Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Thirty Six

I stared into his blue eyes, and watched as they crinkles slightly when he laughed. The blue in eyes were warm and vibrant. They were welcoming and I knew it would forever be imbedded in my mind. It was one of those things you’ll remember, when you see nothing else. When all else is forgotten, then only the blue of his eyes remained.

At least, that’s how I felt right now.

“Ty, I missed you.” I laughed when he finished telling me a story of how Art was chased out of Marie’s house by her father via rifle.

He slowly stopped laughing and placed his hand atop mine. My heart rate spiked and I looked down at our hands. Then carefully, I pulled it back, afraid of what I felt in that exact moment. Like a feeling of euphoria, unable to waver. Ty frowned slightly but quickly placed a small gentle smile for me.

“You wouldn’t have had to, if you just would have picked up the phone and called.” he raised his eyebrow. I looked down at my lap and frowned, as he had a point.

Since thanksgiving, I had evaded all his calls and texts. It wasn’t that I was angry at him, or at anyone for that matter. I wasn’t even trying to shut him out, but I did. I couldn’t talk to Ty or Blake without thinking about them as something more and it made me sick. How could I have liked them both?

“I’m sorry.” I apologized, “I was busy with school and it’s a competitive environment there. So I had to stay on top of my work to keep my place as the top design student.” I lied and it pained me that I had to lie to him. I hated lying to Ty, he was the only person I never had a reason to hide from. He quickly unmasked me as Sawyer and remained a close confidant —so much so that, secrets and lies were unnecessary. But as my feelings for him arose, it seemed like the whole nature of our relationship was coated in the secrets and lies I kept from him.

“Hey, it’s okay Vivo.” He assured me, with dimpled smiled. “I was busy with college applications, and football. We probably would have missed a few calls anyway.” he shrugged.

“Yeah…” I trailed off, shifting in my seat uncomfortably. “How’s the college applications going?” I asked in a means to shift the conversation away from my blatant abandonment.

“There were a few offers from California and Texas. But I have my eye on one in Boston. You remember that school we toured before we came back for thanksgiving, don’t you?” he asked with an excited smile. My eyes widened as I remembered that poor excuse for a school.

It wasn’t good enough for Ty. He had so much potential and that school wouldn’t give him the same benefits other schools would give him. Ty was a smart guy, I remember seeing the great grades he received and he was one hell of a player. He was every college admissions dream. Like every other aspect in life, he was too perfect.

Why would he be so interested in a second rate school in Boston? Their football team was horrible, the area that Ty wanted to study was mediocre. It was all wrong…too wrong for Ty.

“I thought you only looked at that place as a joke.” I furrowed my brows. Ty shook his head, and stole a fry off of my plate.

“No, I was dead serious.” he hummed as he took another fry, I glared at him flatly. “It’s an okay school, plus it has the perks of being in the same city as the greatest damn person I know.” he winked at me.

“Ty I hope you’re not choosing Boston for the sole reason that we’ll be in the same city.” I frowned. “You could go to any college you want, don’t settle for something not worth your while just to be close to me. That’s what skyping is for.”

“Aw come on Vivo, it’s not just because of you. Don’t get too big headed about this.” He teased me, “It’s a great school. Plus, I always wanted to live in Boston. They have a great night life, every college boys dream.” he chuckled. I offered a small strained smile and nodded.

“I just want what’s best for you Ty.” I said honestly, “If Boston is what you really want, then go for it. Just don’t let anyone influence you, whether it’s me or anyone else. Okay?”

Ty’s smile faltered, and he nodded as if hearing me, but not listening. I sighed and let my shoulder slump. “I’m looking at UNT in Dallas and UCLA in Los Angeles. But my final decision will be my decision.” he emphasized. I cracked a smile and gave his hand a swift pat.

“That’s all I want.”

“Ty, I don’t think this is such a great idea.” I mumbled, wearily. Ty scoffed and wrapped his arms around me tightly. He leaned forward and I felt his lips brush against my ear.

“Relax, I’ve done this plenty enough. It’s completely safe and the rush is…exhilarating.” he whispered, before pressing a quick chaste kiss on my cheek. I nodded silently, as I felt my face grow warm, despite the ice bitten weather.

