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From far

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A girl who dreams.

Humor / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

It was a hectic day. I am just lying to my bed my room is full of trash, drugs and cigarettes.

I was tired. I am lying on my bed since forever. I just started to think about everything and then.

The sun came up already.. i didn't realize i haven't eaten anything from past few days.i haven't gone outside for so long and didn't even got up from my bed.

My room was all messy,my clothes were all on the floor.

Fin came last weekend untill then i haven't even touched any of the stuff,my hair is ugly and messy. That was the only time i went out to hangout with FIN.

Fin is my only friend. He comes to see me whether I'm doing ok or not. Actually he knows i am not but still he shows like he don't know anything.

This weekend i am going out with him. I don't want to but he is forcing me to.

"So where are we meeting", fin said.

"I don't know i don't really want to".

"Oh please! Stop your nonsense and come to my apartment tomorrow". He ended the call.

I light some cigarette and lied on my bed.

Door bell rings'

"Who??" (Scary voice).

I was scared cause no one comes to my room except fin but he dont ring a bell

"Its me"(slowly). A girl replied.

I was thinking who it might be. I didn't opened the door for some minute.

"Its me, please open the door ". She said in a soft voice.

I opened the door and saw a beautiful girl standing there.

Who? Who are you??.

"I am your neighbor."

She galnced at me and said, "you don't know me??"

I was shuttled.

I had never seen her in my life. I was wondering how does she know me.

"Can i sit here".

Yea! Yeah of course."Come inside"

She sat on my couch and turned her head here and there.

"Do you want anything?"

She just noded NO.

I was confused what she wanted and why she was here.

I got up and went to the Kitchen. i light a cigarette and start thinking about it.

I watch her form far. she was pretty little girl looking like she wants to say something.

"I am probably overthinking ".

"Do you want some water?"

Yes! (With soft voice)

"Oh and i forgot to ask your name?"

She just smiled.

I asked her again,"what was your name again?"

"Sia" she said in a rush.

"Sia, nice name. Is your home nearby?"

"NO,its dowm the street little far from here" she replied in a hesitation.

I didn't say anything. I just couldn't believe why and how she was here.

She was little. I felt awkward to even ask her anymore questions.

"do you want me to drop you home?"

"No! (Shouts)" she seem scared.

I started thinking she was weired.

I didn't say anything and it was very awkward.

Fin texted me to meet him tonight at his placd. But with this girl i couldn't go out.

(Lights a cigarette)

"Why do you smoke so much?" She asked me in a soft voice.

I laughed and ignored her.

She seemed angry. she just stared at me for a while.

I got up and went to the washroom.

I was confused i couldn't think of anything.

When i came out of my washroom she was asleep on my couch.

She was so cute.

"Why are you roaming around here alone little girl?"

I picked her up and took her to my bed.

She was sleeping quietly and i didn't know but i stared her for 20 minutes.

Finn has called.

"Oh shoot i am late" its 8 pm already. finn must have waited for me since 7.

I locked my door from outside and went to meet finn.

The next day.

(Shouting) "wake up"- sia

"Who is this?" Oh!

I suddenly got all the flashbacks from last night. I overdosed and couldn't handle anything so finn bring me home. I suddenly woke up and Searched for a cigarette to light. I couldn't find anything in my room.

Sia was sitting in my couch looking like she was disappointed with me.

"What happened?" I said

" Nothing " - sia

"Did you sleep well?" (In a sad Voice) -sia

"Yea! What about you?".where did you slept?. I asked her

"Beside you" (smirks)-sia

I didn't replied her. I just wanted my cigerate.

"I kept it here.i don't know where it goes".i was panicking as i throw all my stuffs in the floor.

"you shouldn't have done that"- sia

"Done what?"

"Drugs"- sia

I suddenly looked at her.she was little sad but i didn't care.

I finally found one cigarette.

"That it??". I have kept bunch of these! Where did they go?"

I couldn't think longer. I smoked the whole cigarette in seconds.

Sia was looking at me from a distance. I thought of talking to her finally.

"So?" I asked sia in a straight face.

So? - sia

"What about now?.Are you gonna go home or something?"

Sia couldn't replied me.

I told her to sit down and tell me about everything.

"Tell me now?.what are you gonna do? Are yoy Gonna stay with me?. I said in a funny way.

She noded her head "yes".

I was super shocked cause she don't know me and i look like a kidnapper so how could he say that.

"Are you serious?".

Sia didn't said anything. She seemed upset.

I couldn't do anything about that.

I was panicking.

I asked her calmly, "your mother will be worried about you honey".

Sia suddenly started crying.

I have never dealed with anything like this before. I didn't even anyone my whole life. And now some strange kid was crying Infront of me.

I panicked and got up.

I went to the balcony to get some air. I thought of asking her calmly and politely or maybe i could get her something to eat so she would be happy.

