Pause (Book 1)

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Chapter 39: Disaster Day

“Remind me why we’re doing this again.” Bells asks me just as she finishes painting her nails a vibrant blue. Max watches her as if amazed.

“Because Jay is at a race right now, which means I can do whatever I please with his house and I please a karaoke night.” I explain, “This is revenge. We’re going into battle and you two are on my side.”

“Oh yeah! Karaoke night! Right on!” Max cheers with his fists in the air.

“Shut up Max! The grown ups are talking.” I say, shutting him up effectively before turning back to Bells.

“Revenge for him supporting you in a play?” Bell lifts an eyebrow, “I just don’t get your relationship with Jay. You two are so weird.” Bells sighs, “But fine. I’m in.” She reluctantly agrees.

Skip to a couple hours later and there’s at least thirty people in Jay’s house for the karaoke night, including my usual groups of friends ranging from Benley, Bells, Max, Oog, FeeBee, Gland, Jam, Simo, Blubber, Dylan and even Bex. I even got a hold of Jay’s credit card and spent it on food and drinks for all of us as well as a makeshift dance floor, gigantic speakers and what not.

When Jay got back with Grey, he was surprised, at least I thought he was until in came Xavier, Boss Man, Landon, Emma, Melinda, Laiken and even Mason and a million other people with him.

Literally everyone I know is here.

I glance around as the house suddenly becomes extremely full. I feel like there’s no place to move without suffocating or brushing up on someone by accident.

Jay makes his way to me with his black leather jacket intact, rocking stylish sunglasses to go, resembling some hot supermodel with his perfectly styled hair. He’s got a victorious grin on his lips as he stops directly in front of me.

“What is going on?” I motion to all the extra people he’d brought home with him.

Jay shoots me a cunning smirk as he removes his sunglasses to reveal his playful electric blue eyes, “Heard about a karaoke night, was even more surprised to hear that it’s taking place at my address. Funny. How coincidental? So I thought to hell with it and invited more people. Why not expand it into one hell of a rocking party that will make history books huh?” Jay winks at me suggestively, razzeling my hair as if I’m a little kid, before purposely knocking my shoulder with his when he moves past me like some true bad ass.

I think I just awoke the evil side to him and I’m not sure if I like it!

I glare after him, burning holes through his head. He’s always one step ahead of me. He doesn’t even seem remotely mad. I’m already losing.

“Told you this was a terrible idea.” Bells, ‘Miss Know It All’, points out.

“Oh shut up.” I groan, running a hand through my loose curls as I take in this house stuffed with tons of people, music blaring loud in the background and flashing lights everywhere. This just got out of control. “If Jay wants a war, he’ll get one.” I turn to Bells with a conniving grin, “Let’s go have some fun.”

“I’m going to die tonight, aren’t I?” I can’t guarantee that she won’t. “I just have that gut feeling.” Bells mumbles unhappily before grabbing a red plastic cup filled with alcohol from the table nearby. She gulps it all down in one shot before throwing the empty cup aside and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand. She turns to me with a devious grin, determination in her sea green-blue eyes, “Let’s do this!”

Bells is no lightweight when it comes to alcohol.

Xavier appears before us with his perfect smile and charming self. This time Bells doesn’t swoon over Jay’s arch nemesis in racing like last time when she crushed Max. “Hello Ladies.” Xavier grins and reaches out to kiss Bell’s hand, knowing better than to try that with me.

Bells yanks her hand back and frowns at Xavier much to his own surprise, “I have a boyfriend.” She informs him rudely before pushing him out of her way and walking toward the stage.

Xavier, perplexed, looks to me for an explanation, “Kitten, what just happened?”

Someone’s not use to being rejected.

I shrug, “Don’t look at me, the girl’s on a mission. There’s no stopping her.” I answer before running after Bells who’s moving past all the people at an incredible pace. I love it and hate it when she’s like this.

