Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Twenty Four

“I don’t know what came over me. I-I never lose my cool like that. Sophia Pierce is the epitome of cool and I totally spazzed out when I saw them. Sawyer never said anything about us but he also never and I mean never talked about his girlfriend. I actually fooled myself into thinking she never existed. What was I thinking? I’m such an idiot!” Sophia rambled burning a hole through my carpet. I raised my eyebrow, amazed that she said all of that in one breath.

The girl had lungs. Hazel Grace Lancaster would be jealous.

“Um Soph-” I butted in before she continued on her TED talk. “You obviously went on a jealous rampage. You know because you’re….jealous.”

“I was not jealous of that-that-that-“

“Skankzilla?” I offered. Sophia paused her pacing to reprimand me.

“Now Vivian that’s very mean.”

“But accurate.” I countered. “Just admit it, you were jealous. So what did my brother say when he ran after you?” I asked curiously.

“Nothing. He caught up to me but he kept opening and closing his mouth like a fish out of water.” she huffed throwing herself on my bed next to me. “Why is my life so complicated?” she pouted.

“You’re preaching to the choir my friend. Life and its complications are my specialty.” I grumbled annoyed.

“Speaking of complications, do you know why my brother and Blake were fighting?” Soph asked a little too casually. I frowned and shook my head.

“No idea. But whatever it is, I’m not sure I’ll be able to fix it before I head back home.” I admitted wearily.

“Trust me…you couldn’t fix it even if you tried.” Soph muttered under her breath.

“What are you-“

“I have a brilliant idea!” she cried out happily bolting up. “A guy on the team is throwing a party tonight before thanksgiving. He’s calling it the drunks-giving the party that keeps giving.”

“By giving you mean: sweaty grinding, handsy guys, unprotected and shameless teen sex, oh and the hangover that just keeps on giving.” I smiled cheekily not really into the party scene. The Halloween party that resulted in a tattoo had physically and emotionally scarred me.

“You don’t have to drink, we need a DD anyway. So are you in?” she asked.

“Play babysitter or watch the tenth season of criminal minds?” I pondered mockingly. “Soph you’re making my decision way too easy.”

“Oh come on, please? I need to get out for awhile and forget your stupid brother. I would call Marie but she sucks at the sympathetic friend role.” Soph explained to me. I didn’t see how I could be any help. Marie and I were one in the same that way. How could I console Sophia in a mosh pit of sweaty bodies, and teen angst?

“Why don’t we stay in and watch Netflix? You never hear about anyone getting knocked up from a long night of Netflix.” I argued trying my hardest to convince her.

That obviously didn’t work.

“Three words for you, Netflix-and-Chill.” she retorted and by the way my face fell she knew I lost this battle.

“I’ll wear my worst clothes, I don’t wanna get any teenage shame on my good clothes.” I stated flatly.

“It reeks of dog piss in here!” I snapped angrily covering my nose.

“We haven’t even entered the house Vivian.” Sophia argued grabbing my arm and dragging me after her.

“Exactly! If it stinks out here, imagine what the stench inside is like. Can we go, I have a really really bad feeling about this.” I begged her.

“You’re just nervous-”

“No really! Last time I had this feeling was right before Zayne announced he was leaving one direction. This is going to be a disaster like it was then!” I fought back because when my gut says something is wrong then you best believe it ain’t lying!

I’m still recovering from the breakup…

“Okay now you’re being dramatic. What’s the worst that could happen?” she said rhetorically.

A lot, I wanted to argue. But I knew it was probably me just being nervous again. So I let Sophia drag me inside the human sea of doom. Otherwise known as ‘drunks-giving’. This night could only go downhill from here.

“Oh there goes Marie, I have to introduce you two!” Sophia clapped happily before dragging me deeper into the house.

“Yes master-anything you want master.” I muttered under my breath and I quickly realized that I was Sophia’s arm to drag for the night.

“Marie, I want you to meet Vivian King. She’s Sawyer’s sister, you know the one he talks about all the time?” Sophia beamed practically shoving me into Marie’s arms. She caught me and smiled at me kindly. She hadn’t changed a bit over the last four months. She was still tiny-still brunette-and still beautiful beyond comprehension.

“I’m Marie Constantine, you’re brother is friggin hot by the way.” she said bluntly. Oh and she’s still a bold little hoe, but I dig it. Gives the girl character.

