Ms. Clumsy

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“Yeah. Tell me a day where Ms. clumsy doesn’t do her job. Ugh why does it always happen to me!”

Humor / Romance
Zoha Zahara
4.7 100 reviews
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Character Description

Okay so in the story I haven’t mentioned how the main characters look. So here are their physical descriptions just to give you a heads up. :)

Summer: 17 years old. Dark brown short hair, She wears glasses (not always, only when she plays video games or uses the computer) Pale skin. Average height. Brown eyes. She isn’t overweight nor shes thin.. she somewhere in the middle. you know curvy. :p tomboy.

Ginger: 17 years old. Orange-Ginger long hair, she is fair, thin. She also has glasses. blue eyes. She's like the cute nerd.

Dalon: 18 years old. Dark brown hair. tall, tan skin. well built. Jawlines is on point, it looks like it is sculpted :p. Blue eyes. Handsome as eff.. thick dark eyebrows.

James: 17 years old. blonde hair, fair skin, tall, also handsome as eff. Good at sports. his jawlines on point too. green eyes. He’s like the golden boy of the school. Sometimes even called Mr. perfect...

Chris: Summers 19 years old brother. Brown hair, pale skin just like Summer. Also handsome as eff. Tall and muscular duh. Jawline on point.

Okay literally all the boys are handsome af and every girl is beautiful... you can’t deny it 😏

As you can see I really suck at describing people.. heh.. but you guys could imagine these people as anybody.. this is how I imagine them...

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