The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 3: Mr Hit and Run

Oh. Hell. No.

“Ok, we either got hit by an elephant or a monster truck” Amelia states.

I look at her dumbfounded. “Is this really the time? Besides, what’s the difference? We just got bloody hit!”

I angrily take my seatbelt off and throw open the door. I walk around my car, huffing and puffing ready to fire at the idiot who hit us. Amelia finally got the message and quickly hopped out following behind me.

As I approached the Black Audi R8 I was ready to slap the person. Even though, I must admit it was a nice car. Anyway, I stood in front of the car waiting for he or she to get out. I couldn’t see the driver because of the headlights but I pretended I did by putting my hands on my hips and lifting a sassy eyebrow.

The driver’s door opened and out stepped a guy. Whom I must admit, had a really nice facial construction.

And eyes.

And body.

Woah, hold up. Did I just say that?

I snapped out of daydreaming mode and began my lecture. “What the hell?! Mate, what’s wrong with you? You just hit my car and now you have to pay for it. What the hell were you doing that was distracting you?!”

And at perfect timing, the passenger door of his car swings open and out hops a girl whom looks like a mix of a wannabe Victoria Secret Model and prostitute.

Not that I was jealous or anything.

“Sorry” was all that came out of his mouth as he shrugged his shoulders.

“Sorry?! Is that all you have to say? Well good luck trying to pay for the damage of my car buddy”

“What car?” he scoffs.

Was that an insult? Oh I think it was.

“Just because my car isn’t as fancy smancy as yours, doesn’t mean you don’t fix the damage you caused”.

I recorded his number plate on my phone to take to the police station.

He shrugged once more and looked away. “I just don’t know how to pay for it”.

I look up from my phone confused. “What do you mean by that?”

“It means I don’t have a job”. And at that moment the girl who was in his car looked at him like he had grown two heads, scoffed and walked away screaming “We are over!”.

Ok, what just happened?

“Your girlfriend seems like a ray of sunshine” I sarcastically comment. Amelia laughs to herself trying to make out that we can’t hear her even though we can.

Damn, Aries they are always so loud.

“Whatever, she was just for fun”. I look at him like he is the most stupid person to walk this planet. Is he serious? Using girls like that? That makes me sick. “Look, can I go now? I’m late. I’ll get the money to you soon”.

Without waiting for my reply, he jumped into his car and sped off, making me look like an idiot on the side of the road with a squashed car.

Well great.

As we got to the police station and recorded the incident, I felt hungry again.

“Want to grab something to eat?” I turn to Amelia and say.

“At eleven o’clock at night?”

I nod in reply like its no big deal.

“Yeah ok. Canterbury Burgers?”

“This why you’re my best friend”

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