No or Yes?

By iylajooon All Rights Reserved ©

Humor / Adventure


The bad boy - bit of a dickhead, smokes, drinks, one eye blue and the other is green. The gay one - goofy, cute and you'd wish he is straight. The baby daddy - confused and is in love with another girl other than the mother of his child. The lover - cutie with big hair and knows how to treat a girl. The heartbreaker - likes to break girls hearts since a girl broke his. The goof - biggest cutie ever, want him as a boyfriend and is very innocent. The 'Jacob' - mysterious, smarter than everyone else and likes to stay single. The player - hot guy, knows how to show a girl the time of her life, likes girls and did I mention that he is in love with someone he can't have. All meet a girl name Dakota West. All she wants to do is something crazy and maybe stop her little miss perfect act. Enter the life of Dakota West where she figures out who she really is and figures out the true meaning of friendship with 8 (hot) idiots. Being the only girl in a all boy group would only cause up trouble they said, but more trouble the better.


My feet are dangling over the edge of the monkey bars. I don’t even remember how I got up, but I do know why.

20 minutes ago

The boy in the black jeans and classic white converse is slowly walking up to me. A smirk is plastered on his face. I don’t know him. This party is only meant for those who went Jackson High so he might either be a gate crasher or he might know the host. His little group of friends behind him looking like statues with drinks in hands.

The unknown boy is right in front of me. He grabs my face in a harsh way and smashes his lips against mine.

I black out but I am awake. My mind can’t process this in time until I hear my name. The voice is familiar and once loved by me. I push the boy away from me and look over at my boyfriend.

“What the hell is this and who is this,” my boyfriend, Troy demands but I am speechless “Dakota answer me!”

I don’t say anything and he walks out of the room. I looked at the unknown boy who still has a smirk on his stupid face. He grabs something from his black leather jacket. It is a lighter and cigarette. He lights it up.

At that point I walk away and going down the stairs but before my feet touched the first step, I hear his stupid friends laugh.


I don’t know what to do know.

I lost my boyfriend.

It is our one-year anniversary.

I kissed some dude.

Some girls or boys would probably be emotional but I’m not. The thing is that I’m not that emotional. I have feelings such as happy and anger but I’m not one to cry. Once when someone close to me died, I felt nothing.

I want to go home but I can’t. I came here with Troy after our date. I know people here but I ‘cheated’ the most liked and popular guy in school.

One Year and One Month ago

“Oi! Dakota!” Vena, my best friend calls out my name.


“Who do you like currently?”

“Troy I think.”


I used to like Troy. Someone must have heard our conversation and spread it. The thing is, at High school, news travels very fast.

Troy’s friends found out first and they told Troy.

I remember Troy coming up to me and asking if the rumour was true and I said yes but the thing is I stopped liking him after a week and now I see him as a friend. So the rest of our relationship is history I guess.

I jump off and start leaving this stupid party. I guess I’ll be walking.

“Hey girl with the dark hair and red shirt!” someone calls out to me and when I turn around I look at him. He has glasses and a black beanie. He is wearing a button up shirt that has short sleeves and jeans. I recognise him.

“You okay?” The boy with the glasses asks, I nod. “You need a ride since you came with that guy.”

“I’m going to walk,”

“It’s practically midnight and dangerous.” He says.

“Look I don’t know you, but for all I know you could be a murderer or rapist.” I state.

“Okay,” he begins “I’m Alec McSon and I’m 18. I just finished high school and the guy that kissed you is my best friend. I’m going to work for my dad’s Company after university. There now you know me so you can sort of trust me on taking you home.”




“But why?” Is he stupid or mentally ill?

“Okay I’m going to make this as easy as I can, you stranger, I stranger. You or I could be killed.” I try and say it in the simplest way.

“Come on,” ‘Alec’ says.







“Fine, but if you try anything, I will personally kick your ass”


5 minutes later

Alec kept talking to me during the entire ride. He kept demanding me to ask more questions.

I now know that his friends have known each other since they were 10, Alec is allergic to anything with hair or saliva expect humans and that he hasn’t seen my favourite sci-fi movie.

“I’m going to make you watch it one day,” I promise him.

“Okay but give me your number so I could call you and we will watch it” desperate much.


“But it won’t be a date because my best friend kissed you and well who wants that.” His eyes gave me a different answer which I couldn’t read.

We bid our adieus when he reaches my driveway and I got out of his car and walk to my front porch. I open the door and kick my shoes off silently. When I reach my bedroom and get changed, I receive a text from Troy.

Troy: I can’t believe you would do this to me, Dakota. I thought you were different but I guess I’m wrong. I know you better than you think. I know how much you love baking. I know your love for comedy movies. I know your love for sleep. I know you so well but you never cared about me. I thought we were going to last. I just can’t get the image of u kissing that guy out of my head. I thought you loved me but I guess I’m wrong. I loved you, Dakota. You were my everything. I can’t believe that you don’t react. I can’t even. Please please tell me you want me back and you love me but I won’t say it back. I want you to say it. I want you to pour your heart out to me but don’t expect me to come back to u. Goodbye Dakota

I read his text over and over again. I don’t to pour my heart out to him. I never wanted to be in the relationship but I was an idiot. I still am.

Dakota: I’m sorry

Two words.

Two simple words.

Two words that mean a lot.

But it meant nothing to me.

I have to send him something. ‘I’m sorry’ was the only thing that I came up with. I don’t deny anything. I just can’t.

I think about not telling Vena about it and that I left but she’ll get the news from her boyfriend, Aiden.

I decide that I’m going to message her but she did already.

Vena: Oi bitch. I heard what happened. Tell me it ain’t true.

I just ignore the whole denying thing and tell her that I’ll talk to her later about it.

20 minutes later

I finish my night routine which really isn’t a routine and I’m about to go to sleep but I receive a message from an unknown number

Unknown number: Hola it’s Aleccc just wondering if u r free tomorrow and if u r we can get like food or something and u can meet the gang

Dakota: yea I’m free tomorrow

Alec: alrighty I’ll pick you up around 10ish

Dakota: a.m.?

Alec: yea

Dakota: okay I’ll see tomz

Alec: byeeeeeeeeeee

I guess I’ll be meeting those idiots.

Before I go to sleep, I’m imaging the unknown boy’s eyes. His right eye is a dark blue and his left is a dark green.

Why am I thinking about the boy who ruined my relationship?

Why don’t I care that my relationship ended?

You didn’t even want to be in the relationship.

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