That's a great idea, i whispered to myself.

I went to sia and told her to stop crying.

"Let's go get some ice-cream ok?"

Sia suddenly looked at me and said ok in a crying face.

I have never went out. And to eat ice-cream oh lord,never.

Sia looked at me and said,"you will go out like this?".

"Yeah! whats wrong?".

"Go look at yourself in the mirror"- sia smiled

"Ughh! Now what?". Really i looked like a homeless person with all messy hair and ugly face. I looked disgusting. My clothes were off. I looked like i had just jumped into pool full of shit.

I suddenly realised i have never seen myself in a mirror before neither i have felt i look bad in a way.

I was kindof happy but didn't knew why.

I looked at sia. she was smiling at me so i looked away suddenly.

Sia brought me a dress. I saw myself wearing it 2 years ago.

"It still fits me? Woah!" I said it to myself.

"Lets go"- Sia

We went to the ice-cream shop and got some ice-cream for both of us.i have walked in these streets ages ago.

I remembered everything from my past. I started getting scenarioa cause i was nervous and panicking.

Suddenly someone touched my hand and i felt like i woke up.

It was sia.

"Are you okay?"- sia

"Yes kiddo! I am okay".

Sia felt safe. I have never met anyone like her before. It felt like she was my side from forever.

I wonder how is she even like this.

Suddenly i realized when she said her home was downtown.

"Is your home near?".


"Yeah! Home?". I asked her in confusion.

It felt like she was lying.

"My home isn't here.its up there somewhere"-sia

"Look sia! Tell me everything." I asked her seriously.

She seemed upset again.

I didn't want her to cry in the middle of road. so o ignored everything.

"Lets go home then?". I asked her.

"Lets go to the park. I want to play with you"-sia.

Park? No i have never been to place called park.i started talking in my head.

I said yes just for her.

"Okay then,its this way".

"Wait? How could.." i suddenly kept quiet. U didn't wanted her to cry again by my questions.

Sia was smart. She socialized with people while i stand there watching her.

"Comeon it will be fun"- sia shouted.

"No, i don't want to". I said angrily.

She pulled me towards her. I couldn't say no cause she was so sweet and looked super cute.

I didn't realized but i started loving her company.i started liking her staying with me and making me feel good.

We had a lot of fun in the park. Later we get some fresh juices way back home.

I didn't realized how fast the day has gone. I didn't realized how happy i was the whole day.

We return to our apartment.

I started searching for a cigarette.

"You will not find it" -sia

I looked at her and said "what?"

"Yea i throw them away"-sia.

"So it was you?". I was shocked.

"Yeah" said sia.

She sat down and started crying.

This time i didn't ran away from her. I sat close to her and said "tell me everything."

"I didn't want you to smoke anything."- sia

She added"i don't like you smoking or drinking or taking anything wrong ".

"You are a child. You don't know anything". Thats what i said.

"Come with me" - sia.

"Where?" I asked her.

"Home"- sia

After 15 minutes. In a hill we arrived a beautiful big building.

"So this is your home?". I had a cigarette on my hand.

"Throw that away"- sia (angrily)

I threw that away.

"Come with me" - sia

Sia looked at me in a cute way. She looked at me like she wanted something to say. She had big eyes where there were pain. I saw that all after these days . I have never looked at her the way i was looking at her today.

We went to the huge sitting area inside the building. An old man came to sia and said someone is waiting for you.

"Lets go". sia whispered.

I followed sia through a big staircase with huge lights and everything seemed rich.

We entered in a big hall with some people.

Far away i saw something.

I looked closely and i gasped.

There was a dead body lying on the coffin. And one old man was chattering some prayers.

I gasped and i looked at sia.

Sia said"thats my mother".

I was in shocked. My hands froze, my eyes died and my legs shivered.

I suddenly sat down.

I panicked.

Sia didn't stoped. She went nearby the body and said " look mom i brought someone".

"She looked after me. she fed me and she even played with me"- sia said in painful voice.

"I told you i would live on my own, look i made a friend. So what you are not with me. See there is someone like you who went to park with me" - Sia started crying.

"Now you don't have to worry that i will be alone mom."- sia.

I was in tears. I feel like crying but i couldn't.

The old man told me that sia's mom used to do drugs. So she had cancer and passed away 2 days ago.

"It was the time i met sia". I said in a soft voice.

"Yeah she run away as soon as her mom was in her death bed"- the old man said.

I didn't knew how to react. I was in shocked. i couldn't feel anything.

I went to sia and sat beside her.

I then realized every thing.

"Will you also leave me one day?"- sia said

"No honey i will never"- i replied.

From then sia was my child. Sia made me. Sia brought me back to life.

Now i am here standing in a place full of people remembering my past and telling you all about it as i announce our new ceo of our company. "Miss sia".


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