Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Twenty

“Marry me.” Art heaved when our game was finished. His face was flushed from the workout, but he had a huge smirk on his face.

I rolled my eyes and shook my head. Together with Art, we beat Blake and Ty. Everyone but Ty was shocked that I could actually play.

“Sorry, I don’t marry sexist pigs.” I laughed, walking past Art who had went as far as kneeling on one knee.

“Hey Hermosa, all I heard was sex and marry!” he called after me.

I ignored him and walked over to gloat around Blake and Ty. They really are better players than Art and I, but their chemistry during the game was awful. They both hogged the ball from each other, and they ignored golden passes.

I didn’t know whether to be disappointed, because already my plan was failing. Or happy because I whipped their asses.

I’ll take happy for now, because that means I can gloat.

“How does it feel to have your asses handed to you by a girl?” I laughed gloating. Both boys blushed and refused to look at me. I took satisfaction in knowing that I rightfully embarrassed them.

“Arrogant is not a good look on you.” Ty quipped shooting me a crooked smile. It was his way of saying, no hard feelings.

“Oh please, I look good in anything babe.” I winked at him playfully. Ty smirked playfully, but that look in his eyes caught me off guard. It was the same look he gave me when I fell on him before Blake and Art arrived. It was like he was hoping-wishing for something.

What he wanted was still a mystery to me.

“Stop making googly eyes at my woman!” Art yelled breaking the moment.

It was only then that I noticed Art limping - I kicked him in the shin for being a perv- towards us. Blake was already walking off the field. Frowning, I ran after him.

“Blake, wait up!” I called after him. He kept walking as if ignoring me and even sped up in strides. Groaning in frustration, I jogged until I reached him. Clasping his shoulder, I hauled him to a stop.

“What is it?” he asked, but from his tone I knew he was holding back his temper. Realizing I sensed hostility, he ran his hands through his jet black hair tiredly, as if shaking off a feeling. “Sorry, I’m just tired.” he muttered lamely.

I wasn’t buying it, but I also wasn’t going to question it.

“Where are you going? What about our plan to mend your friendship with Ty?” I asked waving off his attitude.

Blake tensed and looked angry. Not at me, but at Ty. He glared him down as Tyson was oblivious to it all. He and Art had occupied themselves by wrestling each other.

Boys, I thought to myself, rolling my eyes.

But, if looks could kill, Ty would be dead where he stood. I didn’t understand how a great friendship like theirs had strayed to far. Ty had always talked about Blake being the brother he never had. I just couldn’t wrap my mind around Blake’s anger towards Ty.

And it wasn’t just Blake. I had caught Ty glaring at Blake in the same manner. Something dark was brewing between the two and it had sparked almost out of nowhere.

“I’m sorry Vivi, but I can’t be around him.” He said bitterly before stalking off. I was quick to catch him again, but this time he didn’t stop.

“What happened to you two?” I asked jogging alongside of him.

It was then that he stopped. I crashed into his back and nearly fell when he caught me. I was panting in his arma, when we caught each others gaze. He looked so damn hurt and as odd as it sounded, I wanted to stop it.

Maybe that’s why I was so adamant on fixing Blake and Ty. I wanted to stop their hurt….but Blake’s pain went beyond that. My only fault, was I couldn’t decipher it.

“You really want to know why Ty and I can’t be friends anymore?” he asked in a soft whisper. I nodded wordless, as I became encased in his deep blue eyes that didn’t hold warmth nor coldness, but vulnerability. “He has something I want.” he breathed looking down at me in a look I hadn’t known existed.

Blake smiled wistfully and helped me up my feet. He closed his eyes briefly and turned to leave again when I called after him stupidly. “Why don’t you ask him to return it to you!”

Blake half turned and sent me a dazzling rueful smile. “It was never mine to begin with.”

Then he was gone.

I turned back to Ty and Art rough housing. It looked like fun, but after that strange encounter with Blake I couldn’t shake off this guilty feeling.

“Vivi, can we talk?” Sawyer asked as soon as I walked through the door later that night. I internally groaned, the very last thing I needed was another bullshit heart to heart with him.

