The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 4: Encountering A Douche

“This shit is so amazing” I say while stuffing my face with the lettuce and thick beef stuffed burger.

Amelia nods in reply without speaking as she has half a burger shoved down her throat. I pick up my lemonade and sip on it as we both sit in silence. But of course there was no such thing as ‘silence’ with Amelia, so she decided to yap in my ear again.

“Did you even get his name?” she asks. I look at her confused as I wasn’t listening properly. You can’t blame me; I had a heavenly burger in my mouth which just blocked out everything around me.

“What?” I ask but with lettuce falling from the side of my mouth. Amelia rolls her eyes and scrunches the paper that wrapped her burger up. Geez, she can eat fast.

“The quite erotic male organism whom condensed your mode of transport to the dimensions of an insect. Did you take note of his birth name?” Oh no, here is that sophisticated language she uses to piss me off.

“No I didn’t” I mock in a fake sophisticated English accent. She gave me a bored look and shook her head.

“You can’t do the accent right. Just don’t try”. I slap her arm to get her to shut up and signal for her to exit the restaurant. “So…you were joking when you said you didn’t get his name?”

“No I was serious”

“Shit Zoe!” This time it was her turn to slap my arm, but she slaps like she has a bloody Hulk arm. I rub my now sore arm and open the door to my squashed car. “How do you expect him to pay for the damage, when you have no identification of the driver?”

“But I got his number plate” I offer.

“That could be anyone’s car, you need the person’s details of who crashed into you”

Well shit.

“I never thought of that, I just thought I needed the number plate” I angrily say, starting up the car.

“You can be stupid sometimes. Anyway, how are you going to pay for the damage? You’re only a candy girl.” Amelia states. I sigh in reply and reverse from the carpark and drive onto the main road.

“I guess I’m just going to have to work my butt off…” I honestly can’t believe how stupid I can be sometimes. Like honestly, how on Earth did I not get his details?

I guess that’s goodbye to half my gap year.

After I dropped Amelia home and drove back to my place, I opened the door to find my mother asleep on the couch. I go to cover her with warm blankets and turn the television off. Just as I was about to go to sleep after a very eventful day, my dad walks in the house coming from a long night of work.

“Hey dad” I smile as he puts his work bag down.

“Hey, are you alright? Why are you awake so late?”

I just shake my head at his inquiry and answer with a “rough night”. He nods his head in understanding and then crosses his arms over his chest.

“So, do you want to begin by telling me how your car looks like it’s just come back from the car crusher?”

I sigh in reply and tell him what happened, I even told him about not getting the driver’s details and having to drop Amelia home. Again, he nods and turns towards the fridge, ready to make a sandwich.

“Well, I’ll help with it as much as-” I cut off my dad before he could even finish.

“No dad, it’s too much on you and mum’s shoulders. I’ll handle this, like a proper adult. I bought the car, I fix it. Don’t worry” I tell him. “Anyway I’m going to sleep, night dad”.

“Goodnight” He smiles while taking a bite of his ham and cheese sandwich.

Stripping down my now dirty clothes and putting my clean, fluffy, pink cloud PJs after a hot shower. I go to check my phone for any last notifications. I see a text from Jack which says, ’Get ready to train idiots and not get paid extra for it’. Oh, that’s right…new staff. I groan aloud, seriously not in the mood for another thing to get in my way.

I reply the text with a picture of Beyoncé rolling her eyes with the caption, ’Ain’t nobody got time for that’. I put my phone down but only to see the time first. Three in the fucking morning. Well great.

As I feel the morning air around me, I open my eyelids which make them look very droopy from the lack of sleep. I have school and then work…time to earn that mullah. I roll out of bed and see the fog on my window, indicating a cold day. I get ready, putting my hair in a side braid and throwing on three sweaters and a scarf. I get cold easily, don’t judge me.

I say my ‘good mornings’ to my family and leave to get to school. I have eight minutes. I park the car and run to my first class which was Modern History with Ms Conran. She’s a funny teacher, also our year advisor, we are pretty lucky to have her. After learning about Civil Rights and writing paragraphs, the bell rung and it was time for our next class. French, English and then I have a free period. The day went at a normal pace, nothing happened except the new graffiti in the bathrooms.

I come home and quickly get some homework out of the way. I go and freshen up for work, I squeeze into my candy striped dress, slipped the shorts on and wrapped the irrelevant apron around my waist. I grabbed my keys, bag and water bottle and sped off to the cinemas. Well, not really speed as it is against the law and my car can’t actually go over 60km/h due to a certain person ramming into the back of it.

“Well, look who it is, Queen Zoe” I hear Jack pop from the back staff door which made me jump.

“Geez Jack, don’t scare me like that” I warn putting my hand to my chest.

“You get scared so easily it’s actually so entertaining. Anyway, ready to train the people who are about to take our future shifts?” he questions whilst raising an eyebrow.

“No” I blandly say.

I say my ‘hellos’ to the staff on for the night and spot out Harrison speaking to Katerina our manager.

“Oh hey Zoe” Katerina greets me kindly. “You will be training Vanessa tonight on registers. Good luck”. With that, she turns and walks to her office. I turn to Harrison and ask him who he is training.

“Some chick called Natalie” he answers.

I nod in reply and smile. “You can finally talk to a girl”. All I feel is a punch to the shoulder and I grunt in reply. I also ask him who Jack is training.

“A dude called Luke. Plus, I don’t classify cleaning a cinema training”.


I set up my register and meet Vanessa. As I go to the back office to grab her till for the register, I encounter someone I did not ever think I would see again.

Especially at work.

At my work.

As a staff member.

“You’re the douche bag who crashed my car!”

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