Pause (Book 1)

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Chapter 54: Down Time

I take my stand before his bed and watch him, staring at him intensely as I try clear my mind from all thoughts, focusing only on him in order for this to work.

His defined chest rises up and down gently as he breathes - him still stuck in lullaby land. He’s usually an early riser, that’s if he hasn’t worked an evening shift the night before. Sleeping in late is out of character for him.

I stare more, trying to focus all my energy into waking him up with my mind.

He shifts in his sleep, his sixth sense kicking in.

By natural instinct, his eyes flutter open only to reveal that beautiful blue hue that I’ve already missed seeing.

As he goes about his usual morning routine, he fails to notice my presence, still in the process of waking up.

He reluctantly sits up, leaning against the headboard of his bed, not at all ready to face the day. He runs a hand through his hair, spiking it up unintentionally until it’s nothing but a wild attractive mess. He lets out a soft yawn before stretching his arms out, the muscles in his arms flexing in a way that has me swooning. The blanket falls from his torso as a result, only to reveal his drool worthy eight pack.

I have to pull my eyes away from his body as I purposely cough loudly, “Morning Jay-Jay!” I chirp over enthusiastically, trying to give him a fright for the fun of it.

Jay, completely unfazed by my presence, moves his eyes to me as he finally notices me in his room, “Did you do that thing again when you stare at me while I’m sleeping to see if you can wake me up with your mind?”

I nod, “Yup, indeedo!” I add, “And eureka, for once it worked!” I clap my hands, impressed with myself.

He flashes me an easy going smile, “You’re so weird.”

“I can do anything I put my mind to. The mind is a powerful weapon.” I tell Jay, explaining my reason behind all of this.

“I agree.” He says before eagerly adding, “The exception is your mind.” Jay teases.

“Don’t make me use my mind to make your head burst into flames.” I warn him with a playful glare.

“Nah. I’m not worried.” Jay brushes off my threat, “You’d miss me too much.” Jay winks at me knowingly.

I would miss him too much.

Damn him!

“Get dressed.” I order him about, “We’re going shopping.” I debrief him on what’s happening today.

Jay groans and throws his head back against the headboard, “Please take someone else.” He begs.

He hates shopping more than anything in the world.

“Okay.” I agree easily to his request.

His face lights up with hope, his blue eyes sparkling in joy, “Really?” He asks, unbelieving.

I nod at him, “Yeah really and maybe I’ll date someone else too while I’m at it.” I threaten.

His smile drops as he catches my hint, “I’m changing, I’m changing.” He mutters begrudgingly, complying with my orders.

“Aqueela, are we done yet?” Jay asks for the billionth time, exhausted, as he stops walking and leans his head against the handle bars of the trolley - his blue eyes pleading with me in an irresistible way.

We’d been at the mall for a good four hours - so really, not that long. However, Jay’s been complaining non-stop since we got here. It could possibly do with the fact that I forced him to carry all my shopping bags. Yet soon enough, I felt guilty and got him a trolley to push around instead.

“Yeah.” I place my hand over his one resting on the trolley handlebars, comforting him with a small smile, “We’re done.” I confirm the words he’d been waiting to hear since four hours ago.

Jay lets out a breath of pure relief before taking all the packets out of the trolley and heading to his car to load them.

Meanwhile, I hop in the trolley and try to wheel myself around so that I don’t have to go help load all the packets. I’ve always been one for the easy way out.

I actually mange to get the trolley moving myself, except, it happens to be on a down slope. I let out a shriek as I pick up speed, people jumping out of my way.

By the end of it, I ram straight into someone at a high speed.

I’m about to cuss the doofus out for not getting out my way when I hear familiar chuckling, “Troy?” I question, “What are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to lay low for a few days? Jay was really pissed when he found out. I don’t think he’s ready to talk to you just yet.”

“Ram me over with your new hot wheels, why don’t you?” Troy replies back sarcastically as an icebreaker before getting into it, “Bells knows your shopping schedule like the back of her hand. She said that you’d be here right ’bout now.” Troy explains, “I just want to speak with Jay.”

“Well he’s here.” Jay, back from his car, speaks up. “And I really don’t feel like talking right now.” Jay tells Troy, making his way over to me where I sit inside the trolley. He doesn’t seem at all surprised that I’m not in the same place where he first left me.

Troy pulls a dejected expression, “You still on about the whole ‘me accidentally drugging you’ thing? I thought we’re past that.” Troy replies, “I wasn’t even sure if the drink was spiked. You were just my test subject to find out.”