“Uh thanks?” I drawled out awkwardly. Marie squinted her eyes skeptically. Immediately red flags flew up…did she figure it out?

“You look familiar? Have we met before? Maybe at the nail salon or something?” she asked curiously.


“Marie, you can’t be serious.” Sophia said over me. “She and Sawyer are twins. Of course she looks similar. If you cut her hair and tape down her boobs, she’s a dead set replica of him.” she laughed but stopped short and just looked at me intensely. “In fact, you’re a clone of his-” she said slowly.

I died inside when I realized that they could figure it out. Sawyer and I could be outed by our looks and I can’t believe I was stupid enough to realize this just now.

“Soph you look thirsty. How about I go get you a drink.” I rambled nervously and bolted off before she could stop me.

I pushed through the sea of sweaty bodies and made a beeline for the backyard. Fresh air was what I needed right now. To clear my head, to ease my anxiety….to escape that fowl stench of teen shame.

What I wasn’t counting on was someone joining me.

“You look deep in thought. Anything Dr.Orton could be of service to?” he asked with a smile.

“No, now go away.” I grumbled turning away from him. You could say I was still pretty annoyed him Ty and him.

“Wait, Vivi-” Blake began attempting to stop me. I jerked back my arm that he had caught and glared at him.

“No! We had a deal Blake and you are ruining it. I only came back to help you and Ty. But I can’t help if you’re not willing to help yourself.” I snapped growing furious. Blake looked down and even looked ashamed.

“You’re right and I’m sorry. But things have changed and sometimes you can’t quite explain it but you can’t go back. Like Ty and I, something has changed and we’ll never go back. I’m not sorry about that. But I am sorry that I let you believe you could fix it.” Blake confessed lifting his cool blue gaze to me.

“If that was the case, then why did you ask me to come back here?” I frowned confused about the way he lured me back in.

“Why did you agree?” he countered softly before leaving me to ponder why I easily chose to come.

My initial answer was to fix their friendship. But now that reason didn’t seem right. It ran deeper than that and I couldn’t figure it out. But one thing was as clear as day.

I didn’t come back to fix a friendship.

“Vivian help!” Marie cried out frantically when she found me on a bench outside half an hour later.

The nice dress she was wearing was now soaking wet. Her raven hair was up in a messy ponytail. All in all, she looked done for.

“What happened to you?” I asked holding back my laugh. Marie groaned and looked down at her dress wearily.

“Sophia happened! When you didn’t come back, she went out to get her own drink. Then she ran into your brother and his girlfriend. Then I couldn’t stop her from drinking and it’s just awful!” she rambled throwing her hands up dramatically. My eyes widened when she said Sawyer was here and practically blocked everything else.

“My brother is here?” I muttered growing anxious.

He hadn’t talked to me since Sophia ran out of our house yesterday. I think he blames me for bringing her home-which I did. But it wasn’t to hurt him, I just wanted to get away from Ty and Blake.

“Yeah and he’s bat shit drunk.” Marie sighed in frustration. “Now come on and help me!”

Before long Marie was shoving me through the packed house and up the stairs. I registered that she had kept Sophia in a room away from everyone. Thank god too, because I did not want to go on a manhunt in this house.

“She’s in there.” Marie said gesturing to a lone door at the end of the hall. I turned and frowned at her confused.

“You’re not coming in?”

“As if! She’s a hot mess and I love her and all but my boyfriend is around her somewhere prowling on hoes. I have to go claim what’s mine.” Marie scoffed and if it was anyone else I would have been angry she left me alone. But seeing as it’s Art she’s talking about, I don’t blame her.

“Alright, go on before he knocks someone up or….if some girl’s boyfriend knocks him out.” I said knowing the outcome could be one of the two. I don’t put it past him.

“Take care of her please.” Marie frowned looking past me towards the door worriedly. “I’ve never her seen her like this.”

I nodded and disappeared behind the door. The smell of stale beer and tequila assaulted my nose. I groaned and covered my nose from the awful smell.

“Dear ghandi, what died in here?” I asked sarcastically inching closer to the bed Sophia had claimed as hers.

“My chances of ever being with your brother.” Soph cried grabbing a pillow and whimpered into it. I frowned and sat on the bed next to her.

Did I mention I wasn’t very good with crying? I get really awkward—really awkward.

