Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Eighteen

Ty nudged me further, but I groaned in protest. The exact opposite of what I wanted to do for my weekend was end up in another school. However, Ty dragged me along to his boring college tour.

“Our university has been leading in the medical research field for scoliosis. And since 2004 we’ve been been regional champions in the women’s basketball league.” the chirpy tour guide recited as we walked through campus.

“You can do better than this.” I reminded Ty.

He shrugged unfazed by the mediocre school. I don’t know why he’s actually considering this school, his football skills by far exceeded this school’s team.

“It’s always good to keep my options open.” he waved me off. I pursed my lips and nodded anyway. This was Tyson’s decision and if he wanted to play for a less than desirable team, then let it be.

“I hope they’re wide open.” I mumbled under my breath as we toured the rest of the campus.

By four o’clock we had seen the campus inside and out. The only thing that made this place slighly good was the free fro-yo machine in the canteen. That’s it! Not even delicious frozen yogurt would make me choose this school.

I just really hope Ty has other school’s he’s seriously considering. He had so much potential on the field, and he was an average student. Any university would love to have Tyson, all he had to do was just apply himself.

On our walk back to my campus, his phone went off. Ty looked at me sheepishly and I waved him off to answer it. He gave me that genuine all-american boy next door smile and quickly answered it.

“Hello?” he mumbled and waited patiently as the person on the other lined talked to him.

“I thought everyone knew I went to Boston for the weekend?” he frowned confused.

“Blake,” upon hearing his name I snapped my gaze to Ty. “dude you need an attitude adjustment! No one said anything about football practice.” Ty snapped losing his temper.

“Warning? Since when have we ever had strikes on the team?”

“I wish you would kick me off the team, Orton! You’ve been pushing it jackass.” Ty growled menacingly. From the other end I could hear Blake yelling, but nothing coherent I could understand.

“Fine then.” Ty responded eerily calm. “Get your shit together, you’re a mess Blake.” then he hung up.

I frowned upon hearing Ty. Was Blake really a mess, did this have to do with my brother and Sophia? Blake wasn’t a pleasant person for the most part when I knew him, but there was something.

Like this small part of him that was carefree. The one time I spent with him was one of the greatest nights of my life- well before my dad ruined it. But I’ll never forget the way he laughed when I told him embarrassing stories of myself. Or how we listened to the same music and quizzed each other on movies.

I didn’t have many regrets in my life. But not befriending Blake was most definitely one. And when Ty called him a mess I wanted to jump on the defense. He should know Blake better than anyone considering they’re best friends.

I knew he wasn’t a mess. I don’t know what’s going on with the brooding Blake, but I know he’s no mess.

“What happened?” I asked after awhile.

“Nothing.” Tyson muttered still in a mood. I nudged him and pestered him to be honest. Finally he sighed in defeat, “Blake’s been….different. I don’t know where to begin with that guy.” Ty grounded out balling his fists in anger.

“Oh come on, he can’t be that bad.” I said because I honestly don’t believe Blake was that bad. Sure he needed an attitude adjustment, but he wasn’t a bad person.

“You haven’t seen him lately. He’s a tyrant on the field and in practice. You never catch him in a good mood. We don’t even talk to each other anymore. He’s not the Blake I met when we were kids.” Ty retorted his voice sounding angrier with each passing second.

“I’m sorry to hear that Ty, but he’s your friend. Friend’s don’t give up on each other like that.” I chatised him like a mother would to her child.

“Are you defending him? Do you not remember this is the same guy who gave you hell while you were in Illyria.” Ty grounded out through gritted teeth.

“Yeah but I also remember him being the guy that I talked to all night. The same guy who genuinely loved your sister. The same guy I said goodbye to in that airport. Tyson, he’s a good guy and you should know that more than anyone else. Would you give up on me if I acted like a raging bitch?” I asked him raising my eyebrow.

Ty shook his head and met my gaze. His blue eyes stringing me in, “No, never.” he said softly.

“Don’t do it to Blake either.” I said softly.

I watched as Tyson slept in Antoine’s bed. My roommate missed his best friend Lewiza so much that he snuck into her dorm to crash. I thought it was weird, but it gave Ty a place to sleep.

