Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Fifteen

“You look exhausted.”

“Are you calling me ugly?”

“No! But you-“

“Don’t finish that sentence unless it ends in ‘look amazing’.”

He didn’t say anything back.

“Jerk.” I grumbled. From my screen Ty shrugged. We had been video chatting for the past hour.

I didn’t want to admit it to Tyson, but I was exhausted. My first few weeks in school were all about adjusting. I made some friends in my fashion course.

But in the fashion world, no one was really friends. We were all pitted against each other. We were competition. And I was at the top….I just had to constantly fight to keep my title.

So that’s why my group of friends was small. When I wasn’t in class, I was usually with Chloe, Lewiza, Antoine, or Dom.

But everyone snuck out to the city to go clubbing tonight. I had homework for my textile class and had to design a pattern and color scheme for a fall look.

I finished it when I decided to call Ty. It was friday night and I knew he had a game tonight. I knew there was a huge possibility he wouldn’t pick up. For sure, he’d be at a party tonight. But surprisingly enough he was home after the game.

“Tell me how it went. I heard from Blake that Sawyer has been catching his passes.” I smirked.

“We won. But what Sawyer lacks-you conquer and vice versa.” Ty said before his eyes widened, “Wait when did you talk to Blake?” he all but demanded.

“He tried calling Sawyer two weeks ago, but since I used my own number during switch a twin he really called me.” I waved him off. “And you’re completely right about the lacking stuff. I’m a runner and could go the distance in a short period of time. But I can’t catch a ball to save my life.” I sighed wistfully.

“And Sawyer can catch a ball but he isn’t exactly our best runner. On the brightside he makes one hell of a defense.” Ty added nodding his head.

“How are things over there?” I asked. It had been a little over a month since I left.

My mom flew back to Australia and was working longer from what she told me via text a couple weeks ago. I had missed calls from my dad for weeks after I left. I had enough courage to listen to one telling me he was sorry for what he did. He flew back the day after I left. I never heard from him after that- and I wasn’t planning on talking to him again.

Then there was Sawyer. He called everyday, but I always had an excuse to cut our calls short. Like I was in class, or I was volunteering for a club. Anything to keep me away from him. Eventually he too gave up.

“Weird.” is all he said. I gave him a look and he sighed. “Do you want the novela version or the cliff notes?”

“Cliff notes please! I have a chem paper due monday and my roommate hates when I work late.”

Ty nodded and took a deep breath. Oh this must be good. “Art has a girlfriend.”

“No!” I gasped. “B-but he’s the virginator.”

“Wait there’s more-“

“Spill it woman!”

“Hey I’m a man!” he grumbled.

I snorted, “Says who?”

“Shut up and let me tell you who the lucky girl-“

“Or poor unfortunate soul.”

“-is. Are you ready? Of course you’re ready you’re glaring at me for stalling. Stalling that’s such a funny word to say. St-aaa-lll-ing. Stalling. Stallion…oops I meant stalling. Hey that’s not nice!” he cried out when my middle finger went up.

“Tell me Ty!” I cried out actually excited to find out.

“Okay but it’s going to be shocking.” he paused for dramatic effect and acted like he was pulling out an envelope. “And the poor unfortunate soul featured with the Virginator is….” Ty grabbed a book and two pencils and did a drumroll. I rolled my eyes- he just had to be dramatic. “Marie Constantine!”

“No!” I gasped.

“Yeah and that’s not it. Your brother has been acting real strange.” Ty added. I cringed when I heard this.

“Ty I don’t think-“

“Just hear me out. So the other day we went out for pizza. Sophia came along and then she got a text and left. My guess is that she’s talking to a new guy. Well not ten minutes later, your brother made a crap excuse to leave too.” he explained, “Coincidence? I think not!”

“That could mean anything though.” I rolled my eyes…but it was a strange coincidence. “Sawyer is in love with Icky Nicki.”

“I don’t know. But if he hurts my little sister I’m kicking his a-” Ty stopped short and glanced at me sheepishly, “Or maybe a stern talking is just as good.”

“So what do you have planned for Halloween?” I asked shifting gears away from my brother. Try as I might, I couldn’t find it in my heart to forgive him or my parents. Alone, I came to the realization that I only had myself to rely on. Not even Sawyer would be there for me, and slowly I was accepting it.

Ty told me his plans. Apparently there’s always a fall festival held. It’s a street fair in their town square. It usually had booths with games and they always had rides. Then there was the costume contest.

It sounded like a nice family event. But my Halloween plans totally contrasted his.

“What about you?” he asked. “What are you doing for Halloween?”

“My friends are taking me downtown. Dom got us exclusive passes to this underground club that’s supposed to be open for one night. The exciting part is that no one knows where the party is being held. We all find out when the text goes out at ten. How cool is that?” I smiled from ear to ear just getting excited for all the fun I’ll finally have here in Boston.

Ty frowned, “It sounds sketchy to me. Maybe you should stay in and watch scary movies or something.” he suggested pathetically.

“Movies alone-or- party at the hottest city? How ever will I choose?” I pouted sarcastically.

“You’re still going to that club, aren’t you?”

“What gave it away?” I deadpan.

