Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Twenty Eight

“Thanks for helping out tonight.” I mumbled sleepily resting my head on Ty’s shoulder.

“Anytime Vivo…your friends seem pretty cool. A bit weird but cool.” he mumbled just as sleepily.

“I love that bunch.” I hummed on the verge of sleep when Ty shifted away from me. I groaned and frowned at him. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I should get going before your parents find me sleeping on the couch with you.” he said grabbing his coat and shrugging it on.

“You don’t have to worry about that. They know you’re my friend. Besides it’s too late and you’re too sleepy to drive. Just go to sleep on the couch and I’ll grab you some blankets.” I said pulling him down on the couch.

“Are you sure?” he asked hesitantly. I nodded and fetched him some blankets and pillows. Together, we made his bed for the night but by then my sleep had worn off.

“I should…uh I should head off to bed now. I’m bunking with Dom and Chloe tonight. Not the best combo but it’s only until we all leave for Boston on Sunday.” I said awkwardly. This feeling of unease around Ty was nerve wracking.

“You don’t have to sleep with them if you don’t want to. We can share the couch?” he mumbled scratching the back of his neck. Like a nervous tick or something.

I cracked a small smile and nodded. I would much rather share a couch with Ty than sleep with the girls. They were both rowdy and selfish sleepers. I didn’t want their feet in my face in the morning. Or their fists pounding at my ribs for more room.

Ty made room for me on the couch. It was a tight squeeze but it wasn’t bad. His arms hesitantly wrapped around my waist and I could feel his warm shaky breaths on the base of my neck.

“Is it okay if hold you?” he asked softly. My heart jumped in my throat and all I could manage was a meager nod.

Ty tightened his arms around me and we just sort of…melted. I think it was then that I realized I wasn’t going to get a wink of sleep.

“Ty?” I whispered after a half hour. His breathing was heavy and rhythmic. Tell tell signs that he had checked into dreamland.

I carefully turned over in his arms. Sure enough I was right. His eyes were closed. If even possible, he looked happier asleep.

My hand moved on its own accord as they touched his soft blonde hair. Then it moved down and traced the small white scar above his lip. How could he look so peaceful in his sleep?

His skin twitched underneath my touch and I snapped my arm back. It’s weird right? Touching someone’s face as they’re sleeping. I mean I’ve read books where someone touches someone else’s face while they’re sleeping.

It sounds romantic and sweet. But in reality it’s a little creepy and it feels invasive. Like I wouldn’t want someone touching my face while I try to sleep.

So why the hell did I do it?

Fuck, I’m so weird.

It’s five o’clock in morning. Conversation got boring. You said you going to bed soon, so I snuck off to your bedroom-

Sleep has obviously not been kind to me. It was literally five in the morning and I had not slept. I couldn’t find it in me to fall asleep. It was mission impossible for me. And I tried every sleep routine I’ve ever done.

I tried counting sheep. But then counting got too distracting and I hate counting. Unless it’s money, because I mean-COME ON IT’S FUCKING MOOLAH!

Then I tried coming up with a fictional story in my head. But I just ended up with a problematic fanfic about a girl falling for two guys. How dumb and cliche is that?

Then I tried singing softly in attempt to put myself to sleep. But my voice was so bad I had to stop in fear that Ty would wake up.

Maybe I should go for a walk. I think coming home has made me an insomniac.

Gently, I pried Ty’s hands off of me and sort of slithered off the couch. Ty was a hard sleeper and didn’t so much as stir.

I sighed a breath of relief when my feet hit the floor. Tip toeing to the coat closet, I pulled on my running shoes.

The clock read it was thirty minutes till six. I could fit in a run to the park and back before anyone wakes up. It was a pretty lengthy trail into town but I needed the time to run. Plus the park always seemed to be my go-to place for the long nights I couldn’t escape.

So I ran.

Thoughts of Ty had distracted me. The way his smile made me feel different now. The way his eyes made my stomach turn. How his arms around me made my breath go away.

Fuck! What the hell is wrong with me? What am I feeling? What am I trying to say?

I stopped running abruptly at the edge of the park. I looked around and realized I had made the run shorter than it had to be.

I had consumed my whole run with thoughts of Ty because-

“I like Ty!” I declared loudly finally figuring out my strange reactions.

Then it hit me like a semi truck filled with Chanel shoes. I liked my best friend.




How could I like him? He was my best friend. My closest confidant when Sawyer and I couldn’t talk to each other.