“Not now Saw, I have to shower. I smell like I ran a marathon through a landfill with a bunch of hobos.” I said dismissively.

“It’s not about this morning. It’s about something else.” he said coolly. I sighed and turned back to him. He was sitting on the couch by himself with a deep set scowl.

“Okay…” I trailed off unsure, “What’s going on?”

Sawyer looked up at me with concern, but I looked unfazed by it. When really inside I was working up with nerves. It was really rare that Sawyer ever looked serious.

The last time he looked this distraught was when he told me our parents were divorcing.

“Go on,” I said softly nudging his shoulder with my hand, “tell me.”

He took a deep breath and met my curious gaze. “Mom and dad are coming back tomorrow.”

My eyes widened in horror. This is the worst scenario I imagined when I agreed to come back. Mentally, I had prepared myself for Sawyer. But not my parents. Mom had mentioned staying in Australia longer….and dad.

Well I hadn’t heard from dad in months.

“Of course this would happen when I came back!” I cried out frustratingly. I threw myself onto an arm chair and heaved a heavy sigh.

“It’s going to be okay. I’ll be here, Vivi.” Sawyer said in a poor attempt to console me. I shook my head and glared at him.

“Sorry if I don’t put much faith in you, brother. But you’re not exactly on my short list of trustworthy people.” I growled. Sawyer didn’t say anything, much to my relief.

I left to shower and get ready for bed. This day had been one for the books. First Sawyer and his emotional turmoil over losing my trust. Then the butting besties, Blake and Ty seeing no silver lining. Now my parents coming back to surely end my stay here.

I should have stayed in Boston.

My phone next to me woke me up in the middle of the night. After my shower, I retreated to my room where I binged on Criminal Minds.

Garcia, Reid, and Morgan always made me feel better. Plus, Matthew Grey Gubler was easy on the eyes. He gave my little grinch heart a run for their money.

Sawyer stayed clear of me, he knew when Criminal Minds was on I wanted time to myself.

“Hello?” I asked into the utter darkness. In response my phone blinked and rung again.

That’s right Vivi, you have to actually answer the phone.

Rubbing my face, I willed myself to turn on my phone…..only to be blinded like a deer in headlights. Dear Ghandi, did I just peer into heaven’s light? My poor little eyes!

“What!” I snapped once I answered, not even bothering to check who had the fucking nerve to call me at this ungodly hour.

“Grouchy like the rest of them.” A familiar voice chuckled into the line. My eyes narrowed in slits as I recognized the brit.

“Lewiza…I will kill you.” I grumbled sleepily.

“Why are you all asleep? It’s broad daylight where I’m at?” She chirped unfazed by my death threat.

“It’s literally only two in the morning in Colorado.” Dom muttered with slight irritation. I blinked a couple times and let it register, Lewiza called the rest of our friends.

She’s a serial sleep depriver. There is a special place in hell for offenders like her.

“Well it’s four in the morning where we’re at.” Antoine yawned on Chloe’s and my behalf.

“Lewiza, why don’t you call any of your other friends? Oh right, because you don’t have any! Go drink tea and crumpets and call another time you twat!” Chloe yelled angrily, and quite rudely. From the way she was slurring, Chloe was having one of her Ryan Gosling shirtless dreams. When she had to wake up from one of those, you know she’ll be cranky.

“Chloe, take down the sass a notch…. Or ninety.” I warned her, Lewiza was pretty sensitive.

“Shut up you cross dresser!” she snapped. I groaned in exasperation but ignored Chloe. There was no need to fight with an angry Chloe.

She once threatened a woman and a toddler after she only had two hours of sleep, preparing for a recital. Needless to say, we all learned a well rested Chloe was the best Chloe.

“She didn’t mean it girls.” Dom swooped in to comfort us like the momma hen she was.

“It’s Lewiza’s fault for waking us up.” Antoine pointed out, “Chloe girl, you are nasty when you get woken up. I would never do that to you.” he rambled trying to save his skin before Chloe went on the attack.


“Yes, Vivi?” he asked sweetly.

