Dude's A Lady

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Chapter Nine

“Blake calm down.” I squeaked as the monster cornered me in the locker room.

“Answer the question King!” he spat shoving my shoulder hard. I shrunk back and hit my back against the wall.

Damn it, i’m trapped!

“F-fine!” I cried out clenching my eyes shut, “Soph and I have a date Friday!”

“I’m gonna kill you!” he barked grabbing my shirt and balling it into his fist.

I sucked in a deep breath, waiting-dreading the moment his fist connects with my face. But it never came.

I cracked one eye open and found Tyson holding Blake’s fist. Blake stilled, glaring daggers at me before shoving me hard.

“Do we have a problem?” Tyson asked coldy.

“No.” Blake answered just as menacingly.

“Go home Orton.” Tyson discarded him with a look of disgust.

“Ditching me for butter fingers?” Blake snapped, “I’m your best friend Tyson. How could you let him go out with Soph! You know how I feel about her!”

Ty sighed and moved himself between Blake and I, acting as a human shield. “Soph likes him, I like him. In the end it’s not my choice. King is cool guy and if I see you doing anything remotely like this again, then you’re dead. Friends or not, you don’t treat people like that.” Ty growled making his message clear.

Blake stormed out of the locker room after that. He was angry, angrier than I had ever seen him. I have never been as scared as I was ten minutes ago.

“Are you okay?” Ty asked reaching out to touch my face, I flinched away.

“F-fine.” I lied horribly. Ty frowned and looked guilty. I wanted nothing more than to make him smile again, but I didn’t have it in me.

“Come on let’s go.” he mumbled softly guiding us towards the parking lot.

After that frightening encounter in the locker room with Blake, he had avoided me. During class he sat far away from me, in the halls he acted as if I didn’t exist, even on the field he turned away from me.

And since then, Ty had refused to leave my side.

Soph had pasted herself to me as well. She didn’t know about the Blake attack, and I preferred it that way.

Now it was friday evening and I was getting dressed for my unofficial first date. I pulled on a blue button up shirt and khaki pants. I even went as far as getting flowers.

This had to be the worst date possible. I had to do all I could to make Soph repulsed by me.

My facetime popped up with an image of Sawyer. It had been awhile since I last talked to him. Since our fight we had avoided each other.

I wasn’t angry anymore. If anything, since my scary encounter I wanted nothing more than to see a familiar face. I had surrounded myself with lies and strangers that I desperately needed someone who understood me.

My brother, my twin, my best friend.

“Hey.” he breathed nervously. I cracked a weary smile.


There was a pregnant pause. He looked at me, I looked at him. I wanted to apologize, I wanted him to come back and tell me everything would be okay. But things were different, and Sawyer was a thousand miles away.

Screw it.

“I’M SORRY!” we both blurted out in sync.

“What?” we asked.

“Stop that!”

“No really, stop!” we both groaned running our hands down our faces.

“Sawyer, stop please.” I begged, “I am so sorry for what I said the last time we talked.”

“You’re sorry? Vivi I was a jerk, I shouldn’t have been so rude.” he apologized.

“Nicky’s your girlfriend, unfortunately. That should have been punishment enough, I should have never butt in.”

I heard Sawyer chuckled, “You said butt.”

“I’m pouring my heart out to you and you laugh at an unnecessary butt joke?” I say in disbelief, “I miss you Sawyer.”

“I miss you too Vivi.” he admitted grinning, “Why are you dressed like a dweeb?” he asked.

I looked down at my outfit and realized it was very anti-Sawyer. My brothers color wheel consisted of blacks, whites, and greys. He would never dress like a guy from a country club.

“I have a date tonight.” I shrugged.

“And who is this young lady, and what are her intentions with my little brother?” he joked raising his eyebrow.

“Ha ha very funny. It’s Sophia, that girl I told you about.”

“Vivian-” he said sternly before I waved him off.

“Don’t worry this is a disaster date in the making.” I explained.

Then I dove into the story of how I landed myself a date with Illyeria’s girl next door. I told him of my fast friendship with Sophia and how she seemed to like me.

I told him about the locker incident, where Tyson walked in on me. Of course I never told Sawyer, Tyson caught me in all my naked glory.

He’d flip if he found out.

I told him Ty knew everything and promised to keep it a secret. Then I told him about my butting rivalry with Blake.

Sawyer instantly took a disliking to him.

Finally I told him how Sophia had been moping for days after she realized I had no interest in her.

“So then Ty convinced me to take his sister on a date.” I breathed out after my lengthy tale.

“You just couldn’t have a normal high school social life could you?” Sawyer tsked. I raised my eyebrow and gestured to my disguise.

“Nothing about this was ever going to be normal.” I deadpan.

“Well good luck on your first date.” he smirked before he hastily added, “OH and don’t be a prick, cover your di-”

“BYE!” I growled hanging up on him before he could finish. “Oh this is going to suck….” I concurred.

Or will it….

I mused as a perfect plan formed in my mind. I think I may have a solution so that everyone wins. I just hope Tyson agrees.

“No!” Ty frowned after I relayed my solution to the Sophia infatuation.

“It’s a win win situation.” I argued.

“Blake doesn’t deserve her, he’s an idiot-“

“An idiot who’s head over heels for your sister.” I cut him off.

“So this is your plan to ruin the date?”

“Why do you have a better one?” I challenged him. He sighed and ran his hands through his blonde hair.

“Are you sure this is going to work?” he asked finally letting me win. I smirked at him knowingly.