And he was soundly sleeping after a long day. After the tour and lunch, I played tour guide. Ty and I walked around the city as I showed him different spots my friends and I enjoyed.

Finally the day came to a close. After Ty showered he fell straight to sleep. He looked younger and if possible, sweeter in his sleep.

This was a stark comparison to my first impression of him. When I thought he was going to kill me for befriending his sister. I didn’t know then that the overprotective brother would become my best friend.

But something bitter was brewing between him and his first best friend. I didn’t like seeing Ty upset, so I did the most impulsive thing I could do at midnight.

I called Blake.

“Hello?” he asked clearly indicating that he had been awake.

“Hey Blake, I don’t know if you remember me. It’s me, Vivian….uh Sawyer’s sister.” I said mentally chastising myself for sounding awkward.

I heard shifting from the other end before he finally answered. “Vivi! I-I mean yeah I remember you. How are uh how are you doing?” he asked and it was hard to believe that this was the same guy who nearly beat me up when he found out I had a date with Sophia.

“I’m good, I’m actually here with Ty. I just wanted to say sorry he skipped town for the weekend. He came to check out a school and we decided to catch up this weekend.” I explained hoping he’d understand.

“You’re dating Ty?” He mumbled the question. My eyes flew open in shock.

“N-no! We’re just friends, where would you get an idea like that?” I rambled feeling my cheeks grow flush.

“Sorry, I just assumed…. Not to sound rude or anything but why are you calling me?” he asked. I bit my lip nervously and tried to figure out what my game plan was.

Honesty was a great route, maybe.

Hey Blake, just wanted to know what crawled up your ass and died?

Maybe not that honest though.

“Umm well I just wanted to catch up with you I guess.” I said softly.

“With me? Why would you want to know how I’m doing?” he asked. Why would I care how he was doing. We were never friends and we only shared on good night together…oh and he was there when I decided to leave Illyria.

The question now is, why did it take me so long to catch up?

“Why not?” I answered boldly.

“You are a very strange girl Vivi.” Blake chuckled, then without knowing I closed my eyes and reveled in his laughter. I had only heard it a couple times and it sounded so beautiful.

“That I am.” I agreed.

“Are you coming back home for thanksgiving?” he asked softly, hesitant even.

Home. It sounded like a foreign term to me. Where was home for me? A couple months ago I would have said home was where Sawyer was. But now I couldn’t stomach the thought of him.

“I don’t know…” I trailed off unsure.

“You should, it would be nice to have a change over here.” he said, I blinked as I actually registered what he was saying.

“Excuse me?”

“You should come home.” he said boldly.

I bit my lip and looked over at Tyson. He was still sound asleep. I only had one condition. “I’ll come back, on one condition.” I told him.

“Name it.”

“You talk to Ty and sort out whatever bad blood you two have.”

From the other line, Blake was silent. He finally cleared his throat and talked. “Y-you know?”

“Ty and I have no secrets.” I rolled my eyes. “So do we have a deal or not?”

“Deal.” He chuckled.

I smiled despite hating the idea of calling Illyria home. But to mend Tyson’s and Blake’s friendship, I’d swallow my inhibitions. I could help them.

“Don’t be a stranger.” I said softly.

“I won’t.” he responded just as softly. I smiled as he recited our line. We had our own line and I don’t remember when it started but it was ours.

I treated Ty to coffee and donuts in the morning. It was there that I told him about visiting Illyria. I wasn’t happy about the idea of seeing Sawyer, but for Ty and Blake I was willing.

“You’re coming home with me?” Ty asked through a mouth full of donuts. I big back a laugh as I nodded.

“Yeah, I had a change of heart.” I lied. In truth, I didn’t want to tell Ty I talked to Blake. Lying to Ty felt wrong, but I knew it was for good reasoning.

I was mending friendships yo!

“Well this a cause for celebration. How about lunch on me?” Ty offered grinning from ear to ear.

“Ty, we’re still eating breakfast.” I pointed out.

“I know, but you already paid so lunch is on me.” He shrugged.

“What if don’t want lunch?” I challenged him. Ty smirked arrogantly and I knew I made a wrong move.

“I knew you wanted me Vivo.” he winked at me.

“In your dreams Pierce.” I chuckled. And for a second it sounded like he muttered to himself-

Yeah, only in my dreams…

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