The Girl In The Candy Dress

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Chapter 9: His Beautiful Baby

Silence. The entire way to school, no one spoke. Luke drove whilst I sat in the passenger seat of my own car. Amelia and Josh were as quiet as me sneaking to the fridge in the middle of the night.

I repeatedly asked myself three questions…

1. What kind of plan have I created to make my day worse?

2. Why the flipping flying fladoodles, did I let Luke drive my car?

3. Where did the peanut butter sandwich that I made for breakfast go?

I was actually pretty concerned about the last one. Luke pulled up to the gates of our school. As soon as I could, I threw the backpack on and jumped out of the car. “Have fun” I hear come from the driver’s seat.

I turn around to Luke and sarcastically say, “Gee thanks! And have fun trying not cause even more damage to my car”

“Aw Zoe, wish I could but no more possible damage can be done to this bomb of a car” he smiles whilst starting the engine up…then pulls out my peanut butter sandwich and takes a bite from it! Just before he drives off I press my middle finger to the glass of the car window and all Luke does is wink and merges onto the road…in my car…with my sandwich.

Amelia and I power walk into the school gates and rush to our French class. We burst through the door and the entire class looked at us as if we had two heads. Let’s just say my teacher wasn’t too happy with our late arrival. “Sit down! You’re interrupting the class” she orders. You can probably tell she doesn’t like us; well she doesn’t like anyone for that matter.

Break came and I was peacefully munching on my chicken wrap and chatting with Amelia about our plans for the week. That was until I received a phone call from none other than Luke himself. I didn’t even bother saying ‘hello’.

“What do you want?! First you want to annoy me at Amelia’s house and now whilst I’m at school? Seriously Luke, I’ve had enough and I’m about to lose my sh-” I just kept on ranting until Luke cut me off.

“We have an emergency” he says casually.

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped to the ground. It hasn’t even been two hours and he has already managed to cause an emergency.

“What kind of emergency, Luke?” I say with my teeth clenched together.

“The kind that needs you to skip your next class”

“You did what?!”

There I was, standing in the middle of McDonald’s yelling at Luke for being the biggest good looking jerk I have ever met. Hold up, did I just say that?

“I promise, I never meant for anyone to hot wire your car and drive away with it” he pleads.

I was filled with fury, just think about it for a moment. Wouldn’t you want to slap the living shit out of a human whom would leave the car you saved up for, unattended with the doors unlocked? Then some lowlife comes along and hot wires it then drives away with it.

“What do you mean, you ‘didn’t mean for it to happen’? Of course you didn’t! But what you did let happen was leave it unattended and let some douche hot wire it! Oh my god Luke” I yell, throwing my hands in the air.

“I-I well…” he stutters. He then sighs and rolls his eyes “well, it’s not like you had a proper car anyway” he states.

“Excuse me?” I exasperate with my eyes wide open.

“Well, your car is damaged and…c’mon, who really has cars that can be hotwired anymore?”

“I do! And the only reason why it’s damaged is because you fucking smashed it!” I had reached the maximum point of my patience with Luke. I turned around quickly and began marching out the door where Amelia was waiting with Nate, but my hand was then yanked back by Luke which sent tingles up my arm.

“Look, what if I make it up to you by shouting you a cheeseburger?” he teases. Does he honestly think this is all a joke?

I crossed my arms over my chest and clenched my teeth. “How are we now supposed to get everyone home and get ourselves to work on time?”

“That’s easy…we’ll all bus it to my house and we can take my car”. Well, of course the douche has a solution to everything. I mentally roll my eyes at the thought and just nod my head in agreement. All four of us were silent…

“So Luke, how about that cheeseburger?” he just smirks in response and walks to the counter whilst we find a table.

As I wandered around I pulled out my phone to text my mum that I’ll be going straight to work from school. As I was doing so, I overheard Amelia and Nate having a quiet conversation behind me. I tried to hear what they were saying, but all I got was one line from Amelia.

“Yeah ok, not right though…maybe a bit later” which wasn’t useful to help me piece together a possible relationship which may be blossoming…or was it?

I sat down at the first available table I saw and also saw Luke holding a tray of food. He placed it and we all grabbed a burger and fries each. After lunch Amelia and I went back to school and Luke and Nate went back to theirs. The rest of the day went exactly the same as every other school day. At the end of the day, we waited at the school bus stop and hopped on the next bus.

“The stop near my house isn’t too far away” Luke stated.

We sat in two’s but before Amelia could sit down, Luke slid into the seat next to me. Umm ok then…

Other kids boarded the bus peacefully, well that was until…

“OH MY GOD, Luke is that you?!” an annoying screeching voice came from a girl who had hair as large as Texas and chewed gum like Violet Beauregarde. Her perfectly acrylic nails clawed Luke’s shoulder. But who cares right? I’m not jealous.

“Oh, hi Melanie” Luke says in a bored tone, not even making eye contact with her.

“So babe, why haven’t you texted me back?”

“Because I don’t feel like it” he says casually. Right then and there I was about to burst out laughing, but I kept it in and stayed as quiet as a mouse.

Before she could throw a catty remark, the bus shifted in gear and Melanie went flying forward due to the impact. I covered my mouth with my hand to continue to hold the laugh that was so close to leaving my mouth.

I didn’t have to look at Luke as I felt the smile spread across his face at how amusing her little show was. She stood up, pushed her boobs up and carefully walked to a free seat.

Five minutes later we got off the bus and walked to Luke’s house. He walked in front of us and as we arrived he proudly introduced us to his car. “Come and meet my beautiful baby”

“Well we’ve already met on that night it rammed into the back of my car, which I don’t even know if it’s even in the same state as us anymore” I say sarcastically.

“I’m really, truly sorry Zoe. I swear I’ll make it up to you…I promise” something in his eyes seemed so convincing…and magical…and- Whoa, calm down Zoe. What is wrong with me today? I looked away to try and recompose myself.

“Ok” I say quietly. “Let’s just get to work before the new manager eats both of us for his dinner”.

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