Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Forty

“Oh look it’s me.” Sawyer drawled out dryly when I walked through the door. “No, wait it’s just my sister, stealing my identity.”

“It had to be done.” I replied swiftly, turning to leave when mom walked in. She abruptly stopped in her tracks and stared at me in bewilderment.

“Is this a thing now?” she asked slowly. “Should I-should I hug you now and tell you I love you?” mom stuttered in shock. I stared back at her in complete shock, I could feel the stress sweat coming on.

“You act like I can’t go around and dress like a guy. I’m a teenage girl exploring my gender identity. What if I feel more masculine today? What if I feel more feminine tomorrow? This shouldn’t be a big thing mother.” I rambled nervously, balling my fists tightly to control my nerves. Did it help? No way, I felt like I took three shots of espresso.

“Is this who you are now?” she asked softly, but you could hear how unsure she was. I stuttered, trying to explain myself but before I could say any more Sawyer came in to save me.

“She’s just kidding mom!” Sawyer laughed, tugging me away, “Vivian said she looked way better than I do as a guy. So we had her dressed in my clothes and even got this wig-” he said snatching the wig off my head, “But she’s fugly now matter how you flip it.”

I narrowed my eyes at Sawyer, “You’re right, I could never pull off your look.” I grounded out. “Only the dead can pull off the vampire look you had become so accustomed to.” I quipped, snatching the wig back.

“Right.” Mom drawled out, still lost

“It’s alright, you’re not devilishly handsome like me.” Sawyer boasted, feeling himself a little too much, like Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj.

“I feel like I should be concerned, but I don’t think I want to know.” Mom admitted, “Should I know what you two are up to?” she raised her eyebrow.

No.” Sawyer and I retorted in sync. We both stared at each other in annoyance.

Stop that!” we cried out.

No, you stop!

“Quit it!”

Mom!” We cried out, turning to our mom for back up, but when we looked again, we saw she had disappeared.

Sawyer stared at me highly amused. “Why are you dressed like me?”

“If I told you, you would say I was stupid.” I mumbled sheepishly.

“You’re not stupid, Vi.” he sighed, reassuring me. I smiled softly.


“But you are pretty reckless.” he cut me off with a stern look. My smile instantly dropped.

“I know it looks bad but I didn’t see how anything else would have worked.” I said in an attempt to explain myself. Sawyer raised his eyebrow unconvinced that dressing like him was my last option. And maybe it wasn’t but it sure was easier and I was willing to find any loophole made available.

“You asked Blake how he really felt about you, didn’t you?” he guessed correctly.

“I know it was wrong.” I frowned, “But I couldn’t ask him as myself.”

“Let me take a wild guess.” Sawyer rolled his eyes, “Blake, does like you and now you really do have to choose between Ty and Blake.”

“Do me a favor would ya?” I asked.

“Name it sis.”

I grabbed a vase mom had brought with her from overseas and handed it to Sawyer, “Take this and just hit me in the head. Death is more welcoming than my own damn feelings.” I begged, “Just end it for me.”

“Vi,” Sawyer frowned, taking the vase away from me, “Man the fuck up and stop hiding from your feelings. You’re doing more damage than good.”

“You know, he told me that Ty and Art already knew…” I murmured, turning to leave.

“Don’t get mad at the guy either!” Sawyer called after me. I ignored him and went to my room. I don’t know if I could ever be mad at Ty, but I could be disappointed.

That much I knew.

I stood at his door and looked at the golden door knob, shaped in a lions head. It stared back at me, as if warding me off. Like my visit here wouldn’t end the way I had hoped. Maybe I should have listened to it, but my brother was right. I had to stop hiding because I was only hurting those around me.

I ignored the lions judgmental, beaty eyes, and pressed the doorbell. When no one answered, I pressed it twice more. The gust of cold air pressed down on the nape of my neck and I wrapped my scarf around me tightly. I focused on the warmth of my wool scarf, anything to ease my mind.

It seemed like an eternity had passed before the door swung open. A plump woman with blonde hair, tied behind her in a bun stood there. She smiled warmly with the same blue eyes and smile that Sophia and Tyson had.

“Oh hello.” she greeted me kindly, I detected a faint southern twang to her voice. It was almost musical, “You’re that poor girl my son brought home a few days ago. How’s your head sweetie?” she asked, furrowing her brows in concern.

screwed up tight. I wanted to answer. But I bit my tongue and let my apprehension pass.

“Other than a pretty bad headache, I’m fine. Thank you for helping Mrs.Pierce.” I said sincerely. “Is Tyson home?”

“Yes he is, give me a-TYSON, YOU HAVE COMPANY!” she yelled loudly, turning her back on me. A few seconds later, Ty came bounding down the stair in only socks, boxers, and a t-shirt.