Bells marches through all the people in the direction of the karaoke stage where Max is currently singing and dancing on. I can tell by the way Max is slurring his words that he’s already drunk. He’s just swaying about to his own voice and he’s got a pointy colourful party hat on his head. Where he got it from? Who knows. Who ever knows where Max gets anything from.

I wince. Max’s singing is still atrocious since Aqueela’s Entourage.

If I could sing a song based on Jay, it would be ‘Hot N Cold’ by Katy Perry.

Bells charges on stage and grabs the microphone from her boyfriend. Max pouts at this.

At seeing the most popular girl on stage, people begin to fall silent, “Yo everybody!” Bells shouts into the mic, “Let’s get some real tunes pumping in here!” Bells basically insults Max as she motions to the DJ who just happens to be Benley to start playing something cool and he does. Benley salutes her as Bells continues, “Let’s get the real party started! No holding back! Go crazy!” Bells shouts into mic and tosses it into the crowds as the crowds themselves go wild at her words. Bells owns them. It’s not often she exercises her popularity but when she does, people immediately listen.

What is Bells doing? I didn’t mean this much fun. This just escalated very quickly.

“Stage dive bros and hoes!” Max yells at the top of his drunk lungs, trying to make himself noticed again, as he runs forward and stage dives directly into the crowds.

Except, Max isn’t popular so the crowds disperse and move aside. Max ends up hitting the floor with his entire body.

Oh crap! First injury of the night and of course it’s Max who starts the night off.

“Max!” Bells shouts as she jumps off stage and rushes to his side.

“Ouchie!” He complains as he sits up and rubs his entire body as if pained all over. Bells crouches down before him in concern. “They never caught me.” Max pouts up at Bells like a toddler not getting his way.

Bells brushes his hair out of his face, “I know Baby.” She humours him before kissing his jaw.

I join their side. “Get Max to my room. Let him sleep it off.” I advice to Bells. She nods and helps him to his feet, leading him upstairs to my bedroom to which he asks absentmindedly if he’s getting lucky. Not in my bed, hell no! He needs to sober up.

I make my way to Benley working at the DJ. I grin at him as I lean against his side to watch him work, “I didn’t know you DJ.”

“Me either.” Benley replies back as he gives a little wave to the groups of girls staring at him. They all giggle and wave back in response. “They love me.” Benley tells me in triumph, bragging.

Benley sure does love his female attention.

“Can’t possibly imagine why.” I wink before leaving him be to his playgirls.

My attention soon focuses on a girl screeching at Blubber as she slaps him through the face, “You’re only thirteen and I let you kiss me! You said you were in college!”

Blubber merely chuckles as she runs away, clearly repulsed with Blubber.

I tsk him aloud and shake my head at Blubber feigning disappointment, “Are you harassing the female species again?” I kid around.

Blubber rubs his red cheek, “I suppose. Perhaps. What’s it to you Goddess of the females?” Blubbers asks with a lopsided grin on his pudgy face, winking at me flirtatiously.

Will he ever give up?

“I thought you had a girl your own age, the one I set you up with.” I remind him. I’ve never met such a persistent little boy before. He doesn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

He shrugs, “She wasn’t my type. Too young.”

“She was your age.” I point out to him.

“Exactly.” Blubber grins, “She was too underdeveloped for my liking. I like my women mature.”

I roll my eyes at him, “You’re such a disgusting little boy. You shouldn’t even be at this party. You’re way too young. Underage.”

Blubber waves the matter off, “Well Oog and Simo are here.”

“Oog and Simo are both grown men. They just don’t act like it.” I explain to Blubber. “But you, you’re like my little brother-“

I’m cut off by Blubber’s yelp of terror, “Oh you did not just family zone me! That’s worse than friend zoning me.” I open my mouth to reply before we both hear arguing. Blubber’s eyes move past me and to something behind me. “I see what you mean by Simo and Oog not acting like grown men.” Blubber agrees.

