The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 8: All Hell Broke Loose

Nothing. I found an empty space where he sat in front of me when I woke up from my three hour sleep. I looked around the house to see if he went to chuck a dump or was eating half of Amelia’s fridge. Nope, nothing.

He must have left before I even woke up.

Not that I’m upset about it or anything. Oh, not at all.

I had the most painful headache from lack of sleep. However realising that it was Monday morning and I have to get ready for school, just made the headache throb even more. I rolled off the comfy cushion with sore muscles and dark eye bags.

As I trudged to the kitchen for breakfast I had realised that I had no uniform, no books and no toothbrush.

Well shit.

I rubbed my hands on my face in frustration and walked into the kitchen. Amelia was at the table, munching on her Coco Pops and scrolling through her Instagram. She hadn’t sensed my presence as I snuck behind to scare her. However, as I approached, I saw that…she was scrolling through Nate Richman’s profile.

My eyes widened. I don’t understand why she would be a tad bit interested in him. They hate each other and they fight like a cat and dog.

I felt awkward just standing behind her, so I just slowly crept away and would come back in as if nothing had happened.

But knowing me, I crept so far back that I didn’t watch where I was going. So, my butt hit the corner of the table.

First of all, ouch. Second of all, shit.

Amelia turns with her eyebrows furrowed and confused as to why I’m grabbing my butt in pain and why I’m sneaking on her.

“Uh, good morning?” I smile cheekily just trying to act casual. She narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

“Zoe…what are you doing?” She asks slowly.

“Umm, well-uh nothing-g”. Wow Zoe, good on you for trying to act casual.

“Wrong Zoe, I know you like the back of my hand. You look like you’re constipated, what on earth are you doing?”

I didn’t say anything for a minute or so, “Zoe, you’re honestly scaring m-“

“Why were you stalking Nate Richman?” I blurted. Ah damn.

She looked taken aback and as if she didn’t know how to answer my question. “Well um, I just saw his profile in the recommended section so I just clicked into it, just to make fun of the ridiculous photos he has”.

I was no way convinced.

“Oh really?”


It was my turn, “Wrong Amelia, I can read you like a book. You are stalking him because you are interested in his life. And you want to see if there are any girls you need to take out. Don’t deny it”.

She sighs in defeat, “Fine! You’re right; I may be a little interested in him- just a little! Now leave my kitchen so we can get ready for school” and just like that, she leaves the room with me following. I do a silent fist pump in the air because I was finally right for once in my life.

Amelia gave me one of her school blouses and a skirt which looked like the school’s uniform. She gave me a spare toothbrush from her cabinet and her black converses as my ‘school shoes’.

“Now go make breakfast” she then looks at the digital clock on her bedside table. “Actually make that breakfast on the go”.

I run down the stairs and to the fridge. Might I add that I don’t usually run, so this for me is really tough. I pull out the peanut butter jar and a slice of wholemeal bread. I slab the delicious spread onto the bread and shove it into my mouth.

“Hurry up Zoe! We’re going to be late. Get in your car” I hear from upstairs.

“My car?” I ask, hoping she didn’t mean my car was the mode of transport for the day.

“Yes, stop complaining. Now hurry up!” She orders whilst running down the stairs, skipping every second step. Wow, bothered much.

Amelia threw a notebook and a pen at me. “Geez woman, calm down”

“I can’t be calm if we have two minutes to get to school”

Oh shit.

I swung the backpack onto my back and we both sprinted to my car. I shoved my hand through the zip of my bag, moving items around to find my keys. “Amelia do you have my car keys?”

“Why would I have your keys? Do I look like a key carrier to you?” she states.

“Well I can’t find them” I say worryingly.

“What do you mean you can’t find them?” she slowly says, looking as if she is about to punch a wall.

“I mean they were in my bag, and now they are not” I carefully say.

She looks at me as if I murdered her dog or something. “Fine, we’ll take my mum’s car”, she starts walking back to the front door to get her mum’s car keys. Then I remember…

“You don’t know how to drive!”

She turns around in realisation, “Oh that’s right. Well go find your keys!” she snaps.

This ladies and gentlemen, is Amelia and I’s friendship. Get used to it.

“Looking for these?” As if on perfect timing, Amelia and I both turn around to a smirking Luke, leaning on my car, in his school uniform whilst dangling my keys in his hand.

Before I could criticize, Amelia spoke first “Don’t just stand there, give back the keys or drive us!”

Oh hell no, “Drive us? You mean in my car? The car he squashed like a bug? I don’t think so” I seriously say.

“I would be happy to drive you any day” And then there was Nate who appeared from god knows where and was looking at Amelia, and Amelia only.

“No Nate, get out and go to school. I don’t have time this” she orders.

He ran his hand through his thick brown hair and bit his lip. That’s Amelia’s weakness right there.

“Aw baby girl, at least let me sing you a song”

“Are you joking? Just leave, we’re already late enough”

It was time to stop the bickering.

“Both of you shut up and stop fighting like a married couple” Luke says irritated.

I speak up, “Well, maybe if you hadn’t stolen my car keys, none of this would’ve happened”.

And all hell broke loose.

I was yelling at Luke who was yelling at Nate who was trying to seduce Amelia who was about to punch him in the nose.

School had started ten minutes ago, and here we were yelling at each other for no forsaken reason.

I was done lecturing Luke, “Stop! Everyone just stop” I turn to Luke clearly pissed off, “If you’re not going to give back my car keys then just drive us to school and then drive yourselves to your school. Pick us up at three and take Amelia and Nate home. Then I’ll take over and drive you home and then I’ll go to work”.

I don’t know where that came from, but it shut everyone up. And that was the main thing.

“I have work as well” Luke says.

“Well then, I’ll drive us both . Can we just hurry up please?”

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