“There there sobbing girl. Everything will be fine. At least you’re not living in a part of the world where there’s no drinking water. And you’re not in the human sex traffic. At least you have your health too other’s can’t say that.” I rambled nervously while awkwardly patting her head like a dog.

“Y-you suck at comforting!” she sniffled swatting my hand away. I sighed and dropped my hand.

“I know that, don’t you think I already know that!” I retorted, “Listen, I am not sympathetic in the least. But I am intuitive sometimes. I can tell you’re hurt and from what I’ve gathered, you’re not easily hurt.”

“I don’t know why I’m acting like this. No guy has ever made me feel so much.” Sophia groaned throwing her head back, “It’s like he has something over me and I can’t control it. What should I do Vivian? You’re his sister, you know him better than anyone.” she rambled looking helpless and well… lovestruck.

“Talk to him. That’s my advice to you, little drunk elf.” I teased her, “Just not tonight because you reek of alcohol and you’re both drunk. That isn’t the story I want my future nieces and nephews to hear about their parents.” I joked. Sophia blushed and looked ready to retort when her face turned green and she leaned over to vomit.

I cringed and looked away. I would totally not be dealing with this if I was home watching criminal minds.

“Let it all out girl.” I mumbled through my hands to cover from the smell. “See? I told you tonight was not the night to talk to Sawyer.”

“My body is betraying me!” she sobbed when she finished. “Can you go get me a bottled water please?” she asked innocently through bloodshot eyes.

“Sure, just sit tight and don’t move.” I warned her before I ventured off towards the party.

Downstairs, it looked like the party was in full swing. A couple guys gave me side eyes but I ignored it all. They were all drunk and looking for one thing.

Too bad, this shop was closed indefinitely.

I shoved past people and caught a glimpse of Marie slapping Art upside the head. I chuckled and ducked away from them before I was sucked into their drama.

Finally reaching the kitchen packed with guys, I nervously made my way around to grab a bottled water from the fridge. But when I did I felt a firm slap on my bottom. I squealed in surprise and shot up to come face to face with a drunk stranger.

I glared at him as he lazily smirked at me. “Red is such a sexy color on you.” he slurred inching closer to me. I grimaced and pushed his face away.

“How dare you-”

“Sorry I didn’t mean to come on strong-”

“This is not red you mere mortal! This is scarlet and it’s quite obvious!” I snapped like a fucking twig. “If you’re too blind to see that then you don’t even deserve to hit on me with horrible pick up lines!”

The poor sap backed away and held up his hands in surrender. “Whoa, sorry there psycho. I’m sorry I didn’t know the fucking difference. You crazy bitch!” he spat shoving me out of the way. My eyes went wide with shock and I took a step forward to shove him back when someone stepped in front of me and took matters into their own hands.

I watched in shock as Blake swung his fist back and punched the guy in the nose. He went down and cried out in pain but Blake looked like he wanted to go in for seconds. Just as he was about to pick him up from the collar of his shirt, I reeled him back.

“Down steriod stan. He’s not even worth it.” I assured him forcefully pulling him away. The drunk guy groaned and slumped on the floor before he passed out. “See? No harm.” I reassured him.

Blake turned away from the guy and I was caught off guard by the anger in his eyes. “He put his hands on you—he deserved much worse!” he snapped through gritted teeth. Out of some strong habit, I grabbed his arm and met his icy blue eyes.

“Even though it wasn’t necessary, thank you for being there.” I said softly. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to grab a bottled water for Sophia.” I shrugged maneuvering around him to grab a bottle from the fridge.

Blake touched my arm softly to catch my attention. “I’ll go with you.” he added quickly. I blinked a couple times before I realized that he still had the hots for Soph.

Something about that made my stomach drop. I don’t think it was a good feeling either. Since I’ve been gone, Blake’s blatant crush on Sophia was the farthest thing from my mind.

But now as he made it as clear as day—I grew nauseous. However, I didn’t want to show it to him so I put on a mask. I smirked at him teasingly and let him follow me back upstairs.

As we neared the room she was in, we both heard screaming. Running on instinct, I rammed through to door to find the last person I suspected.

Sophia was standing at the end of the bed screaming at Ty and Sawyer. They were both rolling on the ground in a fist fight. When Ty managed to pin my brother down he rammed his fist down on him with a burning bitterness.

A gasp escaped my lips as Sawyer’s head snapped one way. I was stunned beyond belief. I couldn’t even move from my spot.

It played over in my head on loop.

