Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 10

No matter how hard i try to run away, Dalon would always drag me back to the beauty salon. I even tried making a good excuse. He replied “Seriously, you really think i would believe you telling me that Ginger is in danger because of some zombie apocalypse..” he gives me an ‘are you serious look’. ” You really need to stop playing those zombie video games, it’s messing with your head.” He said poking my head.

I cross my arms and huff. It was worth a shot. Dammit i should’ve thought of something more better but no Ms. Clumsy can’t control her stupid mouth, remember. Once we entered the salon. Dalon introduced me to a beautiful middle aged woman. She came and hugged him “Dalon i missed you! ” she says sounding really excited. Once she let go she looked at him and said”wow! Dalon you have grown into a good looking man.”

He grinned and said “Why thank you aunt Cary.” what a show off.. I’m like invisible here. Don’t they notice me. I clear my throat. Their eyes instantly snap towards me. Finally.

“And who might you be?” Dalon’s aunt asks me politely. Before i was about to say anything, Dalon interrupted me.

“She’s a friend, her name is Summer..” he says.

“Oh.. hi..” She waves at me. I wave back, she grins. “so..” she starts looking at her watch. Then she did something that i did not expect. She shouted. “Oh my god Dalon! You did not just skip school today.. young man wait till your mom finds out.” She looked at me.”Oh my god did he make you skip school today?” i nod. She looked back at dalon showing anger. If this was an animated movie you could really see the smoke coming from her ears. “Dal-” she was cut off by him.

“Aunt Cary its okay.. the school doesn’t even know we are here.” he held her shoulders assuring her. “and mom won’t know, we will be back at school by eleven.. Now aunt Cary i really need your beauty skills to help my friend there.” pointing at me. hey! i cross my arms. He pushes me and his aunt inside through the curtains in the salon. He shouted “Bye” i can just feel the smirk forming on his lips right now. I seriously want to punch that bastards.

“Some boy he is huh?” his aunt says. “By the way call me Cary.” i nod and smile. “Lets start shall we?” she claps her hands, then tells me to take a seat.

“Holy chocolate and syrup on top of icecream! ow!” I scream.

Oh my god! i regret this so much. I mean why wax! Who invented such a thing.. Why do they want to see us suffer.. the pain! Why do girls have to wax all their hair off and not boys.

“Just one more sweety” Cary says. The pain is unbearable.. i mean your hair is being pulled all at once, people cry out when one piece of hair is pulled out. Imagine my situation. I clutch the handles of my chair tightly and close my eyes.

Once she pulled the wax strip off my leg, i bit my bottom lip to hold back my scream.

“All done, now was that bad?” I force a smile. Oh it was not bad it was horrifying.

Next she does is my hair, i look in the mirror to see her struggling to comb my hair. “Honey, do you by any chance, comb your hair?” she asks.

I clear my throat, “um..” I hope doesn’t explode. “no..?”

“Well that explains why your hair is… um strong..” she says but some how she seemed okay. She was trying to break the tangles of my hair. She tried many times but it won’t untangle. My head would constantly move back, which hurt the back of my neck.

A moment later, I felt her stop combing, but i also felt something hanging on my hair. I look in the mirror, i see shock on Cary’s face.

“what happened?” i ask.

She looks at me through the mirror and shows me the broken comb. Woah, ,my hair did that. It should have a black belt in taekwondo or something.

“Now what?” i ask her.

“No worries i have more combs.” she says taking another one.

Cary finally managed to untangle my hair knots, but the disadvantage was we had about 4 broken combs along the way. Then she Ironed my hair and curled it a little at the end to give it a natural look.

She called two of her workers to do my hand and leg nails, which they call it manicure and pedicure. Want to know a fact? I hate when someone cuts my nails. It just makes me feel nervous and sick. I don’t know why, but it does. Once my mom cut my nails when i was about seven, i few minutes later i started vomiting. I’m a weirdo.

You must be thinking how I’m okay right now, I’m actually not. Every 5 or 10 minutes, i would constantly ask Cary for a glass of water. “Can i have one more glass please.” i ask her, She brings me another glass without complaining.

Once everything was done, Cary put some lip gloss on my lips. it felt slippery, but it’ll do.

“Wow Summer you look stunning!” Cary says jumping like a little girl. Gotta admit Cary did a pretty well job. I look at my reflection. A pretty girl stares back. This is the new me.

“Oh my Gosh, i cant wait to see Dalon’s face” she squeals. i laugh. We walk towards the curtains. Once we came out, i saw Dalon texting on his phone.

“Finally you guys are done. You took-” he stopped talking when he looked at me. His mouth ajar. What is this too much? Cary clears her throat and coughs. Dalon snapped out of his thoughts.

“Um.. wow Sum, you look amazing..” he scratches the back of his head smiling and looking down like an adorable puppy. Wait did i call him adorable. I mentally face palm myself.

I mutter a “thanks” while Cary just looks at us and says ‘aw’..

Dalon immediately recovers himself. and holds my hand. “Right, bye aunt Cary!, thanks for your help!” He kisses her cheek.

i hug her and say “thanks for everything” she smiles and nod. We both leave the Salon waving at her.

Dalon pulled my hand. ow, his hurting me. “Dalon whats the big deal, where are you taking me?” i ask. He didn’t answer.

We kept walking until I see a clothes shop. Oh no, no, no. shit..

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