Jay narrows his blue eyes at him, “Not helping your case my man.”

“I’m appalled at the lack of faith you all have in me.” Troy feigns hurt and places his right hand over the left side of his chest where his heart is supposed to be.

“You literally could have killed me.” Jay mutters, unimpressed with Troy’s excuses.

Troy’s never been one for a straight up apology - never ‘cut and dry’ with him. He has way too much pride.

“You should be more pissed with Benley. He’s the one that was going to happily kiss your girlfriend and not tell you about it.” Troy throws Benley under the bus just so that he can get back into Jay’s good books.

It’s not like I didn’t tell Jay about the whole almost kissing Benley ordeal after he came out of his lil’ drug inhibition. Jay was infuriated about that, but he was even more angry about being caught on the Kiss-Cam. He hates the spotlight and he hates public displays of affection. I gladly pointed out that he made it longer by happily kissing me back - therefore, his fault.

Jay glances my way, his icy blue eyes rimmed with shimmering silver - his own personal ocean - as he tries to detect what kind of response I want him to give back to Troy.

I give Jay pleading eyes in the hopes that he can forgive and forget. I don’t like conflict and Jay knows this.

As a result, Jay turns back to Troy with a small sigh, “It’s fine. I know how you can be - blatantly stupid.” Troy nods enthusiastically as he starts to see where Jay is going with this, “I’ll put it behind me.” Jay concludes hesitantly.

Troy lets out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding as he pretends to wipe away beads of sweat off his forehead, “Phew! Thank goodness galore.” Troy begins to grin as he holds his fist out to Jay, “So we all good then BroJay?”

Jay reluctantly nods, “Yeah.” He confirms it as his fist meets Troy’s halfway, “We’re good.”

“Schweet!” Troy smirks in victory, “I’ll be off now, leave BroJay alone so that he can get some Aqueela action.” Troy winks at Jay as if secretly suggesting something.

Troy begins to walk away, but then as if remembering something, stops and turns to face me, “So your birthday is coming up…” He trails off with a mischievous grin.

“Don’t remind me.” I groan. I hate my birthday. I only have terrible memories - the day my father walked out on me.

“You can’t get out of it this time. We are celebrating it this year whether we have to force you to attend or not.” Troy replies back stubbornly.

Those words came out of Troy’s mouth, but it’s not something he’d say.

I raise a skeptical eyebrow at Troy, “Your sis tell you to say that?”

“Psssh no!” Troy scoffs. I narrow my eyes at him. He caves, “Maybe.”

“Typical of Bells.” I say aloud to myself. It’s expected of her. She’d been trying to organize something for my birthday for years. I was hoping she’d forget or at least give up by now, but hell that girl has always been determined in everything she does.

Jay, not surprisingly, says nothing on the subject of my birthday.

“Come out Bells!” I call over my shoulder, “I know you’re here.” I coax her out of her hiding place as a knowing smile takes over my features.

There’s a loud groan of complaint as Bells emerges out from her hiding place behind all the cars, a sheepish grin on her face. “How’d you know?”

I motion over to Troy, “He makes it so easy.”

“Thanks Troy! Thanks a lot!” Bells whines at him.

“Let’s go.” Jay suggests to me seeing as he’d had enough of the Bensten Siblings’ overwhelming presence.

“Okay.” I agree for his sake, making a mental note to force Jay and Bells to spend some time together. Jay really needs to warm up to her and make an effort. Bells is important to me. I want my boyfriend to get along with my best friend. “Bye friends!” I wave to Troy and Bells.

Jay begins pushing the trolley (me still in it) back into the mall.

“Wrong way.” Bells informs Jay, aware that we were just about to leave the mall.

“You going shopping again?” Troy asks, puzzled.

“No.” Jay answers him, “Just returning some things that I bought that don’t function nor operate well any more - broken.” Jay jokes, obviously referring to me seeing as I’m the only thing in the trolley.

“Ooooooh burn!” Troy laughs.

“Still so cute!” Bells coos at us as usual. I don’t think she’ll ever get over us dating.

I reach up from the trolley and swat my hand against Jay’s chest, “So mean!” I huff.

“I’m joking. Jeez.” Jay flashes me that breath taking smile of his as he catches my hand in his before I even get chance to move it off his chest, “I don’t buy things I don’t want with every fibre of my being.” He tells me, sending me a heartfelt wink.

