The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 7: Limpy

It was one, giant mess. I was legitimately on top of a teenaged boy with an alcohol stench. I was tackling the drunk idiot to the ground and yelling. I then felt arms push my shoulders causing me to fall backwards.

“Calm down woman! It’s just me, geez…” a familiar voice yells.

“Luke?!” I abruptly stood up and looked at the toned boy lying on the floor with an ‘oh shit’ expression looking down at him. “What are you doing? Why are you here? Bloody hell you scared me to bits!” I whisper yell.

Luke slowly stands up in pain and rolls his shoulders to crack them back into place. Oops.

“Well first of all, I’m quite intoxicated” he slurs, “second of all, the window was open so I climbed through it. And third of all, the only thing scary right now are those PJ pants. What are those? Pizzas with faces on your pants?”

“Don’t judge” I blush but quite offended at the same time. “The only thing you should be talking about, is why on earth you’re in Amelia’s house? She’s going to wake up and punch you in the nose. Get out!”

“You scared for me? That’s cute, but don’t worry, I can defend myself”.

“Luke…its Amelia we are talking about. You should be shitting bricks”. I state. His eyes went wide and curious.

“Oh really?” he sarcastically says.

Before I could answer, Luke was hit with a tennis racket and went straight to the ground. He was knocked unconscious by Amelia’s hard swing.

I sighed to myself and shook my head. “I told you”.

“What is going on?!” Amelia seriously says. “Did he hurt you? Did he touch my COD? Why is my whipped cream all over the ground?” She says confused. Then her eyes widened…

“No way! You guys did it?! On my floor? With my $13 whipped cream?! Oh c’mon, anywhere but my house”. She whines while scrunching her nose in disgust. I face palmed at her ridiculous intentions.

“We did not do anything! I tackled the idiot to the ground because he climbed through the window as I was washing up. The whipped cream can happened to be the first thing I grabbed as a weapon”.

“Oh” she says, “damn”.

“As if I would do it with him. I respect myself enough to know that I will only do it with someone I love”.

“Love? Fuck that”.

“Whatever. He is a complete jerk anyway”.

“Well, if you don’t want him then-“

“Amelia! Oh my goodness, just stop”. She laughs and puts the racket onto the table beside her.

“So, what the hell are we supposed to do with him now?” She wonders with her hands on her hips looking down at the limped boy, I do the same.

“I have no idea” I sight heavily.

“He has a big bulge” she states obviously. My eyes grow wider than Texas.

“I can’t deal with you anymore” I say with my palm pressed against my temple. She just scoffs, gets a blanket, throws it over him and dusts her hands off.

“Done. I’m going to bed”.

I just stood there, over the knocked out body of Luke Hardens. I sighed heavily to myself, not knowing what to do.

Zoe, you can’t just leave him there.

Without second thought, I pulled the thin blanket off him. I squatted and tried to pull Luke from his underarms and up. That didn’t work obviously.

The next thing I tried was slapping his cheek to get him to wake up. That tactic also failed.

I wasn’t bothered for this at almost 4:00am.

I walked away for five minutes, then came back with a bucket filled with ice water. Without a care, I poured the water on Luke. Done.

“Woah! What the hell!”. Luke was wide awake, panting and wiping the water from his face. “Zoe, what the actual fu-“

“Don’t continue that sentence. Get up, and take a shower, you smell like a hobo. You can wear some clothes from Amelia’s dad”.

“Then what?”

“Then, you’re going to explain what on earth you were thinking when you climbed through that window”.

So that’s how I, Zoe Williams, ended up making a bed for Luke to sleep on. I flattened a few blankets and lay down a sleeping pillow on the couch where Amelia and I had snoozed off.

Just as I was about to leave the room, I turn to a shirtless Luke, leaning against the door frame whilst drying his hair with a towel. My eyes automatically had drawn to his very toned chest and…abs. Zoe, what the hell?

A smirk smeared across his face and my cheeks burned as soon as I my eyes made contact with his. He slowly walks towards me and I shifted awkwardly, not knowing what to do. He stopped about 12 centimetres away from my face. I narrowed my eyes at his actions.

“W-what are you d-doing?”

Why did I stutter?! Zoe, you uncontrollable piece of shit.

His smirk grew wider and all I wanted to do was slap it right off his face.

“Zoe, Zoe…Zoe. Shame on you” he whispers as if someone was to hear him, “I thought you were a good little girl, seeing as you look and act like a virgin” he states.

I was offended. No scrap that, I was fucking furious.

“I am not a virgin” I lie.

“Oh really?”

“Truly. Stop acting like you know me. You know nothing, all I’m doing is giving you a place to sleep so you don’t get arrested for your illegal activity” I seriously argue.

“And there it is, Zoe Williams…aka Little Miss Goody” he teases.

I have a very strong urge to slap him right now.

“Always doing what she is told…”

The urge is getting stronger.

“Always following the rules…”

I’m shaking.


I didn’t let him finish as my palm connected with his cheek and made a loud ‘smack’ sound. His head was turned with a red mark on his cheek. I gasped at my unusual action.

“I-I’m r-“

“That’s fine. Don’t worry”. And with that, he just walked away.

Zoe, what on earth have you done?

I got into bed at about 4:45am. Words can’t explain how tired I am. I could hear shuffling coming from the lounge room. I ignored them and concentrating on getting a decent couple of hours of sleep.

Thinking about how this night has been a rollercoaster, I finally doze off.

I had only been sleeping for an hour and a half when I heard yelling coming from the lounge room. It scared me awake and I immediately jumped out of bed and ran to wear the yelling was coming from.

As I entered the room, all I saw was a tossing and turning Luke who looked like he was fighting someone in his sleep. One thing a person can’t stop…


“I said get off her! No…p-please…Ahh”.

I couldn’t watch this traumatic battle he was having any longer. I quickly walked over to the couch and placed my hand on his shoulder to shake him awake. “Luke…”

He sat up so fast whilst panting. I just kind of stood there…awkwardly. Well, you can’t really blame me.

He rubbed his hands over his face and sighed. We were silent for about a minute or so before he spoke. “Um…sorry for waking you” he whispers.

I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion, but I just let it pass by changing the topic. “You want a cup of tea? It always calms me when I’m nervous” I offer.

He unenthusiastically sighs and nods, “Uh, yeah I guess so”.

I walk into the kitchen and make two cups of English Breakfast Tea. I carefully place them on coasters and Luke gives me a slight smile in thanks.

I sat across from in and I just…sat.

The silence in the room was actually quite nice. In that moment I felt comfortable in the non-dialogue atmosphere. Just him and I.

Woah, woah. Hold up, did you just express your liking for him being in the room? What is wrong with me?

“So…” he says, breaking the silence.

“So…” I repeat. And it’s until then do I realise how cringe worthy the conversation is. Just be a normal human and start a conversation. “Are you working this week?”

He nods while sipping his tea, “Yeah, tomorrow. You?”

And just like that, we had a conversation.

Like normal people.

No fighting, no sarcastic comments, no crashing cars.

Just Luke and I.

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