I follow his gaze to see Oog and Simo fighting, Gland among them to back his boy Oog up. They’re all three on the dance floor causing ridiculous commotion, bumping other people out of their way and Oog keeps tripping people because they can’t see him as he is so short. Oog growls at them and then at Simo when Simo waves his white flabby stomach in Oog’s face by accident. Simo makes it look like an accident, but I know it isn’t one and that’s judging by that naughty laugh that spills out of him.

I sigh and turn to Blubber, “Stop putting the moves on college girls, mmkay?”

“I can’t help that I’m a chick magnet! You’ll come around eventually and I’ll be waiting for you!” Blubber shouts after me, but I pay no heed to him as I make my way onto the dance floor with a lot of ‘sorry’s‘ and ‘excuse me’s‘ as I finally find the three causing a racket.

I pull Oog off Simo and help Simo back up to his feet which is no easy task by the way. I shove Gland away from Simo too seeing as he looks ready to kill Simo for hitting Oog in the face with his ginormous stomach. “What is going on with you three?” I ask as people give us flat looks for taking up extra space on the dance floor.

Oog hugs my waist excitedly upon seeing me, “Eela!” He then goes to explain, “Oog just dance…” Oog trails off, showing me some of his dance moves before continuing, “then Simo…” He points at Simo, “Whack Oog down with…” Oog trails off and hits Simo’s tubby tummy to bring his point across to me, half of his arm disappearing in Simo’s stomach fat.

“We talked about hitting people Oog.” I scold him despite Simo looking unaffected by the slap. He’s got extra layers that act as a shock absorber. I bet he didn’t feel a thing.

Oog pouts and turns to Simo with an apologetic expression, “Oog sorry….” Oog apologizes to Simo before he concludes in a mischievous snicker, “that you so fat.”

“Oog!” I reprimand him and help him pull his arm out of Simo’s belly.

“Ease up Baby Girl.” Gland tells me, “I was taking care of them pairs of doofus heads.” Gland reassures me.

“Thanks Gland.” I smile at him in appreciation.

Gland nods at me as he and Oog resort back to their break dancing, Oog spinning on his head much to my astonishment. He’s actually good at something.

Simo grins at me, acknowledging that I just stood up for him, “Sprinkle Simo’s hero!” Before I can even say anything in return, Simo has already grabbed my hands and pulled me to him, closing off all distance between us. “Sprinkle and Simo dance.” Simo begins to dance with me against my will.

I try squirm away, but Simo is a lot stronger than he looks. He keeps smiling at me as he moves me about the dance floor, stepping on my feet in just about every step he takes and he’s damn heavy. My poor fragile delicate feet. Simo is a terrible dancer. But I eventually allow it and dance with him because I know he has a thing for me.

I’m more than happy when the song ends. I let out a relieved breath as I leave the dance floor, allowing Simo to go back to jumping on the spot and jiggling his stomach about like he’d been doing before.

I turn around only to come face to face with Jay himself. Just taking in that devilish smirk and I can tell that he’d been watching me dance with Simo the entire time.

“Been busy have we?” Jay asks with a condescending smile, referring to my dance with Simo.

“You saw, didn’t you?” I state more than ask. The answer is pretty obvious.

A smirk curves the edges of Jay’s lips, his blue eyes sparkling in amusement, “You just made Simo’s life. That guy is so in love with you it’s almost unbelievable.”

Where did cocky Jay come from?

“Like you would know.” I scoff at his audacity to be mean.

He pauses, his expression dying a little, “Actually I - ” He stops himself, recovering quickly as he puts his grin back in place, “Dance with me.” He commands, being awfully forward, something he usually is not.

My eyes widen at his request as I’m caught off guard, “What?” I blurt out. “I uh um I-“

“I’m not asking.” He says as he takes my hand in his and leads me to the dance floor.

What is he playing at?

He’s acting more confident and arrogant than usual.