“And that’s our cue to leave.” Troy pipes up before he drags his sister away seeing as she wouldn’t leave on her own.

“Those two are tiring.” Jay says as he pushes me back up the slope and toward his car.

“I know, but I love them anyway.” I tell him, defending Troy and Bells. It’s not like Grey’s all sunshine and rainbows.

Jay smiles down at me warmly, sincerely, “I know, that’s why I put up with them.”

“Aqueela! The door!” Jay calls from somewhere upstairs as the doorbell continues to ring endlessly - the usual routine around here.

You’d think Jay would know by now that I’m not going to answer the door - ever.

“Busy with ‘end of the world’ things boyfriend!” I call back loudly. “I have more pressing matters to attend to than the stupid doorbell.”

“But I’m working out; what are you doing that’s so important?” Jay yells back as I hear him come jogging downstairs, having caved in.

“Saving the world and being a hero!” I shout just as he walks past me to go answer the door.

It’s Saturday.

Who the hell dares bother us on a Saturday?

Jay, as if only now registering what I just said and what he just saw me doing, does a complete ‘360’ and heads back to me, “Your excuse for not answering the damn door is ’cause you’re playing Skyrim?”

I pause the game, not lifting my eyes off the computer screen as I think my answer through thoroughly, then proceed on by waving my finger accusingly in his face, “Tut tut tut, not just playing Skyrim J-Bear, but also buying myself a pet dragon.”

“So basically playing Skyrim then?” Jay asks like a smart ass.

“Yup.” I nod, popping the ‘p’, “Pretty much.” I drawl, “That is, if you must be so unspecific Jay-Jay.”

“You said you you were busy with pressing matters, more important things?” Jay queries with a frown, prodding me on, clearly inquisitive to hear my answer.

I shake my head at him, “You must be blind! Can’t you see just how busy I am right now? I’m under a lot of pressure; lives are at stake - they’re all depending on me to save them. The world as we know it rests on my shoulders alone. How dare you undermine my significance like that? Do you think I just sit around all day -“

Jay cuts me off right there, “Yes.” He answers bluntly. “Its what you’re doing right now - literally sitting around.”

I cross my arms and turn in my seat to glower at him, “You’re wrong! I’m out saving the world here - saving mankind from going extinct and what not. Everyday, I’m out risking my life by doing petty tasks in between for all these losers, but saving the world nonetheless. I’m a damn hero, a legend in the making.” I exclaim, defending myself.

“First of all, I can see the PC screen and you are literally slaughtering all those innocent people, so don’t even try play the ‘hero card’. You are playing as the bad guy. Secondly, you mean saving the Skyrim world - a non-existent world?” Jay crosses his arms over chest and cocks his head to the side in question.

I follow his movement with my eyes, my gaze settling on his perfectly sculpted chest and abs just visible through his tank top - the shirt he always wears when training. I would know since I love peeking every now and again.

Jay gives me a knowing grin and snaps his fingers in front of my face to get by attention back.

I quickly come out of it and glare at him, “It’s still a world nonetheless!” I defend myself before turning my back to him yet again.

“You’re just lucky you play a relevant role in my world or I’d have kicked you out by now.” Jay jokes - at least, I hope he’s joking.

You remember that ideal boyfriend who turned to mush for me and did everything I asked of him no matter the cost - well gone he is! Jay’s back to being grumpy Jay despite being my boyfriend at the same time. Can’t say I have missed his brutal honesty.

I reach behind me and take his hands into mine for effect, “You’d really kick me out?” I pout up as I look up (him towering directly over me), purposely batting my eyelashes as my eyes find his enchanting blue ones.

“Nah.” He breathes as he leans down toward me, his hands trailing up my arms rather slowly - flirtatiously - before stopping at my neck as he sweeps my hair to one side, “Probably not.” He breathes in my ear before he places a soft kiss on my collar bone that has me melting on the spot.

The worst part is that he knows how he makes me feel.

The words I wanted to say get caught at the back of my throat as I shiver at his touch, my heart racing.

Jay notices my lack of speech and pulls back with a smouldering look of pride at having the upper hand for once, “However, if you pissed me off enough then I’d probably feel inclined to think differently and kick you out anyway.”

“Still such a jerk.” I shove him away from me playfully.

He grins to himself as he finally decides to head to the front door and see who’s here.

I look out from the TV room window to see that it’s Oog, hence why I sent Jay to open the door.

