Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 9

Once I got up, I quickly took a shower and changed into my regular clothes. I went downstairs and hugged my dad and mum and said “Good morning..”. Both of them gave me a warm smile.

“Good morning hun.” said my dad, giving me a kiss on my head. “How was you’re sleep?” it was weird, considering how Dalon just came into my room last night and wasted an hour or so writing a list about the James bus- dammit i gotta stop that. My parents must not know anything about this, heck if they knew that a guy just came in my room without them knowing, they would go haywire. I did however sleep well not like the night before.

“I slept well..” i say walking to my seat and i start to dig in my food. Mom makes amazing food. Today she made my favorite nutella waffles with strawberries and creme.

“That’s good. Yesterday you seemed a little off. Today you look alot fresh.” My dad says and continues to read the newspaper.

“mhmm” I murmur as my mouth was full of food.

“Honey, eat properly.. you’re going to get choked if you eat like that..” my mom says looking at me with concern. i swallowed what was in my mouth and started to eat slowly. “Oh Summer, the neighbors called and said that their son goes to your school. Is that right.?” For some reason i started coughing. I took a sip of my water. “you okay?” my mom asks looking worried.

“yeah I’m fine and yeah he does go to my school.”

“Why didn’t you tell me..” my mom says with a soft look but recovers soon.. “nevermind now.. that boy.. whats his name.. ah Dalon.. he’s coming to pick you up for school.” Already knew that. the only thing i was worried was what to say to my parents about this. Now that is sorted out, i sigh in relief and mouthed ‘okay’.

Once i finished eating, i washed my plate and hands. The very moment the doorbell rang. Mom and dad were still having their breakfast, so i had to open the door. I opened the door revealing Dalon, he was wearing his shades on. And he was leaning on the wall like it was his home.

“Honey who is that?!” my mom shouts.

“Mom its Dalon.” I shout back. My mom comes after that. She looks towards Dalon and says “You must be Dalon. nice to meet you.” taking her hand out for him to shake which he greatly accepted.

“Nice to meet you too Mrs. Haynes.” smiling at her.

My mom smiled and whispered to my ear “He’s a handsome one.. keep him” my eyes widen. my mom only laughs. Gee my face is that funny huh.. thanks. I glare at her. i take my bag and wave at my mom ” okay honey, be safe bye..”

“What a cool mom you have there..” Dalon says smiling.

“yeah i know..” i say trying to suppress a smile but failed to do so.

The ride surprisingly quiet. Dalon did not be annoying or anything, he was so quiet. His silence is suspicious. What’s he planning?

On our way, i noticed the car was taking a wrong turn . As far i know, this road did not lead to our school. What is Dalon trying to do?

“Um.. Dalon, this is the wrong road.. You’re supposed to turn left, you turned right.. the school is that way.” i say confused by what is going on here.

Dalon shrugged and said “I know.” and continued to drive straight.

“What do you mean i know, turn the car..” i tell him.

“Na.. we’re bunking school today.” he says as if it was nothing.

I on the other hand, lost it. “What!” I screamed. Dalon instantly stopped the car at once and looked at me wide eyes.

“Jesus woman.. you want to make me deaf or what..” he says holding his right ear.

“What the hell Dalon! I dont want to miss school today.. My dad is going to kill me!” I was frustrated. Oh my god my dad’s going to kill me if i miss school.

“relax,You’re dad isn’t going to find out anything.. besides we will be there after fourth period.. you’ll be missing just the first four periods that’s it.” he says trying to calm me down. Oh hell no!

“And how are you so sure my dad’s not going to find out.”

“I have my ways..” he says and continues to drive straight. What is wrong with this person. I cross my arms and put my back to the seat.

“Where are we going.. anyway?” i ask still angry.

“We are going to the mall..” he grins. Shit.. not the mall. I’d rather go to school or go see a panda licking a lollipop instead of stepping in that horrid place. Dalon seems to notice my face and says “come on, it’s not that bad.. think about the food there.” oh yeah, the food must be amazing.. just thinking about food made my mouth water. Dalon noticed my expression and drool, he laughed really loudly like it was no tomorrow.

I quickly wiped my drool off, and glared at him. His laugh was some how soothing but really contagious. i started to laugh with him.

Once we reached, Dalon parked the car and got out. Once i got out, i took a sight of the dreadful place and groaned. Dalon rolled his eyes and came walking towards me. Why is he coming closer.. My eyes went wide. “What are you doing?” I close my eyes.. please don’t murder me! i’m too young to die.

He took my hand and started dragging me inside, i opened my eyes again. phew, i taught that was my last time to breathe. Dalon started taking me to a salon which was in the mall. I frown.. Great i forgot i have to do a makeover.. Stupid list. Breathe Summer it’s for James..

God I hate myself.

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