I gulp when I hear that it’s a slow song playing now. I look up and find Benley’s eyes. He winks at me. He switched to a slow song on purpose!

I place my hands on Jay’s shoulders as he places his hands on my waist. This feels way too intimate for my liking. I try to put as much space between us as possible. Jay’s not having it though, “You scared of me now?”Jay asks before he purposely tugs me forward that I go crashing into his chest, “Ah.” He muses with a a crafty smirk, leaning in close to me that I can feel his body heat, “Much better. I could get use to this.” is the last thing he says before he begins to swirl and spin me around, leading me in his steps like a pro as we sway to the rhythm of the music.

Unlike Simo, Jay can actually dance.

Jay twirls me around before bringing me back into his strong arms again, catching me, “You dance?” I ask when I manage to catch my breath, both my eyebrows raised in wonder.

Jay nods in reply.

Surprised would be an understatement. That’s something I never thought Jay would be capable of.

“Only this once, only for you.” He winks teasingly and I can’t tell if he’s serious or not. Jay releases me from his hold when the song stops playing and I feel disappointed at the loss of his warmth and contact. “You’re going to lose this fight Aqueela.” He tells me confidently, playfully tapping my nose in the process before vanishing back into the crowds.

“You’re going to lose meep meep meep.” I mock him beneath my breath as I make my way to a semi-secluded corner.

“Strange to not see you in the very center of the room for once.”

Who dares to imply that I’m an attention hog?

I glance up to see Grey leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest and a cigarette between his lips. I didn’t know that he smokes. The look suits him. Just when I thought he can’t get anymore scarier and bad ass, he does.

“Well it’s very expected to find you in some random dark corner of Jay’s house. You’re like a vampire that way.” I joke.

“I saw you, you know.” Grey motions with his head to the dance floor, putting out his cigarette seeing as I’m here. I’ve noticed that he’s a gentleman in a very discreet manner, “With Simo.” He adds.

“You too huh?” I ask, embarrassed.

Who else saw?!

“That guy Simo is so into you. The whole planet knows how you feel about Jay, yet you gave Simo some time of your day. That was…” Grey trails off as if realizing what he was about to do, his words left hanging in the air between us.

“Was what?” I question, now intrigued. He stays silent as if contemplating on whether or not to say it. “Tell me.” I demand.

“Nice.” Grey concludes reluctantly.

A smile makes it’s way across my lips as I’m yet again caught off guard, in the good sense that is, “Did Grey Ferrot just compliment me?”

“Don’t flatter yourself Lawson.” Grey scowls, “I was just stating a fact.”

“Aw Grey. Don’t get a girl’s hopes up.” I tease him, pouting in fake disappointment.

He really is my favourite person to tease. Grey’s a decent person. He just likes to act like he’s all trouble. I see through it and he knows it. It’s why he hates me.

I change the subject, “So check this out, it’s impossible to say the word ‘bubbles’ in an angry voice.” I tell him, tying it out for the hundredth time since learning the fact, “Bubbles! Bubbles! Bubbles!” I keep trying only to fail. I still sound happy, “Bubbles! Bubb-“

“Bubbles.” Grey says once through his normal voice.

I freeze, shocked as I raise both my eyebrows, “Of course you can do it! You just proved that it was all a hoax. I’m not surprised that you can do it. You’re famous for being mopey and grumpy all the time.”

“I have my reasons.” Grey retorts back rudely.

I take him surprise with my next words as I offer him a sympathetic smile, “I know.” I tell him sincerely, earnestly, “I know Grey. And it doesn’t matter, because I like grumpy you. I wouldn’t change you for the world. Life wouldn’t be as fun if I couldn’t piss you off all the time.”

Grey falls silent at my words, adverting his dark eyes from mine as he scratches the back of his neck, “Uh…thanks, I guess.” He murmurs softly.

