty.

I follow him to the car, where of course, Zack has a cigarette dangling from his mouth as he relaxes on the hood of the car. Meanwhile, in the pizzeria…my girlfriend is unconscious.

“Bruiser, Lukey.” He addresses without one glance our way. I must admit, he’s smooth like that.

He sucks his cigarette and lets out one last puff before squashing it with the ball of this foot as he climbs off the car.

“Nice to see you Zachariah”

Zack’s eyes pierced into Bruiser when he hears his full name. It agitates him. And Bruiser does it on purpose. He loves it when my brother is all fiery and out of control, it’s a form of entertainment for him.

Zack stretches a fake smile and pulls out another cigarette, laying it perfectly between his lips.

“Alright boys, you came to give me one thing. And I hope you get leave with all three of you lives”

“Three?” Zack questions.

Bruiser’s eyebrows raised and he laughed, “Oh you don’t know? Luke’s…friend, is in there, knocked out unconscious,” Zack switched from cool to alarmed “and if I don’t get my delivery in the next minute, then I’ll have a bullet to her chest”.

I headed straight to the boot of the car and pulled the small box out. Zack rushed to my side and whispered “we were too late”.

“Not yet, brother” I quickly answer. I pull the yellow folder from the glove box which holds the documentation needed to be signed. I hand it to Bruiser with an inky pen, he just looks at it as if it was a piece of rubbish below him.

“I want to see it”

Zack unlocked the black box to reveal a sleek, matte black 45 ACP pistol, securely placed within its padded box.

Bruiser’s lips curled, he snatched the document from my hand and signed it. He grabbed the box and embraced its dark beauty.

The delivery was complete.

But my girlfriend was still in that pizzeria, unconscious.

“Hey Bruiser, how about Zoe?”

“Thought she was just a girl who taught you how to change a bin?”

“That’s the thing, I don’t want people asking questions. She won’t open her mouth about anything, I swear”

Bruiser raised his wrist and hovered his mouth over his watch. “Bring her out, we don’t need her”

Not even 10 seconds later, one of the men carried her out and dumped her into my arms.

Thank God.

“Aye boys,” Bruiser called, “Want to do another delivery for me?”

At this point, I was so sick and tired of doing all this dangerous shit for people and get what in return? Money? Fuck that. I would rather the protection of myself and those I care about. Like the woman who lay in my arms…drugged.

I can’t take it anymore. No one else can get hurt because of my selfish, and stupid actions.

I look back at Braiser and answer “Maybe another time bro, when I’m not changing bins”

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