Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Thirty Nine

“You’re brother is an idiot.” Sophia grumbled, before stuffing her face in a Bermuda burger. I grimaced and quietly ate my burger, nodding in agreement because I didn’t want to be the next person on Sophia’s hit list.

“I will disown him if it comes to it.” I laughed nervously, fearing for my life. Sophia slammed her burger down and began to gulp down her drink angrily before wiping her mouth un-ladylike.

“Why the hell did he think it was smart to drag in his ex like that? I’ll fucking-I’ll snap-ahh!” she screeched, ripping the remains of her burger in her hands. I let out a small whimper at the fallen fast food.

You will be miss, reasonably priced burger with special secret sauce. I silently prayed.

“Soph sweetheart,” I smiled sweetly, “let’s not attack our food. There’s children watching and quite frankly, you’re scaring them.” I whispered quietly so only she could hear. Sophia frowned when I gestured to the family of five across the restaurant who were trying hard not to make eye contact with us.

Sophia heaved heavily and nodded. She ran her hands through her crazy tyrant hair and wiped her eyes. Then she fixed her clothes so that they weren’t as wrinkled. “I’m good-I’m chill.” she smiled tightly.

“Nice mask.” I commented sympathetically, “How about we get out of here and just take a run. Remember, running to clear our heads?”

She glared at me flatly, clearly unimpressed with my idea. “Get real Vivian.” She scoffed, “It’s as cold as your brothers heart out there. Let’s just go somewhere your brother hasn’t tainted with his stupid, dimpled face, gorgeous melt worthy eyes-”

“Uh, Soph you’re losing focus.” I cut in with a small smirk. Sophia huffed and glared at her phone. She had kept it out while we ate because Sawyer kept calling and she said she hated the way it kept buzzing in her purse because the noise was irritating as it went off against her keys.

But really I think she just wanted to see all the sappy, apologetic texts Sawyer sent. There was no denying that Sophia was mad, but she loved my brother too much to let that ruin anything. I was just keeping her company as she cooled off so that they could both talk it out.

“Why don’t you go talk to Saw? He’s obviously sorry and this wouldn’t have happened if Blake and Ty hadn’t come up.” I pointed out, “Go to him.”

“I don’t think he’s sorry enough.” she grumbled, crossing her arms. I stared at her in disbelief and quickly snagged her phone. “Vi what are you-”

Sawyer: I’m sorry so so so so-this goes on for about three more rows, isn’t my brother such a poet?-sorry.” I read aloud the first of many text messages that had filled up Sophia’s phone.

Sophia glared at her fists, then looked up at me with her same cold demeanor. But I saw she was going to crack. I could already see her forgiving my brother. Sawyer would have to thank me later-you know, right after he’s done being mad at me for kick starting their argument in the first place.

“Did he say anything else?” she asked softly. I smiled broadly and scrolled through the rest of his messages to her. With each passing message, Sophia seemed to calm down. She even laughed a few times as Sawyer described how he and an anus were alike.

After a half hour of long sappy messages, Sophia stopped me. “Are you ready to face the ass?” I joked as Sophia laughed and nodded.

“Yeah, I guess he’s kind of an ass, but he’s my ass.” she smirked, “I suppose I can’t stay mad at him forever.”

“Talk it out, i’m sure you’ll be all gross and clingy in no time.” I smiled, as we got up to leave. I wrapped my arm around her and Sophia chuckled, resting her head on my shoulder.

“Talking, huh?” she scoffed sarcastically, “Now, that’s a great way to solve all of life’s problems. If people just sat down and talk the world wouldn’t be chaotic now would it?” she mused.

And she’s right, life wouldn’t be so chaotic if people would just talk.

I walked the town of Illyria Sunday morning by myself. The town seemed so small, like a speck on a map and maybe that’s what it was to some and maybe to others it was all they knew. To people like Ty, this was the starting line. To people like Blake, this town may be all the world they’re given.

And maybe I didn’t know where I was going with this, and i’m just trying to distinct those two. But it was so difficult because it was like comparing apples to oranges. You couldn’t put either boy next to the other and pick them blindly. There was no easy solution, and I had figured that out some time ago.

My small exploration of the town stopped in front of the high school. I don’t know why I expected it to look different. It wasn’t the building that changed…it was the people who entered day in and day out that changed. It was me who had changed.

I hesitated when I spotted the familiar field in the back. It wasn’t glamourous, stocked with millions of dollars worth of equipment. It was just a field that the school teams used recreationally.

Blake had once said that football was his church. I wondered if he had made it to Sunday sermon today. It was really, the only reason I had left my house at all today. Otherwise, I would have stayed in and texted Ty only to be blatantly ignored.

And there he was.

Blake was running drills on his own and he looked in the zone. Without much thought, I made my way to the bleachers and sat there to watch him. I was a coward and was basically saving time before he noticed me.

That plan didn’t go over so well, because not even a minute later he spotted me.

He cocked his head to the side and made he way towards me. My heart automatically accelerated in a panic. I made a move to fix my hair but remembered it was hidden away under the Sawyer wig.

