Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Eight

“My sister has been moping around the house all weekend.” Tyson mentioned as we were walking towards the field Monday after school.

“She seemed fine all day.” I shrugged.

Tyson rolled his eyes, “You are the worst girl ever. She’s obviously putting up a front so she doesn’t look pathetic.”

“What do you want me to do, ask her out on a date?” I grumbled feeling really bad for hurting Sophia.

It’s not my fault I find guys attractive.

“Sure why not?” he shrugged.

“This coming from the guy who threatened to cut off my non-existent balls last week because I was friends with his sister.” I rolled my eyes.

“I thought you were after my sister, obviously you’re not. I’ll feel better if you take her on a date, just to cheer her up.” when he saw I wasn’t going to budge he pouted.

Funny thing was, he looked kinda cute.

“Please Vivo, do this for me?” he begged fluttering his beautiful blue eyes.

“Fine.” I sighed before Tyson smacked my butt. “WHOA WHAT WAS THAT FOR!” I shouted.

“I would have hugged you, but you’re dressed like a guy. Slapping butts is totally straight.” he justified.

“Next time keep your hands above the waist.” I warned him.

“So your boobs are free?” He challenged.

“Go near them and I’ll have you by the balls.” I threatened him.

“Why so shy Vivo, it’s nothing I haven’t seen.” he smirked. “But thanks for doing this for me. Maybe after the date she’ll see you’re not her type and go back to normal.”

“Slow down Ty, i’m not going on that date-“

“But you said you would!” he cut me off.

“Don’t cut me off.” I rolled my eyes, “i’m not going on that date solo. You’re coming with me and….Marie is your date.” I smirked.

“What? No way do you think I want to get felt up by Marie all night?”

I pursed my lips and gave him the, ‘Who do you think you’re kidding’ look.

“Yeah you’re right, i’m in.” he laughed.

Then it’s settled. I’ll go on a date with Sophia and get her to not like me. I can’t lead her on, it’s not right.

Who knows, maybe she’ll see she’s into someone else? Perhaps a jerk whose name rhymes with Flake.

“Hey Soph wait up!” I called in the crowded hall. She stilled and reluctantly turned towards me.

“Oh hey Sawyer.” she smiled sadly.

“Are we okay? Since Friday you’ve been kind of down.” I mumbled feeling guilty all over again.

She smiled a little more, “I’m fine, just tired.” she shrugged lying.

I knew that lie all too well.

“Well I heard through the grapevine that Ty’s asking Marie out. He’s a little nervous and asked me to tag along. I kind of need a date, do you happen to be free?” I asked completely lying about the Tyson part.

“A date, with me?” Sophia whispered.

I smiled kindly, “Yeah, I can’t think of anyone I trust more.”

“If my brother has the balls to go out with Marie, then I’ll go out with you.” she nodded.

“Great! I’ll come by to pick you up around eight friday night.” I said winking at her in a very Sawyer-esq way.

We went our separate ways and I headed towards gym class. I sat on the bleachers as usual since the gym teacher didn’t know the first thing about exercise.

Just as I was about to pull out my phone to play a game-like I usually do- a group of people waltzed into the gym.

“Class today we have Mr.Turner’s senior government class with us. They’re teacher left early so they’ll all be in here this class period.” Coach announced as the seniors moved to sit on the bleachers.

I caught sight of Art and Blake quickly. It wasn’t hard considering they were both goofing around loudly. Coach shot them a glare but they didn’t care.

“Alright class today we’re going to play a game. I need two team leaders, one senior and one junior. You may choose amongst yourselves.” he said before he went through the attendance list.

The seniors easily picked Blake as he looked quite cocky. The juniors looked around. I wasn’t all that social in this class, but somehow word about my athleticism spread and it was a deadlock for leader between me and a guy named Frankie.

I won when Frankie declined and coach instructed us stand on opposite ends of the gym.

“Today we’re playing dodge ball. Now I have some rules….especially for our football players.” he said shooting his comment directly at Blake and Art. They smirked and high fived. I tried not to roll my eyes.

“No hits above the head or below there err…belt area. If you catch the ball, then the thrower is out. Don’t throw heard enough the ball leaves a mark. Now lets keep this a clean game.” Coach said before he blew his whistle and everyone grabbed balls.

Ha. Grabbed balls.

Blake and a couple other seniors were already throwing dodge balls. Then everything slowed down.

Blake’s eyes locked on me and he smiled maliciously. My eyes widened as a ball hurdled straight to my face. I quickly ducked as it hit the girl behind me.