Ty baring his teeth.

Sawyer closing his eyes and bearing for the worst.

Sophia’s screams pleading her brother to stop.

Then his fist connecting with my brother’s temple, sending him into oblivion.

I looked up to find Ty staring at me in guilt. He began to get up but I backed away and shook my head.

“Vivo you don’t understand. He hurt my sister-” he began pleading with me.

“And so did you Ty, look at her!” I snapped pointing to Sophia who ran over to cradle Sawyer’s head in her lap.

“Vivo I had to do it. He hurt my sister, I wasn’t going to let him get away with it!” Ty snapped angrily. For the first time ever, I was repulsed by him.

“And he’s my brother and you hurt him. I’ll never let you get away with that.” I said calmly and angrily. “Now go away right now Ty or I swear to god I’ll kill you.” I swore darkly.

Ty frowned but shook his head and agreed. He walked past Blake and glared at him but said nothing as he left. Blake glared at Ty but sighed as if tired of fighting.

That was someone else’s battle. I reminded myself. My hands were tied into my brother who needed me…so I went to him.

Sophia was still cradling him when I joined them. “You took quite the hit. How are you feeling?” I asked him softly. Sawyer’s eyes were still closed but he grimaced so I knew he was at least conscious.

“Like I was just hit by an angry jock.” he mumbled wearily finally cracking his eyes open. I chuckled and went in to hug him not able to contain myself.

Sawyer stilled as I hugged him. It was out of nowhere and maybe I shouldn’t have went in for the hug. Things were strained between us.

Seeing as how awkward everything was, I made a move to get away. But just as I moved away, his arms wrapped around me and pulled me in tight. I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry for everything.” I mumbled into his shirt. Sawyer gently pulled away and frowned at me.

“Why are you apologizing? I got us into this mess and you were right. I was selfish and only had my intentions in mind.” he countered stubbornly.

“You’ve apologized a million times over Sawyer. I’m to blame too, I knew what I was getting myself into.” I shook my head adamant on taking my blame as well.

“I don’t care who’s fault it is. I just don’t want to lose you again Vivi. I miss teasing you too much.” he smirked ruffling my hair. I chuckled and threw my arms around him.

“I missed you Saw.”

“I missed you more Vivi.” he added then released me to glance at a very confused Sophia and Blake.

As far as they knew, we were rambling about nonsense. We couldn’t exactly tell them about operation switch-a-twin. It was our secret and ours only….well for the exception of Nicky and Ty. Two people I didn’t want to think about.

“Umm can I talk to Sophia….alone?” Sawyer asked sheepishly.

I looked to Sophia who looked like she was readying herself for a serious conversation. I nodded and gave Sophia’s hand reassuring squeeze before following Blake out into the hall.

It was then that I realized the girl he was in love with was hurt over another guy. I looked at him ready to comfort him and wasn’t surprised when he looked like a puppy who had been kicked. What did surprise me though was the sickening feeling at the bottom of my stomach.

“Hey, I’m sorry.” I said softly patting his back awkwardly. Blake chuckled and turned to me.

“What for?” I frowned confused and gestured to the closed door.

“B-because Sophia and my brother. Wait….you’re not upset over the girl you’ve been in love with for years fawning over my brother?” I asked him completely thrown off. He shook his head and cracked a small smile.

“I don’t think I was ever in love with her. She was just someone I had thought was the only for me….but I know that’s not true anymore. I’m just happy she’s found someone worth hurting over.” he admitted solemnly. The rock at the pit of my stomach became significantly lighter.

“Then why do you look like you just found out Oprah died?” I asked, Blake chuckled lightly and I followed him to the end of the hall. “Stop laughing, I’m being serious Orton!” I grumbled.

“I’m not upset, I was just thinking.” he lied. I don’t know how I knew but I sensed it.

“Liar.” I scoffed turning away from him before I stopped and turned to him. “You coming or are you just gonna stand there as I make a fabulous exit?” I raised my eyebrow.

“You need a hot guy to exit with.” he smirked letting his otherwise cold blue eyes warm with amusement.

“I’d like to see this hot guy.” I teased him.

“Your sarcasm wounds me sweetheart.” he pouted placing a hand over his heart.

“Who says it’s sarcasm Orton?” I giggled and I think it was then that I realized I didn’t come back to mend Blake’s friendship with Tyson. I came back for Blake….just Blake.

Oh shit!

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