I sighed, and relaxed. It was a ridiculous whim, when I packed the Sawyer disguise but I had figured I could talk to Blake this way. Before he knew me as Vivian, he had only known me as Sawyer and even though we had a rough beginning, it was a beginning and that’s where I needed to start with Blake again.

“Hey King, didn’t expect to see you here.” Blake greeted me with a broad smile. I fixed the baseball cap atop my head and nodded in acknowledgment.

“Just needed some air to clear my head.” I answered honestly, keeping my voice low. Blake furrowed his brows as if confused but quickly nodded indicating he let it go. I cleared my throat and opened my palms, Blake didn’t hesitated when he tossed me the football. I however, sucked at catching still and it missed my hands completely and crashed into my nose. “Oh holy fuck tarts!” I cried out, cradling my nose.

“Oh shit, my bad man.” Blake apologized, making a move to help me but I jerked away from him.

“No-no it’s fine. I just-”

“Have butterfingers?” He teased me with a small chuckle. I smiled tightly and rubbed my nose tenderly. Blake narrowed his eyes at me and handed me a rag from his gym bag, “Here, you’re bleeding.” he said.

“Thanks.” I said, taking the rag as I applied light pressure to my bloody nose.

“You usually catch it, what’s up King?” he raised his eyebrow skeptically. I panicked and fumbled to hold the ball. If there was one thing Sawyer could do that I couldn’t, it was catch a football.

“I-I have a lot on my mind. You know…uh girl stuff.” I chuckled nervously.

“Problems with Soph already?” he smirked, “I’ve known her my whole life and if I know one thing, it’s that she doesn’t give up on people. You’ll be fine dude.”

“It’s not her i’m worried about.” I mumbled, removing the rag from my face, “It’s Vivian, i’m worried about.” I admitted. Blake frowned deeply and remained quiet, but only for a moment.

“Is she alright-is she in town yet?” he asked, stumbling over his words a bit. “Not, trying to pry or anything. She’s just a friend now, and I like to know how all my friends are doing.” he added quickly.

“She’s in town but she’s a little…” I trailed off for lack of better words.

“She’s what?” he asked impatiently.


“Had her tonsils taken out?”


“Has a cold?”


“Binged watched a show and found out it ended in a shitty cliffhanger?”

I furrowed my brows and shrugged, because it had happened before. “I mean yeah, but that’s not it.”

“Then what happened?” he asked almost desperately.

“She’s…currently not herself.” I grimaced, “I think she’s conflicted about her feelings and it’s causing her to have a meltdown.”

Blake frowned and furrowed his brows, as if in deep thought. “Is this about Ty?” he asked. I could hear my heart beat in my ears. It was loud and rhythmic, like threatening to leap out of my chest. That’s how I felt when he brought up Ty. Whether it was infatuation or guilt, I was never too sure.

“It could be, i’m sure those two have a lot left unsaid between them.” I answered truthfully. Ty and I did have a lot left unsaid, but Blake and I hadn’t even scraped the surface. “I think she’s really confused right now.”

“S-something happened between them already?” Blake asked, as he grabbed the football and began to toss it up and in down. I watched as his slender long fingers caught it each time, and made it look effortless.

“Would it be okay if something did?” I asked quietly. Blake caught the ball once more and gripped it tightly in his hands. He stared at the ball blankly and remained painfully quiet for a long time. Then slowly, his cold blue eyes met mine but they were devoid of anything.

“I don’t know…” he mumbled with a lost and almost hopeless expression.

“Are you not sure?” I prodded for any indication that Blake may have any sort of feelings for me. If I found no underlying feeling then I would leave it at that. But if there was something, I had to tell him. It was only the right thing to do.

“I shouldn’t care if something did happen, right?”

“Not if you don’t care for my sister in more than a platonic way.” I raised my eyebrow, willing him to catch the drift. Blake’s face quickly hardened in a glare, as he quickly got on his feet.

“Did Art or Ty tell you anything!” he snapped defensively. My eyes widened in shock and I shook my head frantically.

“Tell me what exactly?” I drawled out slowly, as my heart raced fast in my chest. Blake began to pace the bleachers nervously. I watched him go back and forth, as if fighting an internal battle with himself.

“Nothing King.” He answered shortly, as he stormed off of the bleachers. I quickly got on my feet and began to follow him.

“No, tell me!” I demanded angrily. “What does Ty and Art know, that I don’t!”

“Really it’s nothing.” Blake grumbled, but even I could tell he was bottling up his temper. I grabbed his shoulder and forced him to an abrupt stop. I looked up and stared at him.

I had only really known his eyes at night. But in daylight it seemed like nothing else compared. “You’re not telling me something, that’s my sister Orton. I need to know what you all know.” I said roughly, keeping my ground and refusing to back down.

Blake hesitated then stared me boldly in the face, “I like you’re sister so much, that the idea of her with anyone else….” he trailed off, grinding his jaw.

“You like my sister?”

“I would say love, but that’s very Shakespearean to me.” He winced, as he realized how sappy he sounded, “I love her, and i’m not sorry.” he answered confidently but with a sense of relief as if finally admitting it to himself.

“Ty knew?”

“It’s why we aren’t friends.” He revealed, “You can’t be friends with a guy who’s in love with the same person you love too.”

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