Three hours later and everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I was late picking up Soph. I gave her the wrong flowers, I didn’t open any doors for her.

I even punched her arm when a beatle passed us. Suffice to say Sophia didn’t like it one bit.

We were at the restaurant and I ordered a big dinner for myself, and when Sophia tried to order I cut in.

“Oh she’ll have a salad, you know how girls are always trying to keep their figure.” I told the waiter who eyed me wearily. Marie and Sophia collectively groaned and excused themselves.

“I can’t believe it’s working!” Ty laughed.

“Never doubt the master, are you ready for phase two?”

“I’ll give him the call.” Ty grumbled like a kid.

I didn’t like being a jerk to Sophia, I was very aware that after tonight she’d never want to see me. But for the sake of my safety against Blake and all other factors I had to do this. If Sophia fell for me, then what kind of warped and twisted monster am I to string her along?

“Blake’s confused, angry, and hungry. He said he’ll be here in ten minutes.” Ty informed me after his phone call.

The girls came out of the bathroom not long after that. Marie instantly glued herself to Ty. I didn’t miss her hands roaming his chest.


Sophia was more than reluctant to sit next to me. I was a terrible date, and any girl would have ran from the hills already. But Soph hadn’t.

“I think they’re hitting it off.” Soph whispered to me.

“Who?” I asked.

“Tyson and Marie, I think it’s going really well. Look at how Tyson’s looking at her it’s so romantic.” she giggled.

I looked across the table and saw Marie trying to snuggle close to him. He wasn’t looking at her with admiration, but in disdain. He actually tried prying away from her but to no avail.

“Hey guys I didn’t know you’d be here.” we heard a deep husky voice say.

“Blake?” Sophia frowned, “What are you doing here?” she asked politely.

Blake fidgeted nervously as he was under Sophia’s gaze. Weak, the man was weak!

“Urm,you see….I err.” he stuttered blushing like crazy.

Nervous Blake was hilarious. Both Ty and I had to bite our tongues from laughing out loud.

“Did you come here to eat….at a restaurant?” I helped him out.

“Yes, yep that’s exactly why i’m here. To eat…food from this restaurant.” I nearly slapped him for being such a horrible liar.

“Why don’t you sit with us, we don’t mind.” Ty offered with a tight smile.

“Thanks dude.”

Blake was a complete spaz! He couldn’t look at Sophia straigh in the eye and he kept fumbling over his words.

My plan was to have Blake charm the pants off her. But no! He’s wrecking my plan and I had enough.

“Blake man, can you ugh come to the bathroom with me?” I smiled forcefully.

“What?” Blake shot me a look of disgust.

I received a text message a second later.

Ty: Guys don’t go to the bathroom together, it’s just weird.

Oh…that makes more sense.

Without warning I pulled him away from the table and towards the back of the restaurant.

“You’re killing me out there!” I shouted.

“What do mean?” he shot back.

“You wanted to beat me up the other day because Sophia likes me. I’m giving you a chance to change her mind and you’re ruining it!”

“Why are you helping me?” he asked curiously and that’s when his blue eyes transfixed on me.

It took me all of my willpower not to swoon. I mean he was a jerk, a psycho, an awestruck spaz. But dear Ghandi he was a beautiful human being, no doubt.

“Why not?” I shrugged snapping out of it.

“I was going to kill you the other day and now you’re helping me. Why?” he pressed on.

“Because i’m scared you’ll kill me.” I lied. To be completely honest I wanted nothing more than to be civil with this idiot. Why? I’ll tell you when I figure it out myself.

“Bullshit, if you were scared of me you would have cancelled the date.”

I sighed and wanted nothing more that to punch his jaw. Why couldn’t he just be happy he got this close to Sophia?

“I’m helping you because despite being an asshole, I know you have a soft spot for Sophia. You really like her and I don’t want to get involved in that.” I told him wholeheartedly.

“Really?” he raised his eyebrow.

“Really.” I nodded, “Now come on I’v got one more trick up my sleeve.” I paused and eyed him wearily, “You can dance right?”

“Yeah why?” he asked confused.

“Phase three is a go.” I smiled maliciously.

I grabbed Sophia’s hand and led her towards the dance floor. “Sawyer I can’t dance.” she protested.

“Come on Soph loosen up a bit.” I frowned giving her the puppy eyes. She smiled a dazzling smile and followed me.

The song playing was a slow one. I grabbed her and pulled her close. Then I began the waltz of disaster.

I stepped on her foot every chance I got, and occasionally elbowed her in the ribs. After two songs, I think she was ready to pass out.

“Sorry i’m really bad at dancing.” I shrugged sheepishly, “How are your feet?” I asked.

“Bleeding and barely alive.” she muttered under her breath before adding brightly, “It’s okay Sawyer, how about we go sit down. You know where it’s safe.” she suggested.

I motioned for Blake who was ready. A look of determination fleeted across his features.

“I think I should go sit down.” I told her as Blake stood behind her, “Why don’t you dance with Blake.”

Sophia turned and eyed him wearily, “Are you sure?”

“No totally, go have fun.” I insisted practically pushing her into Blake’s arms.

Blake took Soph in his arms gently. He gave me a discrete wink and swung Sophia around perfectly. A look of relief flickered across her face as she realized how safe her feet were now.

I sat down at the table and devoured my dinner. Ty and Marie made their way to the dance floor….or really Marie drsgged him. I watched as my disaster date turned into the perfect opening for Blake.

Maybe now we could move on and I gain a new friend. Who knows?

But all I knew was that operation disaster date was complete.

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