Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Forty Five

“Okay? Care to explain why you all broke into my house and broke through our ceiling?” Blake raised his voice and it vaguely reminded me of his asshole exterior I was first introduced to.

Sophia, Sawyer, and I were all standing next to each other, shoulder to shoulder, like children waiting to be punished. “Uhh…” Sawyer trialed off, scratching the back of his neck.

“Well, we could explain it.” Sophia mumbled, “But, Vi is the one you should talk to. So Saw, and I are going to wait in the car.” she grabbed Sawyer’s sleeve and tugged him away when Blake stopped them.

“No.” He said sternly. So far, he had avoided looking at me. Not a good sign in my favor. “Both of you should leave. I really need to talk to Vivian and I’ll take her home.” as he said this, his eyes slowly turned to me.

They were empty of anything I could read.

Definitely not looking good for me.

“Don’t have to tell me twice.” Sawyer scoffed, taking Sophia by the hand and leaving me behind. When he was clambering into the car he turned back and called out, “Sorry about the vent bro, I can send a check for the damages!”

Before Blake could reply, Sawyer closed the door and started up the car. We silently watched as the car drove out of Blake’s neighborhood. “Tell your brother I don’t want a check.” He said turning to me.

“Will do.” I nodded. Blake began to walk and turned back to me, and raised his eyebrow.

“Am I going to walk myself to your house for no reason?”


“I’ll walk and you talk. Tell me why you broke into my house.” He said, moving over to grab my hand. I let him place my hand in his as we walked further away from his house. I raised my eyebrow at the gesture, but Blake ignored me and began walking, tugging me after him.

We stayed quiet as I tried to gather up what exactly I was going to say. But as I tried to concentrate, the fact that my hand felt like it belonged in his, was distracting. All I could think about was how it didn’t scare me. It didn’t scare me how much this person meant to me. How much power he had over me, because this was love. This was how love was supposed to be.

It was not being scared, even though this person had the power to destroy you. Because you knew, that if this was love, then you trusted them with your heart. You trusted them to not break it. And if they did, then it was a privilege to be broken by them.

“My dad-” I began strongly and without caution. “he’s in town with his fiancée.”

Blake hesitated before he turned to me and asked, “Are you okay? I mean, I know you aren’t exactly on the best terms with him.”

I smiled at how even as angry as he was at me, he still wanted to protect me. That’s why I loved him, I thought. It was because he was there, when he didn’t need to be. “I’m fine. She’s really lovely, and I think he’s finally got it right. I think my dad finally found what he couldn’t find in his first marriage.” I said and as I said it, I remembered how my dad looked at Laura, like she held something better for him, and how he knew he didn’t deserve it.

“What’s that?” He asked.

“Overwhelming love.” I answered, “It makes no sense, but it doesn’t need to. Because it was worth all the time you fought yourself, proving that you were deserving of that kind of love.”

“Sounds nice.”

I nodded and turned to him. “Doesn’t it? When I saw him and Laura together, I realized that I had an overwhelming kind of love too. The kind that doesn’t make sense, but I didn’t need it to make sense. Not with you, Blake. Nothing makes sense when i’m with you.”

Blake furrowed his brows and rubbed the back of his head. “The same could be said about you.” my heart felt like it was pounding faster and faster, and my arms ran down with goosebumps.

“I’m sorry.” I blurted out, without a second thought.

“For breaking my ceiling?” He raised his eyebrow, “I don’t even care, I was looking to blow off steam and going toe-to-toe with Gretchen.”He waved me off.

“I’m sorry for everything Blake.” I paused and stared at him, and I mean really looked at him. The way dad looked at Laura. I looked at him with a love I knew I didn’t deserve. But my love was selfish and I wanted him, more than anything else. “I’m sorry for the ceiling, the lies, Ty, and all those nights I snuck out of my house to find you at the park.”

Blake frowned and slowly backed away, with a hurt expression. “You’re sorry about the park?”

“No!” I blurted out, frantically. “I’m not sorry about our time there, I could never be. But I’m sorry you had to sit there night after night and hear me complain. You were so patient and kind, when you didn’t have to be.”

“You’re right.” He agreed, “I didn’t have to, but I did. Not because I’m kind, I think we both know I’m not kind. After what I did to you when I thought you were Sawyer. I think that’s why I feel angry, not because you lied. But because I wanted to hurt you, because you were your brother.” He grimaced, as if chastising himself.

I moved over to touch him, but he flinched away from. “Blake….”

“No, Vi. I can’t, not after I knew I could have seriously hurt you.” Blake closed his eyes and it troubled me how tortured he looked. I had caused this, I had did this to him.

“I put myself in that situation and Sawyer and I worked out every scenario I could have faced. Blake you didn’t hurt me.” I whispered, feeling my desperation seep in. Blake opened his eyes and stared at me in remorse.

“Vivian, if Ty didn’t stop me in that locker room, I would have pounded your face in. I would have really hurt you, how are you not disgusted by me?” He glared at the ground and fisted his hands tightly at his sides.

I reached out, and grabbed on of his hands. Reluctantly, he unwounded it and I intertwined my fingers with his. My eyes slowly trialed up and met his eyes. They looked so vulnerable and it felt weird. Having an effect over someone like that was a powerful feeling. “Because I love you Blake.”

“Why?” He breathed.

I reached up and caressed his face. It was cold to the touch, but it didn’t matter because I could see the warmth in his otherwise cold eyes. His warmth, was for me, and I knew that now. “Because you are my overwhelming love Blake. My love for you was like a freight train. I didn’t see it coming, and I think that’s the best kind.” I smiled, gingerly.

