Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Nineteen

“I can’t believe security threw us out. Who the hell does that? It’s the fucking holidays!” I grumbled picking my luggage out of the rental car.

“Well you did say bomb on the plane.” Ty shrugged.

“All I said was that lady’s coach bag was the bomb. I didn’t know people were going to go ape shit!” I huffed dragging my luggage towards the house Sawyer called home. “A ten hour drive could have been a two hour flight if they let us stay.”

“You called the flight attendant walking boobs with no brians,Vivo. Then you said if you did have a bomb you would most definitely not say it out loud.” Ty raised his eyebrow still not siding with me. Some friend he was….

“I apologized though!” I argued.

Right after you said you had enough weapons in your luggage to take out the flight attendant.” He pointed out.

“She was being rude after I tried to explain myself.” I said calmly. There was no use in fighting with Ty now. The day was over with and we had finally arrived in Illyria.

“Well now you’re on the ‘no fly list’. Congrats for accomplishing that before you hit eighteen.” he chuckled taking part of my luggage after he saw me struggling.

“It was a long life dream of mine.” I replied sarcastically. I hesitated at the front door. I was here, technically unannounced. Should I knock or just walk in?

“Open the door Vivo, you’re home.” Ty coaxed me softly.

Home, there goes that foreign word again. What was home now? Illyria surely didn’t feel like it….

Maybe I should knock. I hadn’t been here in nearly four months. Raising my hand to knock, I realized how ridiculous I looked.

Finally with enough courage, I opened the door. But maybe I should I have knocked….

“King, what the hell is my sister doing here!” Ty growled when we both caught Sawyer and Sophia making out on the couch. I hid behind the wall between the entrance and living room. My nerves didn’t allow me to outright look at Sawyer.

The two culprits sprung back surprised. Sawyer’s eyes widened in shock as he gestured to Sophia and him like an idiot. His mouth kept opening and closing like a fish out of water.

“N-nothing!” he stammered nervously. Sophia all the while kept her cool demeanor and smiled amused. Then her eyes snapped to her brother in realization.

“What are you doing here anyway?” she snapped suddenly irritated.

Now it was Ty’s turn to stammer. “I-I uh….well you see….it’s kinda a long story-”

Shaking my head, I stepped from behind the wall. Sawyer’s jaw dropped and I looked past him to Sophia.

“Hey!” I waved at her awkwardly. It had been months since I last seen her and she looked just as beautiful as she had when I first met her. “Um, I ran into your brother in Boston. He convinced me to come home for thanksgiving.” I said lamely.

“Ran into my brother in a big city like Boston?” she asked skeptically. I really wished she was dumb. I nodded hoping she’d buy it.

Sawyer remained silent as he watched me. I didn’t meet his gaze, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. My trip to Illyria wasn’t for him, it was for Ty. He needed my help and Sawyer could suck it for all I care.

“Well I should go unpack. It was a long drive here.” I sighed tiredly. Sawyer frowned and looked between Ty and I.

“You two drove here? That’s a days drive.” Sawyer said.

“Yes Sawyer, we drove. The scenery was nice. Is there a problem?” I replied harshly. Sawyer’s frown deepened and etched with hurt.


“Good then.” I cut him off briskly, “Thank you Ty. I’ll see you tomorrow. I think I’ll just unpack and sleep.” I smiled at him. Ty went in to hug me and whispered in my ear.

“He missed you, go easy on him Vivo.”

I groaned at his request and knew I wouldn’t fall through with it. Sawyer deserved my anger. He betrayed me and broke our bond. I blamed him for everything.

“Come on Soph, we should leave them to catch up.” Ty said as he cut off our hug. I narrowed my eyes at him as Sophia nodded in agreement.

They hastily left and I was alone with Sawyer. We stood at opposite ends of the room and stared at each other. His hair had grown out a bit, and he looked more in shape.

I turned to leave when he called me, “Wait,Vivi!” my feet stopped and I had my back turned to him. “Aren’t we going to talk at all?”

I shook my head and headed upstairs. Ignoring Sawyer was the best I could do this week. There was no way I was going to forgive him that easily.

“How was school?” Sawyer asked over breakfast. I looked up from my bowl of cereal and glared at him.

The silent treatment was a bit immature, but it was the route I chosen. Instead of answering him, I kept my head down and ate the rest of my cereal.

“D-did you make any new friends?” he tried again. I grabbed my bowl and went to the sink to rinse out the residue. No need for a mess.

“Um…how’s your clothing line coming along?” He asked obviously not taking the hint. I rolled my eyes and grabbed my car keys to leave. “Vivi, you have to talk to me. I’m your brother!” he snapped.

“You are not my brother!” I growled stalking towards him, “My brother would never throw me under the bus! You chose yourself over our friendship Sawyer!”

“You didn’t mind helping me in the beginning, why is it different now?” He asked.

“Because you get everything you want! I worked my ass off to get into Maddie Dale and you dangled my ticket out of here in front of me. You guilt tripped me into taking over your life! I worked my ass off to get you on that damn team and I excelled your expectations. I made friends and I lied to their faces everyday. I lived in paranoia that our plan would be exposed and we would get separated by mom and dad! It was too much for me Sawyer. And you didn’t even fucking know!” I didn’t realize I was crying until Sawyer pulled me into his arms.