“No prob. Now let’s hug it out.” I mess with him again as I go in for a hug with my arms wide open.

Grey shoves me away just as I had expected him to, “Let’s not get sappy.”

“No let’s!” I insist as move back to him to hug him.

He dodges me, stepping out of my reach, “Aqueela! I swear!” He raises his tone causing me to stop tormenting the poor kid as I burst into fits of giggles at his reaction to me hugging him. “I hate you.” He mutters, shaking his head at me as he takes a step back as if genuinely afraid that I’d jump forward and embrace him.

“We both know that’s not true.” I wink at him playfully before I leave him in peace, having had my fun with him.

I move past the crowds in search for Bells and it’s really not difficult seeing as she’s currently in a massive argument with Mason.

Uh oh!

Those two haven’t spoken since their break up.

“You broke up with me, remember?! You used me! So now you can’t tell me what to do anymore because I’m not yours! Not anymore!” Bells shouts directly into Mason’s face.

“I only advised you stop drinking so much. Calm down.” Mason replies back quietly, restraining himself from lashing out at her.

Mason has never yelled at Bells before and I doubt he will start now. He has a soft spot for her.

“Don’t tell me what to do Mason! You used me!” Bells roars in return, slapping him through the face.

Laiken, Mason’s best friend, steps in, “Hey watch it Bitch! That’s my best friend you just hit.”

“Leave it Lai.” Mason tells Laiken before turning back to Bells, “I never used you. I did love you. I did.”

Bells begins to cry upon hearing Mason’s confession. She’s not completely over him. I see that now.

“Don’t f**king cry!” Laiken yells at Bells, interfering in a fight that he doesn’t belong in.

“Shut up Laiken! You’re not part of this!” Bells keeps screaming at the two. She’s a wreck.

Upon seeing me, Laiken releases a breath he hadn’t know he’d been holding, “Aqueela! Thank goodness! Took your sweet time in getting here.”

“What’s going on?” I ask, tired of breaking up all these countless fights. People have issues. Jay and I are suppose to be the ones fighting.

Bells begins to sob as she points at Mason, “He happened.”

Laiken steps closer toward Bells, “Don’t flippen blame it on-“

I push Laiken aside, “Go away Lai. You’re making it worse for both of them.” Lai hesitates as he glances to Mas. “Go!” I hiss at him and finally he leaves.

I hold Bells as she cries and do my best to soothe her. I know Mason is a rough patch in her life. She usually avoids any confrontation, but Mason obviously pushed her too far. “Hey Bells? It’s okay. I’m here now.” I glance back up at Mas when Bells stays unresponsive, “What did you do to her?” I jump down his throat to interrogate him, already knowing that it’s his fault. It’s unusaul for Bells to get so emotional.

“I just told her to stop drinking so much.” Mason explains in a soft tone as he looks over at Bells in my arms with panic as if he’d broken her yet again.

I suddenly understand why Bells is so furious and heart broken now. Of course Mas won’t get it. He’s a guy.

I release Bells and force her to face me, “Bells Sweetie, go and clean yourself up in the bathroom upstairs. I’ll meet you there in ten.” I tell her in a gentle tone.

Bells nods before giving one last lingering glare at Mason before she actually leaves.

“I didn’t mean to make her cry.” Mason confesses softly, clearly feeling guilty. It was Laiken who made her cry with his harsh words, not Mas. Mas did good in controlling himself.

I explain the situation to him, “Mas, you haven’t said a word to Bells since you both broke up. You even went out of your way to ignore her flat. It hurt her. It was a messy break up. Now the first words you say to her after breaking her heart is ‘stop drinking’. Of course that would make her upset Mas. Go fix it once and for all.” I suggest.

Mason nods, looking up with wide eyes, “Aqueela watch out!” He roars as he grabs hold of my waist and moves me out of the way.

My mouth falls agape when I see Dylan go crashing to the floor, Benley hovering above him as he punches Dylan senseless.