“What is that?” Jay asks, glancing down at the cup in Oog’s hands.

Oog extends his arm out, offering the cup to Jay, “Sugar.”

Jay begins to shake his head, “Nah. We’re good. We don’t need-“

“Take. It. Oog insist.” Oog says in his weird little caveman accent as he forces the cup into Jay’s hands.

“Alright fine.” Jay agrees breezily, knowing he can’t win this battle, as he reaches out to take the cup.

Even I can’t win this battle. Gland’s been teaching his best bud some neighbourly manners. The results are: Oog showing up randomly on Jay’s doorstep to practice and enforce his manners. He’s not even our neighbour seeing as he lives on Jay’s property, but whatever.

Oog turns the cup over and pours all the sugar into Jay’s outstretched hand, “There go.” He chirps with a smile as if what he did was polite.

Jay merely glares at him as he dusts all the sugar off, about to shut the door closed when Oog stops him, “What you say back Oog to?”

Jay raises a cautious eyebrow, “Um…thank you?” Jay tries and Oog nods happily.

“What you give Oog back?” Oog asks rudely.

Jay frowns at Oog, “How ’bout you living on my property, rent free, you ungrateful little-“

Gland, who’d been hiding all along, jumps out and shakes his head at Oog disapprovingly, “You don’t expect stuff in return for being civil Oog.”

Oog growls in response.

I can see that Gland has his hands full at trying to tame and culture the creature that is Oog. Just last week, Gland tried to shave Oog’s beard off, except, Oog bit him. Apparently, his beard stays.

“Now you leave Oog.” Gland instructs him.

Oog begrudgingly leaves after having his last say to Jay, “Next time, Jay don’t make Oog wait long so long at door and Jay tell Eela Oog say hi.”

Jay slams the door shut after that before returning to me.

His dark hair - from excessive training - is slightly damp and resting messily against his forehead just above his electric blue eyes as he offers me a killer smile that has my heart doing flips in my chest .

“So who was it?” I ask innocently as I return to my game on the computer.

“Like you don’t know.” Jay says before changing the subject, “When did we get a computer?” He finally notices. He’s so oblivious to his surroundings sometimes.

I sink down in my seat, refusing to face him, “We always had one?” I try to convince him, though I can’t even convince myself.

Jay folds his arms across his chest, drawing my gaze to his muscular arms this time ’round. He scoffs at my words, “Uh huh. Yeah right.”

I turn around, about to give him the truth, but upon him seeing this, he stops me, placing his finger against my lips. “Ssssh. I don’t even care right now. Don’t talk and ruin my mood.”

I frown from beneath his fingertip as I move his finger off my lips, “Insulting.”

Jay tries his luck with me, “So does my beautiful girlfriend want to go for a run with her boyfriend?”

Wow! He really is in an upbeat mood if he thinks that’s happening.

I tap my chin in mock thought, “That depends, does her boyfriend want to bury her body afterwards?”

Jay sighs, exasperated, “Not even after she dragged her boyfriend shopping for four damn hours?”

“She’ll pass, but she appreciates you extending the invite her way, but would appreciate it all the more if in future you didn’t.” I answer him as I keep on gaming - totally multitasking here.

Jay gives up the act, “Aqueela, you are rockin’ a gorgeous figure and you’re absolutely hot as hell and everything, but you gotta train daily to keep healthy.”

I freeze in my seat, affected by his actual compliment. There’s a first for everything I suppose. He almost had me.

“Well played Jay-Jay. Well. Played.” I chime as I do the dramatic ‘slow clap’ to let him know that I’m onto him.

“You’re so lazy. I don’t know how you keep in perfect shape without doing anything.” Jay says in response.

I’m flattered by his words, so flattered that if I milk this a little longer, I might possibly get more unintentional compliments out of him.

“My secret is laughing. It works dem abdominal muscles. Maybe you can take something from this and learn to laugh more Mr Grumpy Pants No.1. Also, how dare you call me lazy?!” I hiss the last bit at him, feigning irritation.

“You’ve been stuck gaming all day. You need fresh air. I bet if I opened the curtains right now and the sun came through the window, you’d turn into ash.” Jay teases, making me sound like a bloodthirsty vampire.

“Pishaw!” I huff, “I do active things all the time. I’ll have you know that I fight dragons everyday, do endless tasks for people, travel kilometres up snowy mountains by foot, only to be mugged-“

“We’ve been over this before, Skyrim doesn’t count - gaming in general doesn’t count.” Jay reminds me.