He stopped short when he saw me standing at the door. His blank face quickly turned to one of anger. “Tell them i’m not here.” he grumbled turning to leave.

“I can see you.” I called out to him. Ty slowly turned to me with a flat, unimpressed look. “Can we talk?” I asked desperately.

Ty’s mother stared between us, then offered me a small smile. “Come in sweetie, it’s too cold out for you.” she said pulling me into her house and shutting the door after me. I smiled gratefully at her kindness, a trait her children had definitely inherited.

His mother left us on our own. Ty turned to leave and I-without hesitation- followed after him. “Go away Vivo, I need to be alone.” he mumbled dismissively.

“No way, because you and I are going to man up and fucking talk it out Pierce!” I retorted, following after him. Ty stormed into his room and slammed the door in my face. I laughed dryly and opened the door, as if a slammed door was going to stop me.

“I can’t talk to someone who lied to me.” He retorted.

“I didn’t lie to you Ty. I told you how I really felt.” I grounded out, frustrated. “If we’re going to talk about liars, how about we talk about you then? How about you tell me how you knew all along that Blake liked me too?”

Ty froze in his spot and stared at me blankly. His anger was quickly washed away with guilt. “How do you know?”

“He told me…well he told my brother who was really me. It’s not my proudest moment,okay.” I admitted sheepishly. “Were you ever going to tell me?”

His eyes quickly strayed from mine. Then I knew, he was never going to tell me. A large part of me was angry that he would keep that from me. But was I any better? I had lied to Blake about who I was, and I had kept my feelings for Ty a secret from him. The small part, the more forgiving part of myself knew that Ty wasn’t selfish often.

“Every time I wanted to say it, I couldn’t get past my feelings for you. He was my best friend and when I found out he liked you too, I knew I couldn’t be friends with him. Let alone have a chance with you.” Ty said strongly, leading me to believe he saw no faults in his actions.


“I know you like him and he likes you too. But guess what? I don’t care because I’m the one who’s supposed to be with you. Not him, please anybody but him!” He growled angrily, but tears rimmed his eyes. I quickly felt my heart go out to him.

“I’m so sorry Ty.” I mumbled, but my voice still cracked. “I never wanted to hurt either one of you.” Ty nodded and reached for my hand, his thumb massaging the inside of my palm. I shuttered and closed my eyes.

“Look at me,” he said softly tucking his other hand under my chin and guiding my gaze to his. “You have a choice and I understand that comes with repercussions. Just know that you’ll always be my choice. The question is, will I always be yours?”

Sawyer and Art both stared at me skeptically. I glared at the two, not willing to talk. Still, it seemed that my glares weren’t as deadly as I had hoped. If only Chloe was here, she was a beast in squirrel fur. Did that make sense?

“You’ve been quiet…too quiet.” Sawyer noted, narrowing his eyes at me.

“You’ve been ugly…too ugly.” I mocked him flatly. Sawyer gasped, and Art snorted a weird chuckle. My brother punched him in the shoulder and quickly shut him up. “What is he doing here anyway?” I grumbled, pointing at Art.

“There was nothing on tv and Marie isn’t talking to me at the moment.” Art shrugged, “Accidently sent the wrong to text.” he hissed. Sawyer and I rolled our eyes, but let him be.

“What did Tyson say to you?” Sawyer asked eagerly like a fangirl flipping through the pages of her favorite fanfic.

“Oh you know the usual. How’s the weather, did you see last nights game, I will always be his choice….” I listed off sarcastically. “Saw, the guy was killing me with his feelings. He’s not going to make this easy for me.”

“It was never supposed to be easy Vi. That’s the thing about matters of the heart, it’s never easy.” Sawyer explained, “I’m your big brother right?”

“You’re my twin and a minute head start hardly makes you my big brother.” I rolled my eyes.

“Let me have my fucking moment!” he cried out hysterically before he cooled down and plastered a smile, “As I was saying, I am your big brother. All I want is for you to be happy and I think-“

“She should follow her heart?” Art guessed with a wistful sigh. Sawyer frowned in disgust.

“Eww, no!” he retorted, “I want her to choose Ty, end of fucking story. Tell the press they can leave because this triangle is just one angle and that’s my sister and Ty. Bam!”

Both Art and I stared at him in bewilderment. “Is he?”

“Yeah he’s serious.” I nodded, “Sawyer you absolutely suck at helping a sister out.” I grumbled, getting up to leave.

“Where are you going!” Sawyer called out. I grabbed my coat and moms car keys, then turned back to him and stared at him flatly.

“I’m going to get real help.” I answered shortly.

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