Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Twenty Six

I was awoken the next morning by the stench of vomit emitting out of my bathroom. Groggily I lifted my head off of the pillow just in time to see Sophia doing the walk of shame.

Her black dress was wrinkled and clinging loosely off her shoulder. Her golden blond hair was thrown up in a messy bun with a few stray hair falling out. Then her skin looked clammy, a stark contrast to her radiant and healthy skin color.

“I hate fucking drinking.” she grumbled when she saw I was awake.

“Welcome to the club.” I mumbled groggily. “Close that fucking door it reeks of death.” I grimaced when I caught a whiff of Sophia’s vomit.

“Keep it down, I feel like the seven dwarfs are inside my head. They’re like hammering in there and I want to tell them there’s no diamonds in this mine.” she whined throwing herself on my bed. “What happened last night?”

I sat up in my bed and let out a heavy sigh. Where do I begin? It was a long and eventful night. It had its ups and downs and there was definitely regrets.

So I told her everything. I told her about Marie finding her drunk and how I took care of her. I told her about Tyson losing his cool on Sawyer.

I didn’t want to get into that. I didn’t know where to begin with him because everything Ty related seemed to complicated.

Then I told her about Sawyer and her dragging me into their schemes. I told her about Sawyer spilling the beans on operation switch-a-twin. She didn’t forget about it like I thought she would.

I cut the parts that included Blake. But that was more for my sake than hers. I didn’t want to relive the hurt I caused Blake. I was hoping that was all a dream and it didn’t actually happen.

But it did.

“Never let me drink again.” Sophia begged weakly lifting her head up.

“People always say that. But that only means—I’ll never drink again until I forget this hangover.” I raised my eyebrow.

“Shut up-” she grumbled when the doorbell downstairs sounded off.

We both sat up more alert. But we were lazy as hell and there were four more people in the house. I was sure one of them would answer it.

And sure enough five seconds later, Saywer’s voice yelled for me. “Vivi? A bunch of people are at the door!”

Remembering I called in a favor, I bolted for downstairs. Sophia followed after me—but at slug pace.

“You guys came!” I cried out happily going in to tackle them. We all fell down in a piled of limbs because I was so excited to see them.

“Vi, get off you’re so fucking heavy!” Dom groaned from under me.

“I’ll ignore that jab at my weight.” I smiled climbing off them and helping them up. “Thanks again for coming.”

“I’d rather be with you for the holiday than my parents. They kept talking about sending me off to Cambridge instead of Juliard. They had the nerve to demand I drop dancing for law school. I’m bad at arguing!” Lewiza explained growing frustrated with her parents all over again.

Antoine scoffed and wrapped an arm around her. “Yeah well at least your boyfriend didn’t cheat on you.”

“Are you serious?!” Lewiza gasped. “Okay after we’re done here, I say we show that little twat what we do with cheaters.”

“What do we do with cheaters?” Chloe asked innocently.

“We obviously kill them.” I scoffed crossing my arms over my chest.

“I love you guys but if we get caught, I’ll sing like Mariah Carey.” Chloe said seriously.

“Isn’t the expression, sing like a canary?” Dom narrowed her eyes.

“I’ve never seen a canary sing. But I have seen Mariah Carey in concert twice. By the way she is a goddess!” Chloe squealed like a fangirl.

“Umm Vi, who are these people?” Sawyer asked speaking up. I looked behind me and found Soph and Sawyer watching us in confusion.

“Soph, Sawyer, this is the intimidation nation—Antoine, Lewiza, Dom, and Chloe. They’re my friends from Maddie Dale. Guys this is Sophia my friend and Sawyer my twin.” I introduced them all to each other.

“Duuude, you look just like your sister. The resemblance is stunning.” Chloe said poking Sawyer’s face as if testing it to make sure he was real.

“Vi, the little red head is freaking me out.” Sawyer mumbled uncomfortably.

“You’ll grow used to her.” I waved him off when Antoine nudged my ribs. “Your brother is hot. Are you sure he’s straight?”

“You are not going to use my brother as your rebound!” I hissed.

“Why not?” He cried out stubbornly.

“Because this whole plan is to get him together with Soph.” I argued pointing at Sophia who was talking to Dom. I figured she would befriend the normal one in our group.

“What is the plan anyway?” Dom asked over hearing Antoine and I.

“I’m glad you asked.” I smirked before I dove into my epic plan.

I sat next to Sophia at the dinner table later that night. My parent’s were aware my friends would be joining us. Though they weren’t aware of my plans to ruin thanksgiving.

But hey, they’re used to rolling with the punches.

“You look lovely Sophia.” mom complimented Soph. “That dress is very beautiful.”

“Why thank you Ms.King. Actually Vivian let me borrow this, she made this.” Soph beamed nudging my shoulder. My parent’s eyes widened in shock as they looked at the dress again.

It was a deep burgundy collared fitting dress. I had sewn in little rhinestones to add flare to the collar and small cupped sleeves. The dress was an assignment I had for a fall collection.

Sophia had seen the dress and fell in love with it. So naturally, I gave it to her.

“That’s amazing.” Dad mumbled awestruck. Shocked, I looked up and met his gaze. He looked at me with pride and that was a first for him. He usually brushed off my love for fashion as just a phase I would grow out of. But I think this dress was showing my true potential.

“It’s beautiful Vivian, I’m very proud of you.” Mom agreed softly revealing her beautiful genuine smile.

Perhaps we weren’t bad all the time. Sure our family was deeply flawed. But we had our moments and as I sat there on thanksgiving with my family—I felt at peace.

