The Stupendous Compendious Awards!

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The Stupendous Compendious Awards is now closed. Congratulations to all the winners!

Humor / Adventure
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Hello Fellow Writers!

Welcome to The Stupendous Compendious Awards! (SCAAAAAHHH! for short)

“Containing or presenting the essential factors of something in a comprehensive but concise way.” - Oxford Dictionary

An awards for Novellas, Novelettes, Short Story Collections, and Poetry Collections.

We will be accepting completed stories only with an Inkitt page length of 200 pages or less.

There will be no genre separations for novellas and novelettes. Short Story Collections and Poetry Collections will be their own categories.

Running parallel to this awards will be an Excerpt category. Contestants will be asked to provide their best/favorite chapter for a chance to win this prize.

As always, there will be stickers, wall posts, follows, reading lists, and other goodies to be won!

We will be accepting entries and judges from now to August 31st.

Note: Your story does not have to be completed until August 31st. So if you’re working on those final chapters, or cleaning up your story, you’ve got “plenty” of time!

Check out the rules, then head over to the application page to enter!

Happy Writing!

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