She groaned and stomped off the floor. I smirked at Blake who rolled his eyes.

“You’re mine King!” he growled throwing another ball at me. I swiftly moved out of its way and I threw one at him. It missed him and hit the guy next to him.

“Trust me Orton, you’ll never win.” I winked as I threw another ball narrowly missing him.

“Game on butter fingers.”

We went back and forth. He was quick on reflexes, and I was quick on my feet. We both missed each other several times and would occasionally hit other players.

The group thinned out until there was two left. Blake had the upper hand since most of the balls where on his ground.

He smirked as he picked up a ball abd threw it at me. I quickly jumped out of the way as the ball hit the instead. It went like that for a couple more minutes until I finally had all the balls on my side. Well except one ball….

“Stand still and just take it King! You can’t win this.” Blake ground out.

I smirked and gestured to the empty court, “It’s just a game Blakey, don’t let it get to you.” I pouted.

Blake growled and threw the ball straight at me with all his force. I didn’t have enough time to move and caught the ball.

It hit my stomach pretty hard as I winced. The coach blew his whistle and announced the juniors the winners. I cheered with them despite the pain on my stomach.

Blake narrowed his eyes at as he walked away from me. Art walked up to me and pat my back, “Nice catch Sawyer. Blake looks really pissed though.” he laughed.

“If he’s mad about this, imagine how’ll he act when he finds out Soph and I are going on a date.” I muttered actually fearing the worst.

“You and Sophia Pierce? Blake’s girl, you’re going out with her? Holy shit man, you’re asking for a death wish.” Art exclaimed.

“He really likes her doesn’t he?” I asked raising my eyebrow.

“Nah, the guy is in love.”

Holy shit….why is my chest tight?

“Don’t sweat it Vivo, you did great today.” Tyson said comforting my hurt ego.

He didn’t need to say it. Practice was horrible and it was all because Blake kept aiming the balls at my head.

“He’s got it out for me Ty.” I muttered as I drove us out to my place.

I lived in the outskirts of town. I lived in a pretty big house on a hill overlooking the city. It was lonely, but it was easy finding solace.

“Damn Vivo you got a killer house.” he mumbled when we reached the house. “You could throw some epic house parties here. No neighbor’s, wilderness, loud music and open space….YOU SHOULD THROW A PARTY!”

“Calm down Ty.” I chuckled, “I’m not throwing any parties here. You can persuade my idiot brother when he gets here.” I shrugged.

“How are you going to explain you when Sawyer comes back?” Ty asked. We went inside and Ty made himself comfortable on the couch.

“I’m not.” I said shrugging off the t-shirt I had on and revealed a sports bra. “I’ll be on a plane to Massachusetts when Sawyer comes home.”

“You’re not staying?” Ty asked as I grabbed the wig and ripped it off freeing my long brunette hair.

“I’m enrolled at this prestigious arts school and I can’t leave. It was always the plan for me to go-“

“Hey what’s that?” Ty asked cutting me off and storming towards me.

“What are you talking about?” I asked surprised by the sudden rage in his eyes.

He pointed at my stomach and I saw a large bruise already formed. “What happened, who did it?” he pressed on.

“It’s nothing.” I waved him off.

“Vivian it’s a bruise, of course it’s something!” he argued. I smiled at how cute it was he was getting so worked up about this.

“Relax it happened during a game of dodge ball. Blake probably didn’t mean to hurt me like this.” I shrugged hoping he’d calm down.

“Like hell I’ll relax!” he ground out ready to storm out the house. I quickly ran after him and tackled Tyson to the ground before he could reach the door. “Get off of me, i’m gonna give him what he deserves.” he growled.

I pinned his shoulder down, “And do what? Beat him up because he gave me a measly bruise? Ty he’s your bestfriend. You’re not going to fight him and defend me, that’s just weird.” I calmly explained.

“How is it weird?” he shot back.

“How is it not weird.” I said deepening my voice. He sighed and calmed down, “Don’t go chivalrous on me now Peirce. This is the price i’m paying. I’m acting like one of the guys, might as well play like em’.” I mumbled truthfully.

“I just don’t wanna see you get hurt.” he admitted.

“That’s sweet of you Ty.” I said biting my lip, “but i’m a guy now and big boys can take a hit.” I said bending down and giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“What was that for?” he smiled his cheeks burning.

“For protecting me…Sawyer has always been my savior. It’s nice to have a change.” I smiled back getting off of him.

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