“Stop it Ben!” Bex, Benley’s ex-girlfriend and Dylan’s current girlfriend, screams in terror. “You’re hurting him!”

“That’s the point!” Benley shouts back as he sends another fist into Dylan’s face.

You’ve got to be kidding me!

Mason shoves Benley off Dylan. Bex runs to Dylan and takes him to the nearest bathroom to clean him up. I thank Mason before he also goes wandering off in search of Bells.

I hit Benley upside the head, “What is the matter with you?!”

“Did you know? Did you know that Dylan, your friend, is dating my ex?!” Benley seethes in fury.

If I thought Bells was mad…

“Yes.” I admit, “But who cares Ben Ben? She dumped you. Let her go. You can do waaay better. I know you can. You’ve got an entire fan base of girls, what makes Bex so special?”

“The fact that she was mine first!” Benley hisses at me, taking out his frustration and hurt on me. I don’t mind. Better me than someone else who just doesn’t get him.

I sigh as I reach out toward him. His nose is bleeding. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” I tug him by his upper arm against his will and pull him all the way to my bathroom upstairs where Max is still out cold on my bed snoring and drooling all over my pillow.

I smile at Max. He’s adorable when he’s sleeping. But I will have to burn my pillow now.

I hand Benley a box of tissues for his nose and push him into the bathroom, ignoring his questioning stare as to why Max is asleep in my bedroom.

I head back downstairs to see Emma, Landon, Grey and Xavier all in a huge debate.

It never ends.

This night is a complete disaster!

“What are you four on about now?” I question. Racers I tell you, one handful alright.

Emma, the cool redhead female racer, greets me with a smile before scowling at Xavier, “Nothing new. Xavier just pissing everyone off again.”

Xavier shoots me a proud smile, “I’ll never change.” He shoots me a wink, Welcome back Kitten.”

“Stop calling her that!” Grey snaps at him. “She’s not yours to take.” Grey defends me. He’s being awfully nice tonight. I don’t like it.

Xavier merely smirks in response, “Oooh touchy huh Grey. When did you get so protective over a girl? Are you jelly that she’s not to yours to take either?” Xavier waggles his eyebrows playfully.

Grey scoffs, infuriated with what Xavier just implied, “Just shut up already!”

Xavier notes what I do, “You didn’t deny it.”

Grey rolls his eyes, “It’s because I don’t have to.”

Landon, always quiet, out of nowhere, punches Xavier in his pretty face, “Stay away from my sister or I will end you!” Landon warns Xavier, still upset about their previous debate that I had interrupted.

“Landon, don’t.” Emma commands her brother in a soft whisper.

Landon actually listens to her.

Xavier makes a move forward as if ready to fight back. Grey’s quick to block Xavier from getting to Landon. I glance at Xavier with a frown, “Don’t even think about it Pretty Boy.”

Xavier backs down and goes after some pretty brunette walking past instead. The man whore!

I turn to Emma, “What is that guy’s deal with you in any case?” It seems Xavier has an obsession with Emma. He pays her extra attention in comparison with other females.

Landon, temperamental silent Landon, answers for his sister, “None of your business!”

I put my hands up in defence, “Jeez, anger management man right here.”

Landon glowers at me for this before Emma offers me a grin, “He already goes.”

Now I feel bad. I glance back to Landon, “Sorry, I didn’t know. Do me a favour and take Jay and Grey with you sometime.” I make light of the situation.

Landon cracks a grin whilst Grey gives me his infamous glare for implying that he has temper issues.

Well he does!

Emma speaks up next, “Hey Aqueela?”

“Mmmhh?” I answer her.

“Do you maybe know those two girls?” Emma asks as she points to the two girls in a cat fight whilst a group of guys gather around and cheer them on, enjoying the show.

Melinda and FeeBee.

“Yeah, as a matter of fact, I do.” I say, watching as the two girls fight with each other over something stupid I can only assume.