My smile drops, “When did you get to decide the rules? I can just as well say that reality doesn’t count.”

Jay pinches the bridge of his nose and glances up at the ceiling in frustration before his gaze locks onto me again, “Do you hear yourself right now?” He asks me, frustrated that he’s not getting anywhere with me.

“I hear that I’m a friggen genius and that my logic is flawless.” I reply back, messing with him.

To my surprise, a low attractive chuckle spills from his lips, “You’re just lucky that I’m dating you or you’d be ten feet under by now.” He tells me before muttering almost inaudibly to himself, “Any other person, ten feet under, I swear.”

I smile at the fact that I’m his exception, but quickly hide it by turning back around in my seat to play my game, “You’re just lucky that I’m too busy playing Skyrim to lift a hand and hit you.” I refer to his first sentence, “Too much effort.” I explain, “You’re so far away.”

“I’m like thirty centimetres away from you.” Jay points out.

Exactly!” I exclaim, “Much too far away.” I say before defending myself, “And for your information, I click away at this mouse all day; I bet I’m fitter than you.”

Jay takes up the challenge with a smirk, his soft blue eyes striking, yet gently willing my full cooperation, “Prove it and come running with me.”

“Nah up. Nope. No way.” I shake my head, holding my ground on this one. Exercise and I don’t get along well with each other.

“I need a jogging partner and who better than my supportive, inspiring and encouraging girlfriend?” Jay asks with that smile of his that puts me in a daze and makes me wonder how such a beautiful specimen even exists.

“Flattery will get you nowhere Mister.” I wave my finger at him accusingly.

“I’ll let you watch me train next time - as in you watching me do push ups and stuff instead of me kicking you out my room like the other times.” He gives, tempting me as he lays down the final offer on the table.

Upon hearing his words, I’m out of my chair and away from the computer in a heartbeat, leaving the game running as I jolt to the front door, “Deal.” I agree as Jay offers me a knowing grin in return. I can’t say no to watching him train and he exploited the fact and used it to his advantage.

“Apparently tempting you gets me results. I will have to keep that in mind.” Jay flashes me a cocky wink as he passes me by.

“What are you doing?” Jay asks me with furrowed eyebrows, at a complete loss.

“Stretching, nah duh.” I tell him as I jump up and down before doing my own weird stretches, “Gosh Jay, keep up.”

Jay laughs at my expense, “I’ve seen warming up before exercise, but whatever it is you’re doing - it’s definitely not stretching.”

I stop my stretches to glare at him, “Whatever. By the way, if I faint, you’re carrying me home.”

“I think I’d rather leave you on the side of the road instead.” Jay jokes. I scowl at him. He raises his hands up in surrender, “Jeez. Joking. Obviously I will carry you back you stupid.” Jay tells me truthfully as he begins to take his daily jog ’round the block, beckoning me to join him and I do - reluctantly.

Ten minutes later

“No more Jay!” I huff, coming to a stop as I crouch down and place my hands on my knees, breathing in and out deeply as if to catch my breath. “My lungs are on fire!”

Jay, way ahead of me, stops briefly to see if I’m okay. His amused blue eyes scan over me, taking in my appearance, “Aqueela, you’re looking a little pale. Are you feeling okay?” He asks gently, concern laced into his blue eyes.

I shake my head at him as black spots begin to take over my vision, my balance beginning to waver under my weight.

Jay’s beside me in a flash as he reaches out to me, “What’s the matter?”

“I think I’m dying.” I tell Jay in one hoarse breath as my vision blurs completely. “It hurts to breathe.”

I feel myself falling and I wait for the impact of the paving hitting my face - instead, Jay’s arms come up around my waist as he lifts me up into his arms bridal style.

I cling to him, winding my arms around his neck to keep me awake. I throw my head back in his arms dramatically, “Go on without me.” I tell him as I try to regain my breathing, my chest still hurting.

“You’re fine.” He reassures me as he begins to jog back to his house with me in his arms.

I can feel his chest muscles clenching in his shirt and it’s not because he’s working out. It’s because he’s anxious.

I feel like I’m going to throw up.

So much for being fitter than Jay…

“If I’m fine then why is everything turning fuzzy?” I murmur softly before my eyes close on their own accord just as Jay carries me into the house.


I wake up in fright only to find my face soaked.

