Pranking the Bad Boy

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Chapter Four - The Grand Plan

“Grace, I don’t know about this,” Matt said uncertainly, picking up his coffee and taking a huge drink. His brown hair fell in waves around his forehead, framing his handsome face, and his caring hazel eyes flickered to me.

“Why not, Matt? You didn’t see what happened in the cafeteria today! It was embarrassing!” I said, growing impatient. “Look, I get that Cole is your team-mate and he’s the captain and you love him and adore him and kiss the ground he walks on and everything, but-“

“That’s beside the point, Gracie. That has got nothing to do with it.”

“What has it got to do with, then, Matt?”

“It’s got to do… with you,” he said quietly, downcasting his eyes so that I couldn’t see his expression. “Cole has got a lot of power. He rules the school, he has a lot of friends and followers, rich parents… You can’t win against a powerful force like Cole. It’s dangerous to go up against him. You know that, Grace.”

“Look, I’m sick of Cole getting everything he wants. He needs to be brought down a notch or two… Or, like, twelve.”

Matt ran a hand through his hair, adorably messing it up, and he heaved a sigh. “Please don’t do anything, Grace. What he did to Aly was terrible, but that’s in the past. You’ll be safer if you let it go.”

I had told Matt everything today when he met me in this quaint café that I loved. It had antiques and live poetry readings and the best coffee in this town-well, besides the coffee that the café I worked in sold. But that was currently closed for renovations, so this was the next best thing. Annie couldn’t come, but Matt had felt super guilty when he found out what had happened to me in the cafeteria. He had been outraged at Cole, and offered to talk to him, but I told him that he couldn’t do that. He was Cole’s football buddy and plus, I wanted to do a lot more than just talk to Cole. I wanted action.

And Matt was too kind to do that kind of thing. Normally I loved that about him, but now it was infuriating when all I wanted was some good ol’ fashioned revenge.

So I told him how I wanted revenge. That it was time to stop letting it go and to finally take a stand against the Bad Boy. Of course, Matt didn’t want that. He thought it would be too dangerous for me, and he didn’t want to see me get hurt and embarrassed. Bless his soul.

“I am not letting this go, Matt,” I said, shaking my head and slamming the coffee cup down with a lot more force that required when dumping a beverage on a piece of furniture. “It’s time. I need a plan. I need to make Cole realise his mistakes.”

“What happened to karma?” Matt asked. “To letting fate do what they will to him? What happened to letting destiny take it’s course?”

“Well, karma seems to be taking a vacation at the moment. So it’s up to me. I get you completely idolize Cole, but come on. All the people he’s hurt… he needs to be taught a lesson.”

Matt sighed and leant back. “And nothing I can say will change your mind?”

I bit my lip and shook my head. “Sorry, Matt. I just… he needs to pay. Think of this as… redemption. Karma, in its own way. You trust me, right?”

“Of course I trust you, Grace. It’s Cole I don’t trust. Who knows what he’s gonna do to you?”

“He’s just a boy, Matt. He’s an immature seventeen-year-old. Whatever he has to offer, I can handle it. He deserves whatever he gets. Now, I just need a plan.”

“Hey, Emilie!” I called as I pushed my way through a crowd towards where she walked. “Emilie, wait up!”

She had her head bent over what looked to be an art portfolio, and didn’t notice me until I clamped a hand onto her shoulder. She jumped sky-high and snapped her head up with a scared look in her eyes. “Grace?”

“Emilie!” I puffed, putting my palms on my knees and bending over to drag in a few deep breaths. Exercise wasn’t exactly my forte. “Oh, you heard me. Listen, I had a favor to ask you. Not that you owe me anything after the way you saved me yesterday… but I was wondering… well, hoping, actually….”

“Grace, spit it out. What is it?” she queried, staring at me imploringly.

“Would you be willing to come with me to a party this Friday night? You, me and Alyra.”

Her eyes widened. “Uh… Grace, Aly and I don’t come to these parties anymore. We learnt our lesson and our parents are really strict now after what happened to her.”

“It’s just one time. I promise you guys won’t regret it.”

“Can I ask why you suddenly want us to go?”

“Cole is finally going to get the payback he deserves for what he did to you guys. Matt and I figured out a plan yesterday and I thought that maybe you guys would want to see his downfall. It’ll be one hell of a show, I’m telling you. I thought Aly might enjoy it, too.”

She pursed her lips. “Why are you doing this for her? You don’t even know Aly and yet you’re saying you want to avenge her?”

“Well, we’ve both been hurt by Cole. I guess two girls should stick together when they’ve been hurt and embarrassed by the same man. Plus, you’re pretty cool and she’s your twin, so how bad could she be?”

“Actually, she’s the better one of us two. She’s more quiet and shy,” she informed me with a swift wink and a small smile.

“So, what do you say? Would you be interested in seeing the revenge of your sister? It’s gonna be perfect.”

She grinned. “I make no promises, but I do want to see this. It’s guaranteed to be good if it involves you, Grace. I’ll see what I can do.”

“Okay, great! But there’s one more thing… You can’t tell a soul. If word spreads to Cole the whole thing will fail…”

She mimicked zipping her lips shut and throwing away the key, before she broke into a grin. “My lips are sealed, Grace. No-one will know.”

“Thanks, Em!” I said. “I would love to stay and keep talking to you, but I have to make some preparations ready for Friday night. So I’ll see you later?”

She laughed and turned to what I guessed was her locker. “I’ll look forward to it. See you, Gracie.”

“Bye, Emilie. I’ll text you when I can.”

I disappeared into the crowds, ready to begin putting this plan into action.

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