“Don’t break the chick fight up. It’s hot to watch.” Landon says with a smirk, for once making a little conversation.

I’m about to agree to Landon’s request when Melinda pulls FeeBee’s hair and FeeBee lets out a high pitched scream. It’s getting out of hand.

“That’s it!” I raise my tone as I march toward the two girls and forcefully pull them apart much to the boos of all the guys that had been watching and cheering them on.

“Get out of my way Drowned Rat. For once it’s not you I want dead!” Melinda hisses into my face like the evil serpent she is.

I roll my eyes at her, not threatened at all, “No!” I shout back, reaching my break point, “I’ve had it! I’ve had it with you!” I point to Melinda, “You!” I point to FeeBee, “And even you!” I point to some random guy just because I can. His face is annoying me! He looks terrified of me. Good!

All my friends have been fighting and I’m sick of it. The only two that haven’t caused any trouble are Jam and Boss Man. Boss Man has just been drinking and chilling with people whilst Jam has been playing ‘How low can you go,’ the Limbo with other laid back hippies like himself.

Thank you Boss Man and Jam! You two are my new favourites!

There comes clapping from the sidelines before I see Jay pushing his way through. I should’ve known it was him clapping. He seems to enjoy breaking out into random claps whenever he can. “Wow Aqueels! It seems to me as if you’re having a bit of a meltdown. Having a break down perhaps? Getting angry? Raging?” Jay taunts me with a knowing smirk.

Since when does he call me Aqueels?

I force a sickly sweet smile to my face, “No. I’m as happy as can be.” I say through clenched teeth, hiding my anger.

“Are you sure?” Jay asks, taking a bold step forward toward me as he inspects my expression, “Because if you were to lose your temper, it would mean that I win the challenge.” He reminds me.

I point to my fake smile, “I’m walking on bloody sunshine Jay-Jay! ” I lie to his face, irritated with everyone in general.

Jay merely grins in response, “If you say so. It just means that I’ll have to play dirty to get you mad.” Jay concludes, his blue eyes filled with mischief before he walks away and disappears into the crowds yet again.

What does he mean play dirty? And how does he just appear out of nowhere?! I swear he’s been watching me the whole time!

I don’t have time to question his motive further because soon everyone turns their attention to the stage. I follow all their gazes to see Benley and Max on stage singing the ‘Loving U Ain’t Easy’ song together.

Max is crap at singing while Benley is actually quite good. Benley has a knack for the cultural side. He’s a natural at musical things, drums, DJ and now singing. At least Benley’s smiling again. He deserves happiness. Bex can suck it!

Still, the girls go gaga for them both, all shouting Max and Benley’s name in praise. As a result, Max and Benley both walk to the edge of the stage and touch the girls’ hands as they pass by them. They’re acting like a pair of superstars. Max is being dramatic in his singing as usual. The Drama King with stage fright I tell you. He can’t act in front of people, but he can sing just fine in front of them. Benley, on the other hand, just looks effortlessly cool like always.

Wait a second! Max is suppose to be sleeping! Benley probably woke him up when I left the two of them together. I’m going to slaughter the both of them!

“Chug! Chug! Chug!” People begin to roar in enthusiasm from somewhere behind me.

I spin around to see commotion at the other side of the house where Grey is upside down, chugging down beer and he’s doing really well by the looks of it.

Is there not one second where I can get some peace around here? It’s official, I hate parties.

Flip I hate Jay so much right now!

Speaking of which, my eyes find him nearby, coincidentally directly in my line of vision. He’s got a girl on his arm.

I stand corrected, I hate Jay so so so much right now!

Jay’s eyes find mine and when he sees I’m watching, he flashes me a boyish smirk before he turns his full attention back to the pretty blonde clinging to his arm. He’s staging this. His plan relied on me spotting him and that girl.

So this is Jay playing dirty then?

He wants to get me jealous and it’s definitely working.

