Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Six

“Eighty eight, eighty nine, ninety!” The boys cheered me on as I did my burpees.

I finished all the conditioning in a snap. None of it was really hard considering the girls team back home had worked us bone tired. This was childs play in comparison.

“Ninety seven, ninety eight, ninety nine, one hundred!” The boys yelled before I flopped on the ground one last time. My body couldn’t do more in the twelve minute span. I flipped over on the grass and smiled victoriously.

“Alright clear out!” Blake yelled. I winced, He was pissed and I was proven right when he towered over me.

“Beat the record.” I smiled weakly.

“Get up and get back on the field with the rest of the insufficient guys here.” He growled before blowing his whistle and announcing our next round.

Someone wasn’t a fan of mine. And surprisingly, I felt good about that.

“For our final calling, it’s our new specials team.” Blake announced, “When I call your name step forward.”

I gulped, moment of truth. I really worked hard for this, and I really want to get Sawyer on the team. Come on, just say my name!

“Daniels, Smiths, Jacobs, Nielsen, Moorhouse, and Kemp.” All the boys stepped forward. My fists clenched.

I was better than all these assholes! I should be on the fucking team, not these asshats!

“You losers are dismissed, come back when you get some talent.” Blake smirked darkly before the boys sulked off the field. As had countless others before them.

“The rest of you just made the specials team.” Blake stated in a bored tone, “Andrews, holder and second string wide receiver. Henderson, up back. And finally King, kicker….”

I mentally did a happy dance. I got the position I wanted!!!

“And wide receiver.” He finished.

Cute jerk say what? I only signed up to be a kicker, that’s it! I can’t be a receiver, none-less on the defense team! I’ll get slaughtered!

“Blake I can’t be a wide receiver-” I began to protest when he put his hand up to stop me.

“I hate to admit it King, but you got speed and agility. All the characteristics a wide receiver needs. Take both positions or take none. I don’t care.” He shrugged then walked away.

Great…just great!

“Wide receiver? That’s great Vivi, you must have put your all in if you made defense.” Sawyer complimented me that night when we talked over facetime.

“That’s not great Sawyer!” I cried out, “Do you not remember what a wide receiver does? If you don’t then I’ll remind you…they run away from big hulking monsters and try not to get killed!”

“Stop being dramatic. I have faith in you Vivi, now tell me what else happened today.”

“I made a new friend named Sophia.” I beamed, “She’s blonde, pretty, and she likes fashion.” I sang trying to lure my brother in.

Okay, so if i’m being honest, I hate his girlfriend Nicky. I mean she’s all wrong for Sawyer. She snobby and superficial, my brother is down to earth and caring.

Polar opposites, those two are!

Sophia is really nice, and she seemed genuinely caring. I could totally see her and my brother going out. So maybe if I befriend her as Sawyer, as soon as he comes back they could trail on the right track.

I was sort of wishing this trip to California would open his eyes. Sawyer would dump Nicky and see that he deserved better. Then he’d finally cut all ties to Verona and move on. Maybe find a girl…like Sophia.

“Sounds like the perfect girl…for you sis. Nice try, but I love Nicky.” He said glaring at me.

“I don’t know why! She’s superficial and she dresses like a hooker from pretty woman- and no i’m not talking about Julia Roberts!”

“Vivi get over it. Nicky loves me and I love her.” He huffed, “If that’s all then I need to go, Nicky my girlfriend and I have dinner plans. Bye.” then the screen went blank.

“And I love Ryan Gosling, but you don’t see me following him like a pathetic puppy!” I argued to the dark screen.

“Hey you’re Sawyer King right?” a guy with blonde hair asked as he stopped me in the hallway.

I furrowed my eyebrows…what does he want? Its been three days already and the only people who’ve talked to me have been girls. But even that has been reduced to just Sophia because she hasn’t indicated she’s interested in me whatsoever.

I’m both relieved and disappointed. Relieved because I know she won’t flirt with me…but disappointed because I really want my brother to be with her when he gets back.

Do you see my dilemma?

“Yeah man and you are?” I raised my eyebrow.

“My name’s Tyson Pierce.” he grinned.

Tyson was a looker-no doubt. He was a run of the mill blonde hair blue eyed All American boy. In other words, this boy was an anti-Blake.

“I’m gonna keep this nice and short.” he grinned easily before he pushed me against a set of lockers. His arms pinned me down as he glared at me menacingly.

I winced waiting for the blow. I was certain he would pound my head in. Instead the undeniable sound of laughter filled the empty hallway.

“Open your eyes pipsqueak, i’m not going to hit you.” he chuckled, amused.

“Funny, I would believe you but pinning someone to the lockers isn’t exactly considered friendly.” I scoffed.

“You hurt Sophia Pierce and I’ll cut off your balls.” he warned darkly.

He’d be surprised to know I don’t exactly have anything in my pants…but I wasn’t about to correct him.

“And who are you, her keeper?” I shot back growing angry from his man handling.

“Yes, but she prefers big brother.” he smirked.

“You’re a protective older brother.” I noted before quietly adding, “I know that far too well.”

And it was true. It was rare that I dated in Verona. Sawyer would always chase away guys. He was my overprotective big brother.

“You’re protective over a sister?” Tyson raised his eyebrow. He released me and I composed myself.

“Yeah Saw- I mean I would chase guys away from Vivi.” I said correcting myself.

“I didn’t know you had a sister, does she go to school with us?” he asked curiously.

“Who Vivi? Nah she goes to a fine arts school in Massachusetts.” I waved him off, “Just know i’m not trying to get into your sisters pants.”

All very true. I was trying to befriend her so that maybe Sawyer would have a chance with her.

I really really hated Nicky.

“That’s good to know.” he nodded, “It’s not easy being Sophia’s big brother. Every guy wants a piece of her, even my best friend Blake.”

I knew it. The longing looks didn’t go unnoticed by me.

“Look, Soph is my friend. My only friend here.” I sighed, “I promise I won’t do anything.”

“You’re not bad King, I don’t know why Blake doesn’t like you.” he smiled punching my arm in a playful manner.

Well it would have been playful if he wasn’t strong and I didn’t have chicken arms.

I winced but masked it with an easy smile of my own.

“You can add two friends to that short list you have.” he smiled…and BAM! Instant friend.

Maybe switch a twin won’t be so bad….

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