“Why the hell is she here!” Nicky’s obnoxious voice tore through my moment of peace. My left eye twitched and I turned to find Nicky and Sawyer joining us.

Sawyer looked beyond annoyed. It was refreshing to see that he finally saw her for what she was. An annoying screeching banchee. For awhile, I thought Nicky would be the sister in law from hell. Thankfully my brother opened his eyes to find Sophia.

Though Sophia does deserve someone better than Sawyer. You can’t fight with what the heart wants. And it’s obvious her heart wants my brother because the otherwise sweet Sophia was throwing deadly daggers at Nicky.

“She’s an invited guest-unlike you Skankzilla.” I rolles my eyes coming to the defense of Sophia.

“Now Vivian please use your manners.” Mom chastised me. But I saw through her mask, she wanted me to keep it going.

“Sorry ma…” I mumbled before I turned back to Nicky who looked smug as shit. “I’m sorry Sawyer forgot to take out the trash before dinner.” I smirked at Nicky who gasped in shock.

I don’t see why? You would think she was used to this kind of treatment. It’s the high class skank code of conduct.

“Oooh!!!” my friends howled together with enthusiasm. Sophia chuckled softly beside me and even my parents were having a hard time not losing it.

“Oh yeah?” Nicky fumed, “W-well you’re…..uh you are…..you’re a virgin who can’t drive.” she retorted lamely waiting for everyone to agree with her.

“Isn’t that a line from Clueless?” Chloe pointed out.

“Shut up!” Nicky snapped at Chloe who couldn’t even harm a fly. That was it! Chloe is a little baby squirrel that needs protecting and I will not stand by-

“FIGHT ME!” Chloe growled bolting from her chair. We all watched in shock as our baby Chloe revealed an aggressive side.

“Whoa I thought all Canadians were peaceful?” Lewiza hissed so only I could hear. I nudged her in the ribs and shook my head.

“Don’t be racist Lewiza.” I chastised her when Chloe threw a punch at Nicky.

“You crazy little-”

“Well this dinner is quite lovely. What did you put in the stuffing Ms.King?” Dom asked my mother politely as if the brawl between Chloe and Nicky wasn’t happening.

“Um it’s an old family recipe.” mom muttered flustered because she wasn’t sure what was happening.

Chloe grabbed at Nicky’s hair only to pull out her extensions. Nicky screamed and punched Chloe’s stomach but that only angered the beast.

“Shouldn’t we stop this?” Dad asked, to no one in particular.

“No way!” Sawyer and I scoffed together.

“Twin powers!” Sophia gushed because of her fascination with twins.

“Give me back my hair you bitch!” Nicky screeched when Chloe waved her hair in the air.

“No way!” Chloe laughed maniacally before tossing the extensions over to Lewiza. However it landed straight in her bowl of soup splashing it all over her and Antoine.

“Gross!” Lewiza cried out in disgust. Her whole dress was soaking in soup and strands of hair.

“I think some of her hair is in my mouth!” Antoine exclaimed pawing at his tongue.

Before any of us could say anything else. The doorbell rang. Seeing as though my friends were doing their job and helping out in ruining dinner- I volunteered to go get it.

But it was to my shock when I opened the door to reveal Ty. He looked quite handsome in his nice blue button up shirt and fitted slacks. His hair was combed neatly and he was holding a bouquet of lillies.

“Hey?” he said shyly upon me opening the door.

“Hi.” I mumbled awkwardly, “What are you doing here?” I asked him curiously.

Ty shifted from foot to foot nervously and scratched the back of his neck. I couldn’t help the small subconscious smile that fleeted my lips. It was near impossible to stay mad at him.

“I came to apologize…for last night….for the past week really. I don’t know what’s going on with me but I know I’ve been acting like a jerk. Just, just don’t shut me out okay Vivo? You mean too much to me and I can’t lose a friend like you.” he rambled nervously. I nodded and gestured to the flowers.

“And the flowers are for who?” I teased him. Ty smirked and sniffed them for dramatic effect, feeling awfully safe because I long ago forgave him.

“They’re for me obviously.” he rolled his eyes before cracking a big smile.”They’re for you because you deserve something beautiful. After how big of a jackass your best friend has been acting this past week.”

Ty handed me the flowers and I took them and looked at them. They were all a beautiful assortment of colors and sizes. Not one flower matched the other and I found greater beauty in that.

Maybe it was coincidence. Or perhaps a well thought out metaphor. But I loved those flowers and the sincere apology behind it.

I looked up from the flowers and met Tyson’s steady stare. My eyes flickered to the small white scar above his lip and I was taken back to the football field. To the small unknown moment passed between us.

To that dangerous moment where I had a what if. What if Ty wasn’t just a friend. What if the way we looked at each other wasn’t platonic at all?

“We always find our way back here.” he said softly.

“What do mean?” I breathed out sharply.

“Here in front of your house. Always apologizing for something we can’t explain. Always forgiving each other because it’s who we are.” he explained with a mere shrug.

I looked down at the flowers and counted thirteen. Thirteen different flowers. None of them the same. Maybe that’s what my life consisted of.

My friends and family were my lilies. All different colors and sizes. Apart they were pretty, something nice to look at. But together they were beautiful—breathtaking even.

“Is that such a bad thing?” I finally asked, “Forgiving because it’s who we are?”

Ty shook his head and smiled softly. The dimples of his cheeks burrowing deeper to create an adonis look.


I smiled and agreed with him. But before I could respond, we heard Nicky’s ear piercing scream.

This was going to be one helluva story to explain to Ty.

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