“Shut up.” I deadpan.

“Of course, darl-“

Zzzzz Zzzzz Zzzzz

“Aaaand we lost Chloe.” Dom announced, as Chloe’s snores drowned the line.

“I’ll never grasp the concept of time zones.” Lewiza sighed, “So…..whatcha doin?” she asked conversationally.

The rest of us chorused groans. Needless to say we all hung up to sleep again. After hanging up though, I couldn’t fall asleep again. Thoughts of my parents arriving in a few hours, haunted me.

“What is up with my life?” I cried out into the darkness of my room. I paused and looked out my bedroom window. “I need to get out of here.” I decided.

As quietly as possible, I crept downstairs. I didn’t need Sawyer to wake up. Lord knows that boy needs his beauty sleep…. Not that I cared.

I’m not quite sure what compelled me to get in the car and drive. When I drove off the family property, it was like my mind took over. And I drove straight to skyward park.

I had came here a couple times while I dressed as Sawyer. I came to reflect mostly, just to think about football and if our plan was ever exposed.

This park had harbored some of my deepest fears. It listened when no one else could.

Now here I am, months later. I’m no longer leading a double life. I’m no longer trusting in my brother. Who I was four months ago, is not who I am now.

So why was I still scared of seeing my parents?

“Hard thinking, or hardly thinking?” a voice asked out of the darkness of the park. On instinct I found the nearest weapon and poised it, ready to attack.

Thank god it was a large stick. Imagine me attacking someone with a pebble.

That would be fucking embarrassing. I could already see the headlines-

Teen slayed after trying to protect herself with a pebble

“Back off, I have a stick and I am slightly coordinated!” I yelled threatening the creep. But it failed to enact fear as he just laughed.

“You’re cute when you’re scared.” he chuckled coming out of the darkness. He smirked looking at me, but it wasn’t a I’m really creep and I’m going to murder you kind of smirk. It was a youthful, yet mischievous smirk. The one only fit for Blake Orton.

“I could have killed you!” I growled wagging the branch and actually smacking his face. “Oh my god!” I gasped when he fell over in a groan.

I wasted no time in kneeling over him. Holding his head in my lap, I gently grazed the red mark on his cheek. Blake froze and hissed through his teeth in pain.

Finally his dark blue eyes met mine in humor. “I stand by my statment, you look cute when you’re scared.” he quipped.

“I’m so sorry Blake, maybe I’m not as coordinated as I said I was. Usually I’m quite graceful, b-but when I’m caught off guard I guess I’m not. When I was little I used to scrape my knees all the time because I would run alot, I mean that’s probably the only time I remember myself being clumsy-”

“Relax, I’m fine.” He chuckled, halting my embarrassing ramble. Blake poked his cheek but winced in pain, not at all reassuring me.

“Blake-” I sighed.

“I’m fine, really.” he smiled crookedly. “What are you doing at a park in the middle of the night?” Blake asked raising his eyebrow.

“Technically it’s not the middle of the night. It’s pretty early in the morning.” I pointed out gazing down at him as he rested comfortably on my lap. “Secondly, what are you doing at a park in the middle of the night?”

“It’s technically early morning.” he smirked throwing my excuse back at me. “Seriously, what are you doing out here by yourself. It’s dangerous and I’m lucky some creep hasn’t hurt you.” he said in a serious tone that threw me off.

With any other person, I would have argued I could take care of myself. But with Blake, I felt flattered.

“I came out here to think. The idea seemed safe about half an hour ago while I was in bed, but now that I’m more awake…..” I trailed off not needing to continue.

Blake sat up, and the warmth of his body was gone. An empty feeling swept through me and I automatically frowned.

“What’s on your mind?” he asked softly meeting my dull brown gaze. I looked away because I wasn’t even sure what was on my mind.

My family. Sawyer. Mom and dad. My soon to be stepmom. The funny looks Ty had given me. Boston and Maddie Dale. The intimidation nation. How the last four months had changed me. My lies and deception coming back to bite me in the ass.

Perhaps the most obvious thing on my mind was….why did I want to share all of this with Blake Orton?

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