I can’t like him. That ruins everything. How should I act around him? Do I tell him? Do I keep it to myself? Do I act as if I can be his friend?

When did my life become so cliche? It makes me sick!

How do I-

“Vivian?” A voice called faintly. Still in my sleep deprived and hysterical state, I was convinced it was a magical being.

“Beyonce is that you?” I called out. “Oh god Bey! I have a major problem and I need your help!” I cried out hysterically.

“What the-?” the voice mumbled. But it came clear to me that it wasn’t my queen bee in saving.

“Blake?” I frowned when I caught a glimpse of him jogging towards me clad in workout clothes.

“Hey, umm did you call me Beyonce?” he furrowed his brows in confusion. My eyes widened when I realized that I fell off the deep end on that one.

“Nooo.” I drawled out. “Pfft no! You don’t look like- and I wasn’t having a moment of insanity- pfft crazy!” I rambled uncontrollably.

“What are you doing out here? Didn’t I already say it’s dangerous to be out at this time by yourself?” he frowned running his hands through his raven hair.

“I couldn’t sleep and I needed some air.” I shrugged limply.

“So you ran to the park?” he raised his eyebrow. “In your pajamas? In this cold weather?”

I grimaced when I looked down at my clothes. All I had on were a pair of cotton shorts and a baggy band tshirt. Not the greatest clothes for the harsh November weather.

“I’m building up my endurance?” I lied. Blake shook his head and didn’t buy it. He shrugged off his sweatshirt and handed it to me without a second thought.

“Put it on.” he demanded leaving no room for argument.

Without another peep, I put it on. I noticed it was his football hoodie with his number on it. And boy it felt like I was being hugged by a thousand puppies when I put it on.

“So what brings you out on this lovely black Friday?” I asked casually. Blake stared at me flatly and shook his head.

“The real question is why are you out? What’s wrong Vivian?” he asked sympathetically. And I felt so bad because my problem was liking my best friend. The boy who I was convinced was only my best friend.

It seemed to selfish compared to Blake’s problem. He was a foster kid. He didn’t have a real family. His life was by far more complicated than mine.

So I lied to him. Because I felt it was the right thing.

“Nothing. I um- just so pissed that Jay-z cheated on Beyonce. Who cheats on the queen? She is literally life!” I said dramatically just to deflect his attention.

However, Blake wasn’t buying it.

“You can talk to me. I’m all ears if you need me.” he assured me in a soft welcoming voice. I nodded and tried one last attempt to deceive him.

“I just finished Making A Murderer on Netflix and I’m just baffled. What should I believe? Is Stephen Avery innocent and framed or is he actually guilty? Who should I believe Blake!” I cried out waving my hands in the air.

“Nice try kid….but you’re lying. So tell me what’s really wrong.” he sighed tiredly taking a seat in the grass. I inhaled deeply and took a seat next to him.

Maybe I should tell him. Who knows, maybe he has some wise advice for me. It couldn’t hurt to try?

“I-like-Ty.” I said slowly wincing when I realized how fucking awkward I sounded. My eyes met his and I was surprised to find them empty. I frowned but kept quiet. Blake blinked and offered me a small weak smile.

“I should have seen that one coming.” he smiled but it lacked any warmth. It was forced and not at all like the smile I had grew accustomed to. “That’s what bothering you? Vivi, it’s normal to like your friend. It happens when you get close to someone. You’re bound to fall for them.” he shrugged.

“You don’t think it’s wrong? I mean he’s my best friend, if I tell him and he doesn’t feel the same way-”

“Trust me, I don’t think you’ll have any problems. Just tell him how you feel.” Blake cut me off. He sounded so sure about that and it made me feel a little better.

“You don’t think I’m stupid do you? It sounds cliche to fall for your best friend and a part of me doesn’t care. But another part of me is telling me I’m doing the wrong thing because our friendship is so important to me.” I rambled uncontrollably again. Blake chuckled and shook his head.

“Stupid is the last thing I’d say to describe you.” he chuckled lighthearted. “Do what you have to do Vivian. Pierce would be lucky to have you and anyone who doesn’t, is an idiot.”

“Thanks Orton.” I smiled softly resting my head on his shoulder. Now that it was out in the universe, I could rest. I liked Ty and I would tell him. And if he didn’t like me in that way, then I was fine with that. Because at least I said it. “You’re a great friend Blake.” I said softly.

Blake stiffened and shook his head. “That’s me, the great friend.” he sighed.

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