After our lunch at Bermuda Burgers, Ty had a brilliantly stupid idea. Since I was California, snow was pretty much a myth to us. But here, it was a yearly occurance.

When I told Ty I had never went sleighing, he made it his mission to take me on a ride. I refused at first, because it seemed like a dangerous idea…but that’s only because I had never done it. But seeing as this was a once in a lifetime thing for me, I decided to do it.

But then I saw the hill we were going to use…and needless to say I was terrified of the height.

I placed my hands on Ty’s and leaned into his chest as he pushed us forward. My heart rate picked up and the sleigh we were on, lurched forward slowly, then it picked up momentum. The hill we were on, was pretty big and the speed we were going was picking up quickly.

“Hold onto the sleight!” Ty laughed loudly, as my hands were nowhere near the handle of the sleigh. My hands shook and grabbed onto the sleight but I kept a tight—if not deadly— grip. Ty held onto my waist and despite it feeling odd, I reminded myself to just go with the flow.

“Ty, we’re going to die!” I cried out as soon as the sleigh looked like it was taking a collision course for a big oak tree. I looked back in time to see Ty’s eyes widened in shock.

Not good. No bueno. Junto muertos.

“Shit.” He mumbled under his breath.

“What? Ty do something, we’re going too fast to stop!” I yelled, frantically my eyes still on the big tree ahead of us. I knew I hated nature….I knew it would be the end of me.

I told mom…but she said it was just me being lazy. Who’s being lazy now ma? I’m dying!

“Jump!” he yelled, piercing through my inner turmoil.

“NO!” I retorted, shaking my head. “I rather sell my favorite guccie bag than do that!”

“Vivo, you’re going to have to jump. Unless you want to kill us both, because i’m not jumping until you do.” Ty said, raising his eyebrow amused. My eyes widened as I realized the only way out of this death trap from hell, was to jump.

“Okay-Okay!” I cried out, nodding my head frantically. Ty chuckled and tightened his grip around my waist.

“When I say jump, we’re both going to jump to the left.” He instructed me, “Jump!” he commanded a few seconds later. I closed my eyes on instinct and jumped like Ty said.

My body jerked to the left, and Ty’s grip on me completely disappeared. I tumbled to the side and nearly broke my neck as I came to a rough stop. Then like in those dramatic movies, starring lead roles like Ben Affleck or Morgan Freeman, my life flashed before my life.

And let me tell you, it was a pretty lame life.

I really need to reevaluate how I live….maybe I’ll adopt a puppy or something.

“Vivo!” Ty yelled. I made a move to get up, but I couldn’t. My arms seemed like they were pinned down. Then the pain shot up my spine as I jerked to get up. “Vivo, where are you!” Ty called out again, this time he sounded frantic. I groaned in response, hoping he would hear me.

I didn’t see him, but I heard him. His long strides melted against the ground, and his breathing became erratic. But like I said, I didn’t see him. All I saw was the white sky, where snow was falling on me.

You’re dying Vivian. Teenage crisis averted. Congrats ole chap, it was a short but weird seventeen years.

Maybe I’ll meet Betty White in heaven….

Wait, I think she’s still dodging death. Maybe I’ll go to hell.

Oh I could ask for Dean Winchester. I hear he’s a frequent guest there.

“Vivo, hey…” Ty said breathlessly but frantically, as soon as his face came into my peripheral. I closed my eyes and groaned in pain, as another jolt of pain ran down my spine. Ty’s eyes widened and he gently peeled my body off the ground.

He held me in his arms, and my head lulled onto his shoulder. I picked up my head and met his fearful blue eyes. “You’re not Dean Winchester.” I pouted before I closed my eyes again, feeling a heavy sleep drag me under.

I woke up with a major hangover….except it wasn’t. It just felt like it. My mouth was dry, my body ached, and my head felt like it was pounding with a million jack hammers.

“Where am I?” I groaned looking around the room. I didn’t recognize any of the blue trimmings, or the movie posters that filtered the walls. “Am I dead yet?” I asked no in particular. “If I am, then heaven needs a whole new color scheme.”