I tried to push him away, but he locked his arms tight. Sawyer rocked me like he did when were kids. Except this problem wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. His presence was no longer comforting, it was unsettling.

“Please forgive me Vivi. Please, I didn’t know and if I did I would have came right back.” Sawyer swore his voice thick. His grip loosened around me and I stepped back swiping the remaining tears in embarrassment.

“I was so worried that if our plan was exposed, we’d be separated. That thought scared me Sawyer.” I paused and looked at him. Really looked at him and I saw a stranger. “I didn’t realize that we’re already worlds apart.”

“Vivi we’re family-”

“And that will never change.” I added, “But we’re not who we used to be. You do you Sawyer and I’ll do me. We have to accept that nothing will be the same.” I said softly all out of fight.

“So what now?” he asked. I smiled bitterly at him.

“Nothing.” I shrugged, “We get through the holiday and I go back to school.”

Sawyer nodded and that was that. We had settled what we could. He was no longer my protector, my safe place, or best friend. He was just Sawyer- that’s it.

“You look out of it today. Do you want to just go home and sleep?” Ty asked concerned when I met him up.

“No!” I answered quickly, “I-I just don’t want to see Sawyer.” I sighed dejected. Ty shook his head disappointed.

“Vivo I said you should have given-”

“No Ty, I shouldn’t have to. He doesn’t deserve a chance okay. Now drop it.” I spat angrily. Ty heaved a heavy sigh and agreed.

I instantly felt relief when Ty started talking about football. It wasn’t exactly my world anymore, but it was still nice to stray away from Sawyer.

“Are you ready for some tag football?” Ty asked excitingly. I smirked and grabbed the ball in his hands and ran a few yards out.

“I was born ready babe!” I winked at him. Tyson’s jaw dropped in momentary shock before he charged right at me. I laughed and easily dodged him clutching the ball in my hands.

“Not so fast Vivo!” Ty called out making another dive for me. I faked right and watched amused as Ty fell down.

“Serves you right Pierce!” I laughed hovering over him. Ty smirked and kicked my legs from under me. I crashed straight into him.

Groaning in pain I lifted my head. Ty was so close, really close. He looked at me in a way that said he didn’t want the moment to end. I know it sounds cheesy and it may be an overused line but- the world just sort of stopped.

If only for a second it seemed as if Ty and I lived in a moment. I saw things I never saw before. I saw the specks of gold in his otherwise blue eyes. The small freckles that dusted upon his cheeks. And the small scar next to his lip that I wanted to trace.

If my eyes didn’t deceive me, I could have sworn I saw him leaning in. But that moment quickly fleeted when we heard people.

As quickly as the moment was-it was gone just as fast. I scrambled to my feet and averted my eyes away from Ty.

He slowly picked himself up and looked at me. I didn’t look back…I was confused about what just happened.

“What are Blake and Art doing here?” Ty mumbled, I looked up and found the two making their way towards us.

I smiled knowingly. My plan was to get the two together. I thought a friendly game of tag football would do the trick.

I’m a genius.

“I don’t know?” I feigned confusion. “But maybe they want to play with us.” I shrugged. Ty turned to me and eyed me skeptically. Easy to say I ignored him.

“Is this your way of getting Blake and I together?” he raised his eyebrow.

I scoffed loudly, “I’m no Cupid,”

“What are you-?”

“But if I was, then the Blyson ship would totally be sailing the seven seas of love.” I cut him off cheekily.

“What the hell is Blyson?” Art asked bounding towards Ty and I. “And who are you fine chica?” He asked winking at me.

“Back off Art, you’re a taken man.” Blake said gruffly coming behind Art.

“I’m taken by her.” Art smirked wrapping an arm around me. I twisted his arm behind his back and watched satisfied when Art yelped in pain. “Ahh uncle,uncle,uncle!” he cried out.

“Nice to see you again Artemis.” I smiled at Art releasing him. Confusion spread across both Blake and Art and I realized I was slipping. He didn’t know I knew his full name…

“How’d you know my full name?” Art cried out. He blushed and for the first time since I’ve known him, he didn’t look arrogant but embarrassed.

“Um I think Saywer might have told her. Hahaha.” Ty explained swooping in to save the day. I sighed in relief when Art shrugged dropping it.

Right.” Blake nodded meeting my eyes. His sharp blue eyes scrutinizing me, as if trying to solve something. I quickly looked away only to find Ty looking between Blake and I with a blank expression.

“Well enough of this chit chat, let’s play some football.” Art suggested cutting the tension. He yanked me by the hand and I shoved him off. “The hot chick is on my team!”

“No she’s not!” Ty and Blake yelled simultaneously. They both looked at each other and shared a glare.

These two really shouldn’t fight. Sighing, I knew my plan was setting in motion. I grabbed onto Art’s arm and pulled him away. The only way to get Blake and Tyson to get along is to play the game they both love.

“No, I really want to be on Art’s team.” I smiled tightly. Both boys frowned but Art looked like he just shit gold.

“Come on babe, I’ll show you how to play.” he winked slapping my butt. I narrowed my eyes and him but said nothing.

I do all my talking on the field.

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