Blake’s hand reached up and swiped away a stray tear, I didn’t know I had shed. “You scare me more than anything I have ever faced in my life Vivian King. What am I going to do with that?”

“You could tell me what you’re feeling right now.” I mumbled.

“I love you.” He said. I couldn’t stop the smile that broke across my face, even if I wanted to. “I love you, Vivian King.” he repeated confidently, in a declaring promise.

“And I love you Blake Orton.” I chuckled. Blake’s smile was piercing and then it softly faded. His eyes turned to me, his eyes flickering from my lips to my eyes, as if asking for permission. Without a moment’s hesitation, I lured his lips to mine.

His lips hesitated for only a second before he let himself fall. Before we both lost ourselves in the blurred lines of reality and this kiss. It was a blinding kiss, the kind that shook you from your core. The kind you felt in the tips of your toes, all the way to the top of your head. It made my heart pound faster and louder.

I wondered if he could hear it? If he could hear my heart screaming with excitement.

This kiss was one I’d remember even after my old age had taken my memories. This kiss was filled with fire, passion, patience, and love. It was filled with pure love, the kind that wasn’t influenced by anything or anyone.

This wasn’t how my kiss with Ty felt. That kiss was calm, and quiet. It was between two friends. But this kiss was Blake wasn’t.

This was a kiss for two lover who had found their way back to each other. It was filled with so much immense emotion, that I wanted to cry. Of course I didn’t want to stop kissing Blake to cry because this moment was ours to hold. I didn’t want it to end just yet.

Not yet-I thought as I tangled my fingers through his hair.

I brushed away a stray hair from Blake’s eye. They looked at me carefully, as if not completely convinced this was real. But it was and we were sitting here in the park where it really did begin for us.

“I told you this story was long.” I chuckled. Blake smiled and captured my hand in his, lacing his fingers with mine.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized for the hundredth time. I waved him off, again. “No, I’m serious. If I would have known that you were dressed as your brother then I wouldn’t have done all those horrible things. Harassing you on and off the field, targeting you during that dodgeball game, almost seriously hurting you in that locker room. Vi, I don’t see how you could just forgive me so easily. I was seriously the biggest asshole to you.”

“Yeah you were.” I teased him, “But I intentionally did crawl under your skin.” I admitted.

“Why? I thought you’d want to stay under the radar if you were in disguise.” He furrowed his brows in confusion. I shrugged and laughed it off.

“Because something about bothering you made it so much fun. Appealing even.” I mused, as I thought about all those times I pressed Blake’s buttons intentionally.

“You’re crazy.” He decided with a smile playing across his lips. “So is there any other secrets I should know? You don’t have a long lost triplet do you?” He asked wearily.

Did I? Man, that would be one great plot twist.

“I think you’re all caught up. You know about operation ‘switch-a-twin’, the intimidation nation, my tattoo, Art’s weird obsession with me, Sophia’s weird obsession with twins, our plan to terminate Nicky, my secret life as a drag queen slayer, my friends slight obsession with closets, and every embarrassing moment I’ve had since I put on the Sawyer wig. I think we’re all good now.” I listed off, and it wasn’t until I had compiled it all in a list that I realized the last few months had been a world apart from my old life. To my life before Illyria. My life before Blake.

“So about Ty…” He trailed of unsurely. I turned to him and found his troubled expression. I squeezed his hand once and his eyes flickered to mine.

“I talked to him already.” I assured him. “I saw him earlier tonight and he told me something that really helped me. He said our feelings is what keep us human. I think he’s right.”

“Sounds like Ty.” Blake noted, with a faraway expression.

“You miss him don’t you?” I asked knowingly. Blake turned to me and gave my forehead a quick peck. It was a strangely familiar feeling, like it wasn’t awkward at all. Like we had been affectionate for years. Everything just fell into to place with Blake.

“How intuitive of you.” He smirked. I raised my eyebrow, waiting for him to be honest. He sighed and shrugged like a child unwilling to admit something. “I could…I mean maybe…but I don’t care.” He mumbled.

“I got my man.” I said, “Now it’s time for you to get yours.”


“Go after Ty, you idiot!” I knocked on his forehead. “Go win your best friend over because you seriously miss him.”

“I don’t know Vi…” He trailed off.

“Say no more, it’s going to happen.” I waved him off.

“This is really how it’s going to be between us now, isn’t it?” He guessed correctly.

“Definitely.” I nodded, “Get ready to be the moral compass in this…” I trailed off unsurely. What were we now? I didn’t want to be the one who pegged us in a relationship.

“Relationship?” Blake offered. “I mean, if that’s what you think we should be. Because if you do, then I definitely think we should. But if you don’t then that’s cool too. You know, just as long we can still be together like this, I’m cool with anything. It just wouldn’t hurt if we gave this a real shot because when I kissed you it was like ‘wow!’. At least that’s how it felt for me, and I get it if this isn’t the right time, especially with the distance and all. But if you want to, cause I want to and-”

“Blake.” I chuckled, covering his mouth. “You’re doing that thing where you ramble again.”

“Sorry.” He apologized, his voice muffled from my hands. I leaned over and gave him a kiss. One that conveyed all it could.

“Don’t be,” I mumbled against his lips. “I want to give us a real shot, and we can figure everything else together.” I promised.

“Together?” He smiled. I hummed in agreement and kissed him in answer.

That’s how my night ended. In the simplest way. In our way. With a boy and a girl on a park bench, talking and kissing, and coexisting in their own little world. If I had to go through all the anger, confusion, and heartbreak all over again just to bring me back here. To our little world together. Then sign me up, because Blake Orton was worth it.

He’d always be worth it.

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