Jay leans in to the girl flirtatiously and whispers something in the blonde’s ear. She goes red in the face and giggles like a typical bimbo before kissing Jay’s cheek in delight.

What did he just say to her?!

The girl even goes as far to call him ‘care bear’ aloud as if for me to hear. I see Jay visibly cringe at the word, but he’s quick to recover and bounce back before the girl notices. But I notice.

He then has the nerve to send me a wink before he leads the girl upstairs in the direction of his room.

I can feel my blood pulsating through my veins as my temper begins to boil over. I’ve had enough! I’m going to kill him for real this time!

I suck in a deep breath and try to keep a level head.

Nope! Failed that lousy attempt!

I’m killing him!

I race upstairs after them and storm in Jay’s room without knocking first. I’m seething in pure rage and speak my next words on impulse and instinct, “You flipping horrible idiotic moronic stupid awful excuse for a human being and…” I trail off, faltering mid-sentence, to find Jay and the girl not doing what I expected them to be doing. Instead, the both of them are playing a racing game on Jay’s Xbox.

Jay’s amused eye glint up in laughter at me as I see him hold back a grin, silently mocking me with his snickering, “By all means, continue insulting me.”

I begin to flush in embarrassment under his playful gaze as it dawns on me. “You set me up.”

Jay shakes his head, “Nah uh. I just won and I gotta say it feels good having the upper hand over you for once.” Jay turns to the blonde girl and gives her a dollar, “Thanks. You can leave us now.”

The girl that Jay had been flirting with stands up and walks past me, sending me a wink, her way of making fun of me for being so gullible. I was outsmarted.

I glower up at Jay through my lashes as I cross my arms over my chest stubbornly, “You are so evil. This is a side to you I’ve never seen before.”

Jay shoots me a smile filled with pride, “Don’t be a sore loser Aqueels.”

“Fine!” I huff, “You won.” I admit, “This time only though. I’ll get you back!”

Jay chuckles, “Looking forward to it Lawson.” He remarks with a sly grin before leaving me alone in his room.

He used me! He knew I’d get jealous! So evil!

I slap my forehead in frustration just as Benley and Max come sprinting through Jay’s open door, terror visible in both their eyes. “Aqueela help us! They’re all after us! Those girls are vultures!” Max shouts, panicked. “Bells is going to murder me for this!” Max motions to his shirt that had been ripped, revealing his abs.

Yup, Bells will kill him for this!

“Hide us!” Benley yells as he and Max hide behind the door of Jay’s room. “Whatever you do, under no circumstances, do you tell those girls we are here, even if they threaten your family. Don’t tell them! If you value our lives, you’ll help us!”

They’re so dramatic it’s hilarious!

“Okay okay relax! I got it.” I reassure them, not that I had made up my decision just yet.

It’s a couple seconds later when a flock of girls come sprinting my way. Their leader stops in front of me with a dangerous crazy glint to her eyes, “Have you seen Benley and Maxie? We saw them come this way.”

I glance back to see Max’s pleading eyes and Benley’s desperate expression.

Do I value their lives? Mhmmm…

I open the door wider and let the girls in, “They’re both cowering behind the door right over there!” I point to the exact spot where the both of them are, deciding to give them up for the hell of it. I am Aqueela Lawson after all. It’s expected of me.

“Aqueela!” They both exclaim in anger before they become buried under all the girls crushing them. That’s what they get for seeking attention on stage.

I walk out Jay’s room and close the door behind me, leaving Max and Benley for dead.

Jay won. But I won’t let him win again. I know what to do next.

Ooooh I can’t wait!

Fun fun fun!

Well this night has just been one hell of a disaster! Bell’s was right from the start. I should really learn to listen to her seeing as she’s right most of the time.

Yet I’m still sure that this party will go down in the history books for years to come just like Jay predicted.

“Help!” I block out their shouts and smile to myself.

I love my life.

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