Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Twelve

“Mom and dad, what are you guys doing here?” I asked incredulously.

Mom and dad sat on opposite ends of the couch. Ty, Sawyer, and even Nicky put a barrier between them. All three of them looked as uncomfortable as me.

What in the world are they doing here? Mom wasn’t supposed to come home until this weekend and dad….well what in the world?

“We could ask you the same thing Vivian.” Mom said raising her eyebrow.

Oh shit.

“I-I” how do I get out of this one? Nice Vivian, you have officially sealed your fate. How’s dreary ole London sound to you?

“She came because she finished her studies early and wanted to spend more time with me.” Sawyer saved me. I knew mom and dad would believe him. He was always convincing enough, how do you think I ended up with a double life?

“Is this true?” Dad asked me skeptically. Of course they could never possibly think I could achieve much.

“Yes.” I lied squared to his face.

“How is this clothes stuff you have going on pumpkin? Do you like Gabby Foyle?” he asked trying to break into small talk.

I groaned. This was dad’s way of saying my ambitions of being a designer was ludicrous. I bet his father thought the same thing with his music producing.

Mom wasn’t fond of my dream of being a designer. She thought the job was for airheads. But nonetheless at least she made an effort to stay involved unlike dad. She was proud of my scholarship unlike dad who thought it was a waste of time to even apply.

“Good dad and it’s called Maddie Dale.” I answered shortly, “So you never answered my question, why are you here dad?”

“Um I think this a better conversation for later.” he said pointedly.

Just then Ty stood up awkwardly. “I should go, my parents are waiting up for me. It was nice meeting you all.” he said hastily.

I stared at Ty blankly, registering he was still here. I completely forgot, I smiled and moved over to hug him when Sawyer beat me to it noticing my potential mistake.

“Thanks buddy, I’ll see you in school.” Sawyer said hugging Ty. It was quite humorous when Ty looked like he wanted to pry Sawyer off with a spatula.

“Later….dude.” Ty coughed awkwardly before he turned to me, “It was nice meeting you Vivo.” he smiled knowingly.

Mom and dad took in the whole scene differently. Mom looked like she ready to fart out pink sparkles, whilst dad glared at Ty planning his death and making it look like an accident.

“I’ll see you around Ty.” I nodded with a small smile.

Then there was one left….

We all stared at Nicky hoping she’d get the point. Obviously not, since she sat on the couch fiddling with her phone. Finally my brother made his move to convince his girlfriend to leave us alone. He told her to wait in Sawyer’s room until he finished down here. She huffed and sashayed out as both my parents and I repressed the urge to roll our eyes.

She narrowed her eyes at me. Me for crying out loud! It’s not my fault this was a family matter.

The clock turned another minute, and it was official- my life is a sick joke. I’m not a whiney brat, I refuse to be that girl who makes a big scene for no reason. But this was complete Bullshit coming from my parents. I was outraged that they thought i’d be happy. If anything I was frustrated at both of them!

“Repeat that again.”

“Vivian he’s said it a million times already. Just accept it and move on.” Sawyer sighed irritated.

“He just said he’s getting married again!” I yelled pointing at the idiot who just decided to give marriage another try.

“Vivian your father has every right to get married again. This is his decision and it’s your job to be a supportive daughter.” my mom chatised me. I clenched my fists not able to contain the anger that coarsed through me.

“That’s rich coming from you, mom. Dad has never been a supportive father or husband, we both know that!” I snapped before I turned my rage on the man of the hour, “You suck at commitment dad. What makes you think this time it’ll be different? You’ve proven enough you hated being a husband the first time around. Save yourself the divorce fee and just shack up-“

A strong sting struck my cheek. My initial feeling wasn’t pain, it was shock. I didn’t feel it at first, just saw it happen. My glazed over eyes met my father as he too was in a numby shock.

“Pumpkin I-” he started frantically moving to wrap me in his arms.

“You bastard!” Sawyer growled pushing me behind him. Mom stood aside still in shock trying to comprehend what just happened.

I couldn’t take it anymore…

I quickly pushed him away and stormed out of the house. I didn’t even register the fact I grabbed my car keys and was going 50 in the dead night.

It wasn’t until the ache in my cheek was more prominent that I realized I was driving towards town. Where the hell was I going?

Then I knew exactly where I needed to be.

The light was blinding and irritating. But that’s not what woke me, it was the constant tapping on my window. I groaned and flipped off whoever was bothering me.

“Rude much?” I heard him mutter. I sighed, I knew it was time for me to throw in the towel and head home.

Home, what a ridiculous word. I didn’t really have a home. Just a house where a bunch of people happen to stay at.

The sad part is that as soon as this week is over, Sawyer and my parents will be gone again. I’ll be alone again, I thought yesterday this would depress me. But today? I was fucking relieved.

The tapping never stopped. In fact, it became louder and unbearable.

I pulled my seat up and looked out my car window. Shockingly enough it was Blake tapping on the window.

“Roll down the window.” he said loudly motioning with his hands. I pursed my lips but complied.

He took in my horrible state. I was still wearing yesterday’s clothes. My hair was a birds nest and my clothes were wrinkled. My makeup was nearly gone. I cried off most of my eyeliner and mascara.

Needless to say, I looked like a sad clown.

“Care to tell me why you’re sleeping in parked car in front of the park?” Blake raised his eyebrow his tone teasing.

“I don’t have to answer that.” I said indignantly.

“Are you okay Vivi? You don’t look so goo-” he stared at me blankly realizing his mistake.

“Don’t worry Blake, I feel exactly the way I look.” I chuckled for his sake rather than my own. Blake saw this and frowned.

“Do you want to talk?” he offered. I raised my eyebrow and shook my head.

“Don’t you have school?”

“Who actually goes to first period.” he shrugged grinning. I narrowed my eyes at him, “It’s fine, i’m late all the time.”

“Okay.” I agreed truly shocking myself. Blake opened my door for me and together we walked to the swings that we had just occupied the night before.

“You may begin.” he gestured as we both idly sat on the swings.

“I never told you about my family.” I stated, “There’s a reason why i’m close to Sawyer and it’s simply because he’s my only family.”

“What about your parents?” he asked softly kicking his feet so he could build momentum. I mimicked his moves.

“My parents are pretty fucking terrible parents.” I laughed and it was genuine. Not bitter, not forced, but real. Because I found it funny that two successful people who had the work lives in line sucked in their personal lives.

“Dad is this self righteous prick. He cares more about music than his family. Everything came before us and he always had an excuse. Mom and dad fought like cats and dogs. Sawyer would always tell me it would be alright.

I believed it for awhile. But then they fought so much that when they announced their divorce I was relieved. I hated the constant bickering, it was draining.

I thought things were looking up. Mom moved us out of California, dad moved to England, I got accepted to my fine arts school. Then mom asked me to come home.

They told me dad is getting married again. Can you believe that? A man who sucked being a husband is going to marry again because he’s in love again. What the hell is love anyway?” I scoffed ending my rant.

Blake stopped swinging a long time ago. He just sat there looking at me with what I could only guess was pity.

“That doesn’t explain why you slept in your car.” he said.

“I guess my stay here has ended.” I said blankly as I relived the moment my dad struck me.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” he asked. That’s when I realized I was tired. So tired. It was time to end this game Sawyer and I had made.

“I’m going to Maddie Dale.”

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