Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Four

“You can do this Vivi. I believe in you, now get out there and be the best damn dude you can be.” Sawyer pepped talked me in the morning on my first day.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this for you.” I growled as I adjusted the wig.

“You love me, now I have to go. Goodluck and remember football tryouts are this afternoon. Don’t be late Vivi, and kick ass!” He said before his face disappeared on the screen of my phone.

Sighing, I glanced around the kitchen. Just yesterday it was filled with Sawyer, mom, and I having breakfast. Now it was just empty and I was all alone.

Mom had left after breakfast yesterday and told me not to miss my flight. I smiled and lied to her like second nature. Sawyer packed his bags and left that night.

It was utterly lonely. And to think, this could have been Sawyer…

I adjusted everything disguise wise and made my way to Illyria high.I climbed into the car and used the distance from home to school to mentally prepare myself.

Of course, that wasn’t long enough. By the time I got to school the knots in my stomach tightened.Yep, it sucks being the new kid…

“Hi I’m Denise, your official tour guide of the school. You must be Sawyer King.” The blonde girl the office admins had assigned to greet me said.

“How’d you kno-”

“We don’t have a lot of new kids. We heard all about you at the summers last bash.” She beamed. I gave her a small smile and let her continue.

Denise babbled on animately about the school. Illyria high school this- Illyria that. She told me about all the clubs and facilities they offered and the sports that were available.

“So are you interested in any?” She asked at the end of the tour.

“Football actually.” I said confidently. The way Sawyer would have answered.

She eyed me warily, “Really? I would have pegged you for a soccer player.” She mused.

“I was on the specials team back at my old school. I was the kicker, kinda hoping to tryout.”

And just like that Denise’s smile beamed, “Oooh Tryouts are after school. You should go, we could definitely need one…a kicker I mean. Do you play varsity?”

“Yes I do.” And the conversation flowed from there.

Although I think Denise’s knowledge of football only went so far. I think she was trying to hold a conversation with me, just so she could flirt.

At least I’m considered a desirable dude…

“Welcome to english literature three. This year is your junior year, one step away from being seniors. Please take a seat and we’ll go over this years synopsis.” The teacher droned on.

I found the seats in the back more appealing, as I caught the eyes of many people. I wasn’t socially awkward, in fact that was the last thing I was.

But being dressed in guy clothing definitely made me uncomfortable. I had a weird sense that everyone just knew!

I was dreading the moment someone would come up to snatch the wig off my head and expose me.

Operation switch a twin would crash and burn, and I wouldn’t be surprised if mom sent me to England and have Sawyer stay here.

That’s what I feared the most. Losing my brother and living on two separate continents.

My thoughts were immediately halted when the door swung open. “Ah, Mr. Orton I see you have returned to english three.” The teacher frowned annoyed, “Take a seat, presumably in the seat you had last spring.”

“You know senior year would have been awesome if you wouldn’t have failed me Mrs.Rage.” The boy said, his back turned to the class.

“That’s not my name Blake!” She growled.

“Sorry Mrs.Gage, but could you blame me? They both suit you so well.” He said as he turned towards the class a smirk firmly planted on his face.


He was a sex god to its purest. I mean, I’m not one to swoon easily but…..SWOON! He had beautiful cobalt eyes, one’s that made you want to stare. His dark brown hair gave him an aura of dangerous, but you wouldn’t mind because….sheesh!

And he was coming over here to sit…next to me! My eyes widened and I quickly moved my hands to fix my hair, when I realized I was in guy mode.

I groaned and slumped in my seat. Blake gave me a curious glance but sat in his seat. He looked straight ahead in a bored manner. While I just wallowed in my self pity.

Great, I thought glumly, I finally see a hot guy and he’s off limits! This whole Sawyer act is killing me!

“Hey man, you got a pencil I can borrow?” Blake asked his eyes piercing through me.

I nodded wordlessly and tossed a pencil onto his desk. It’s best if you ignore him, no use of swooning. The rest of class went by uneventfully.

Well if you don’t count me trying to refrain myself from attacking the pretty senior with blue eyes.

The rest of the day was mostly uneventful after that. Most of the time I was ignoring the advances of some girls. If Sawyer was here-and single- he would be all over that.

But I’m not Sawyer. Heck I’m not even a guy!

This whole operation was miserable. I saw a handful of cute guys and I couldn’t do anything about it! I don’t have any friends, and I know I should start making some.

I mean, that’s what Sawyer would do, right?

So at lunch I surveyed the cafeteria. I was told that since the school was pretty small, that freshman and sophomores shared lunch. As did the junior and seniors.

I saw most of the tables were filled up. So I sat at a table closest to the windows. Not much of a scenery if you asked me, but it was as far away from the garbage cans…so that was a plus!

“Excuse me, but this is kind of our table.” A girl with raven hair, pulled back in a ponytail purred. Her eyes were raking over my body, possibly undressing me.

WHOA! Horny teenage girl alert!

“Uh sorry I’ll just leave.” I grimaced and tried to make a hasty escape. But a girl in a white skirt and a light knit pink sweater stopped me.

I have to say, I really adore her outfit. It’s pretty-and not at all slutty like her friend.

“Please don’t let Marie run you off. She’s a bit…friendly, too friendly.” The girl smiled, pushing her long blonde hair out of her face. She put her hand out, “I’m Sophia Pierce, and you must be Sawyer King.”

“How-” and for the second time today I’m cut off with the same answer.

“We heard you were coming here. It’s a small school, nothing really gets past us.” She smiled kindly. Unlike the girl from this morning, she didn’t attempt to flirt with me.

I decided then-whether Sawyer like it or not- I would befriend Sophia.

I grimaced as I caught her friend Marie ogling over me. Yeah I’m definitely not extending that offer to her. Gross!

“This is Marie Constantine, my best friend and the soccer teams captain” Sophia introduced her, as Marie kept her hungry eyes on me.

“N-nice to meet you two.” I stuttered nervously. Not because I was scared of meeting new people, but because I was wholeheartedly afraid Marie would pounce me.

Not far from what you wanted to do to Blake not four hours ago.

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