“What was that for?!” I splatter, jumping up to my feet as my gaze focuses on Jay who just so happens to be holding a water bottle in his hand.

Jay doesn’t reply and merely wraps his arms around my neck in relief as I go staggering back under his weight. He quickly pulls me back in for a tender embrace. I freeze from beneath him, stunned by his actions, before smiling and slowly hugging him back. “I can’t believe you actually fainted. I thought you were kidding about that.” He breathes in my ear, sending shivers down my spine. He’d obviously been very worried. “You were out for an hour.”

I pull away from him and cup his face in both my hands as I smile up at him through my lashes tauntingly, “Are you saying that you were worried about little’ ol me?” I tease him, rubbing it in just a little.

Instead of humouring me, his expression turns serious. His eyes begin to glow with affection, completely bringing out the silver streaks entwined in the blue. His gaze is unreadable and locks me set in place. There is a strong emotion rooted in his eyes when he leans in to me. My heart begins to thump faster - an electrical current running right though my veins as I react to him and lean in too, my own gaze flickering to his lips.

Jay doesn’t waist another second before he presses his soft lips to mine. I kiss him back, briefly forgetting what I just asked him as the edges of my body melt and I sort of become part of him. I feel his hands materialize around my waist as he tugs me forward so roughly that I end up stumbling into his chest, yet still, he doesn’t break the kiss.

I trail my hands down from the sides of his face to his lean chest as I hold myself in place against him, feeling the muscles in his chest rippling under my fingertips - his own heart beating rapidly, matching that of own.

The intensity between us only builds up with the passing time, almost as if we’re lost in that moment for what seems like eternity.

I hesitantly break the kiss to breathe as Jay continues to place soft butterfly kisses down my jawline to the nape of my neck. My breath hitches as I feel the tips of his hair tickling my skin.

I reach up from his chest to run my fingers through his hair as his own hands travel up and down my body, the heat from his hands seeping through his fingertips and being transferred to my waist.

“Jay.” I murmur, breathless, as he reluctantly tears himself away from me to hear what I have to say, “I’m tired now.” I purposely yawn, placing my hand against his forehead as I push him away completely. I do enjoy teasing him.

Jay frowns at me as he folds his arms over his chest, “Mood killer.” He mutters as I stifle my giggles. It had to be done.

“Yeah yeah, shut up and take me to bed.” I demand as I collapse into his arms in exhaustion from that evil jog he took me on. He catches me and keeps me up effortlessly as I put all my weight on him.

He raises a suggestive eyebrow before flashing me an alluring smirk, “Happily.” He replies back flirtatiously.

I register where his mind is at and shake my head at him, feigning disappointment, “For sleeping.” I clarify and emphasize the last word.

“You can shop for four hours, but a ten minute run kills you?” Jay asks as he drags me to the couch and forces me to take a seat.

“I said my bed!” I clout him over the head playfully as I correct his actions.

“I’m not done spending time with you.” Jay insists, “Besides, we have to talk.”

I groan at the last part, “No, we really don’t.”

“Yes, we do.” Jay argues, “It’s important.”

“You know what, let’s just continue making out. I’m down for that. Are you game?” I ask him, not at all meaning it, but trying to get out of this talk. Whenever Jay says that he wants to talk, it’s always something awful.

“Aqueela, I’m serious.” Jay complains before quickly adding, “But I’ll take you up on that offer later.”

I give in, feeling vulnerable all of a sudden, “If you’re going to try and breakup with me again then you can-“

“I’m not breaking up with you - not stupid enough to slip up twice. I don’t plan on letting you go just yet.” Jay sends me a flirtatious wink before he goes onto explain, “Graduation is around the corner. I’m just keen to know where you’re at. Where do you plan on studying? What do you want to do? What do you hope to achieve? Where will we stand?” He asks the last question in a more softer voice as if feeling vulnerable too, “We haven’t ever talked about the future.”

I wave the matter aside as I adopt a optimistic outlook on this particular situation, “That’s because I live for the present and my present is you.” I admit as a small smile curves his lips.

His smile falters before fading away completely as he ponders deeply on something before voicing his thoughts, “And what if I’m not your future?”

“You will be. Now shut up, come here, and let the future worry about itself.” I say as I tug him down beside me and cuddle into him.

He reaches for the TV remote and puts on a movie for us to watch together, “So bossy.” Jay comments under his breath as I place my head against his chest, listening to his steady heartbeat as I try to hide my smile.

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