“Sorry Vivo, this is purgatory. You’re stuck with my rooms shitty color scheme for all of eternity.” Ty’s voice resounded. I tried to pick up my head, but it felt like a heavy block was placed on it, so I fell back again. “Hey, don’t get up okay? You have a nasty bruise there. Here, take these and relax, okay?” He said softly coming to the bedside and handing me two aspirins. I took them and kept a steady gaze on him as I swallowed the tablets.

“What happened?” I croaked, clearing my throat. Ty winced and scratched the back of his head sheepishly.

“When we jumped off the sleigh, you flew off and you hit the trunk of a tree. I should have told you to tuck and roll. You hit the back of your head and spine on the trunk. My mom took a look at you, since she’s a nurse. She said that you’ll have a bad headache for a couple days and some bruising on the back of your head and spine.” He informed me, looking away as guilt consumed his beautiful features. I reached out and grabbed his hand, and squeezed it once. His blue eyes immediately snapped back to me, with a spark of something behind his guilt.

“I will never go sleighing with you again. You’re a hazard to my health.” I joked, smirking at him, “But it was fun while it lasted. You really do bring the excitement in my life Pierce.”

Ty cracked a small smile, “Well, I try….” he answered with a small sense of arrogance behind his words.

“How long was I out?” I asked, trying to sit up again. Ty shook his head, and pinned my shoulders down. He was too close for comfort as I could faintly smell the cologne he had on and the small scar above his lip.

It was cresent shaped. Curved right above his lip. It was light and if you didn’t really look at it, the scar wasn’t noticable.

But if you got really close…there it was. The only physical imperfection he had. One that drew me in.

“Only half an hour.” He rasped, my eyes mindlessly moved to the base of his throat. His adams apple bobbed, nervously. I met his gaze again and there we were again.

Right back on that football field. Ty straddling above me. His scar above his lip, and my fingers itching to trace it. His eyes hooded, and his lashes seemed longer up close. His eyes flickered to my lips and my eyes weren’t far from his either.

“Vivo?” he whispered, huskily. “I have something to tell you.”

“I do too.” I mumbled, breathlessly. “But I don’t want to.” I admitted.

“Then let me say it first.” My eyes snapped to his and they held so much fear and anticipation. He moved forward and his eyes roamed my face, as if memorizing every feature I had. I swallowed the lump in my throat and closed my eyes.

It didn’t take a genius to know what was going to happen next.We were going to sing ‘the start of something new’ from High school musical.

At least, I tried to convince myself that. But then Ty leaned in closer until the space between us became irrelevant.

His lips grazed mine, as if asking for permission. I nodded once and before another thought could form, he lips massaged mine in the most amazing kiss ever. It wasn’t one of those kisses filled with fierce passion. It was like Ty.

It was gentle, careful and patient. It was as if he was relaying the thoughts we had kept at bay. It felt like finding shelter after a long day out in the cold. It was warmth….it was beautiful.

Finally, Ty reeled back. His lips hovered over mine and he smiled against them. I couldn’t help but smile too, as a warm fuzzy feeling came over me. “What were you going to say?” he asked.

Then the feeling was gone. The huge rock that had occupied my nerves returned and I knew I couldn’t keep it from him much longer. Because now, more than ever, I was at a crossroads.

“I like you Ty-” I said when Ty laughed happily and pressed his lips against mine again. Before I could revel in the kiss or get another word in edge wise, Ty leaned away and rested his head against mine.

“I like you too Vivo…I like you a lot.” he confessed with an honest to god beautiful dimpled smile. My heart was torn between the amazement that was Ty, and guilt over the nature of my feelings.

“But I also like Blake.” I said softly with a small break in my voice. Ty froze mid smile, then his warmth completely left me as he backed away from me. His naturally happy features were masked in a mixture of confusion and hurt. “I’m sorry.” I mumbled, through tear rimmed eyes.

“You sure know how to put a spin on things, Vivian.” he said, grinding his jaw. Then he left me alone in his room, with the guilt of the world weighing down upon my shoulders.

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