“Just promise me you’ll be okay.” he sighed.

“You have my word.” I smiled.

I glanced at my outfit and smiled in appreciation. I had found a couple fabrics from a small shop downtown. I worked my magic and made us all costumes for tonight.

Of course I am a Disney lover and had to make us all have a disney theme.

“I am loving this Meridah costume.” Chloe nodded checking herself out. Even going as far as bouncing up and down to watch her curls on her wig bounce.

I laughed at her. The wig was the hardest part but it was worth it. I even managed to borrow a real bow and arrow from the archery club.

“I am killing it in the Hercules costume. Look at these babies!” Antoine smirked striking a pose and showed off his ripped biceps. He paused and looked at us, “Swoon?” he demanded.

“Oh my god it’s Hercules!”

“Hercules? I thought he was Hunk-ules.”

“I can’t deal with this much perfection.”

“Ladies ladies, I am a taken man.” he gushed. We all rolled our eyes. Antoine may bat for the other team, but he enjoyed the attention from men and woman alike. “Awesome costume though Vivian. I especially enjoy this armor. How did you get it?”

“The drama group let me borrow it. And that sword may be a prop but it’s still sharp.” I warned him.

“Well you may be Hercules the god, but I am Elsa the ice queen.” Lewiza boasted. Her costume was the most provocative one I made. I had sewn a high slit and added white gems to give off the illusion of snow on her dress. Then I made the dress skin tight, but with Lewiza’s body I highly doubt she minded.

Dom on the other hand, was not a fan of her costume. She looked beautiful and pulled it off, but she thought otherwise.

“Did you have to make me Jasmine? The girl doesn’t even wear a dress.” she mumbled covering her bare skin.

“Oh come on Dom, that outfit is stellar. I didn’t even know you could get hotter, but Vivian proved me wrong.” Lewiza laughed in good manner to cheer Dom up.

“Thank you Vivian. We all really enjoy our costumes.” Dom said plastering a grateful smile.

“No problem. It was actually fun making your costumes.” I waved them off.

“I like your Snow White costume. It’s actually really pretty.” Chloe said admiring my handy work.

My brown hair ran down my back in curls but was tied in a single red silk bow. I cut and sewn the fabrics to look similar to the Disney dress. Instead of a long gown however, I just cut the skirt into a cupcake styled hem.

To be honest I gave more thought into everyone else’s costumes, that I made mine quite plain in comparison.

We took a couple pictures together and took pre shots to get us pumped. Then the heavenly sound of Dom’s phone went off. She read the text and smiled.

“Looks like this party is literally underground.” she smirked.

“A subway tunnel? They held a party in a tunnel?” I gasped as the party got louder by the second.

“Oh my god I love this song!” Chloe shrieked then her and Antoine left to go dance. Lewiza and Dom quickly left my side when they saw a tray of jello shots.

“And then there was one.” I mumbled.

“Don’t like down snow. You’re prince charming is here to kiss away all your problems.” a guy in a knights costume slurred. I grimaced and resisted the urge to punch him.

“No thank you.”

“The princess is acting all high and mighty. Why don’t you drink this and loosen up?” he peristed on, pulling a drink to my line of vision. It was a green shot, it looked funny. Kind of like a wicked potion, it even had bubbles coming from the bottom.

“Oh just for me?” I squealed like the idiot he thought I was.

“Yeah babe, all for you.” He smirked tugging me closer. I rolled my eyes and shoved him away.

“Nice try dumbass. But I know you laced that thing. I can have you arrested where you stand.” I glared at him. The guy smirked at me unfazed.

“Oh yeah?” he challenged.

“My father is an old college buddy of judge Dickson of the fourth district. He loves putting perverts like you away.” I narrowed my eyes at him, then smiled in satisfaction when the guy blanched at my warning.

“You’re not worth my time anyway.” he snorted lumbering away.

“Don’t think about trying this with another poor girl, you’ll be sorry jackass!” I yelled after him. He visibly stiffened under his armor and downed the poisoned drink angrily. Realizing his mistake he choked and angrily stormed out of the tunnel.

What an idiot. He totally deserved it though.

From behind me a slow chorus of claps sounded. I turned around and bowed and met the good graces of the school’s elitist group. The intimidation nation.

“Nice form.” Dom nodded appreciatively.

“I agree, I especially enjoyed the part where you played dumb. As if you’d ever be stupid enough to drink that shot.” Antoine added rolling his eyes, “At first I thought you were serious and I was going to have to kick that guy’s ass. Saved my manicure thank god.

“Dude that whole end where the idiot took his own drugged drink was hilarious. I thought I was going to piss my pants!” Lewiza wheezed out between bouts of laughter.

“Thank you all!” I laughed and even did a curtsy.

“We have underestimated the genius that is Vivian King.” Dom grinned handing me a drink I knew wasn’t laced. We all cheered and downed our drinks in one swift synchronized movement.

“We’re all happy you didn’t die in that ice bath.” Chloe giggled before shouting out to the rest of the party, “LET US PARTY TILL WE BLACK OUT!”

We all whooped and hollered in agreement, as did everyone in the party. It wasn’t until later that I realized the irony in her statement.

But that’s a story for later……

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