Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 11

So the things I have done up till now is to do a makeover. And yes i like it, alot.

Now Dalon is making me do shopping. One thing i hate about malls is shopping. Whenever my mom feels like doing shopping, she would sometimes drag me into it. She would always tell me she would only buy one thing but ends up buying the whole shop in the end. And guess who has to carry all the freaking shopping bags, me. That’s right poor old Summer carries all the heavy bags. Sometimes i feel sorry for myself, but everything just goes away after my mom buys me ice-cream. What? its worth it.

Now the thing is my mom isn’t the one shopping, in fact its the opposite, im shopping for me, myself. And usually my mom is the one who buys me my clothes, but i never wear them. It’s quiet funny though because i have no shopping sense at all. Heck, my fashion sense is horrible too. I mean im wearing a black t-shirt with basketball shorts. The shorts are my brothers, i just thought why bother shopping new ones when you have comfy clothes at home. I mean come on, you save money too. Okay, maybe i need help.

“I called a friend to help you with your shopping.” Dalon says walking me to one of the shops.

“Oh thank god! i have no sense in this shit at all” i sigh in relief.

“Yeah I can see that.” Ouch, okay that hurt. “she must be here some where..” he says looking around trying to find his friend. “Ah, there she is” He puts his arms around my shoulders, wow their heavy, focus Summer focus. I try to keep my balance. Damn does this guy do heavy lifting?

He drags me to a tall red haired girl, probably in her 20’s. She is so pretty, kind of makes me feel like the only one short and less attractive. Does Dalon here know everyone attractive, or is it just me.

Dalon and the girl hugged each other. The girl kissed Dalon on the cheek leaving a red lipstick mark on his face. He smirked, gosh boys. The girl looked at me and then looked at Dalon. Dalon’s face immediately changed.

“Uh.. right, Flo meet Summer, Summer this is Flo.. She is going to help buy the things you need.” I nod smiling at the girl bringing my hand out to shake hers which she accepted.

“Right, so lets get started shall we?” She has a British accent, that’s even cooler. I’m going like this girl.

“yea sure, lead the way.” i say.

When she walks in the shop. I follow her in. I glance at Dalon to see him giving me the thumbs up. Great, i wont like this.

“What are those!” I exclaim.

“Their undergarments duh” she says casually. Yes, she brought me into a place where they sell underwear. And i feel really uncomfortable. It’s even more awkward if you just stare at something for too long, i don’t know about other girls but I feel really weird surrounded by these. Do you know what is even more worse, is when they ask your size.

“I know that! but why am i here, i have them at home.”

“To tell you quite honestly, your undergarments are really not working for you.” she says simply giving me ones she selected. “now, try on.” i was about to turn when Flo stopped me. “hold on,wear these too..” giving me black jeans and a white printed shirt.

Flo was right, my body looks much more curvier than before. The shirt isn’t loose or baggy but its neither too short or tight. The jeans were perfectly fit. ‘Wow Summer you look like a different person, i cant believe I’m doing this.’ i thought to myself. I took a deep breath and stepped out of the changing room.

Once i stepped out, i looked to my left and saw Flo standing right beside me. I jumped, making me fall straight on my butt. “Jeez, Flo you scared me” i say, trying to stand up. Flo offered me a hand which I took. Surprisingly she didn’t laugh,but she smiled though. “Wow, Summer those clothes really suit you!” She compliments.

“Uh thanks..” I smile

Flo then took my hand and showed me a bunch of clothes. In the end Flo bought me five dresses and a few shirts and trousers. I told her that i could pay, but she didn’t let me. She said to consider it as a gift. For me this was more than a gift.

“I can’t just accept this, i should at least do something for you.” i say.

“Well there is one thing you can do..” She tells me.

“and whats that?” I ask.

“Come to my party on Saturday.. ” She grins. Well I cant say no to her now, that would be bad besides, i have to finish that stupid list. might as well finish it.


“Great, the party starts at 8pm.. I’ll text you my address, be there..” great.. im being really sarcastic right now. I smile. “Come on lets get you some shoes.” She says pulling me to the shoe area.

Flo bought me few pairs of shoes.. She told me to wear sneakers for now because we didn’t have much time, but when i go home i should try the new heels she bought me. She says for my short height, heels will look good on me.

Once we came out we went to meet Dalon in the food court. I saw him eating ice-cream. How dare he eat ice-cream without me. Really rude of him, i cross my arms.

I decided to go up to him, snatch his spoon and eat his ice-cream. Serves him right for eating without us. All this shopping made me so hungry.

When i did this, Dalon jumped “Dude, what the-” But he stopped. He looked at me with his mouth open. What..

You know this ice cream is kind of good though, i started to eat more and more of it. But i was feeling really uncomfortable having Dalon staring at me.

“What?” i ask, making Dalon snap out of his daze.

“Nothin, its just.. uh..” he stops for a moment ” You have some right there” pointing at my face.

“Where?” i say trying to rub it off my mouth.

“here..” he tells me rubbing the ice-cream of the corner of my lips.

“Aw! you guys really look so adorable.” Flo interrupted us. Dalon stepped back looking at the floor. “Okay you guys have somewhere to be right?” she says. Oh yeah… Shit. school.

Dalon looked at me with wide eyes ” shit Sum lets go! Thanks Flo!” he says hugging her. I hug her too.

“Remember the party this Saturday” she whispers.

We both wave at her before leaving the mall.

Dalon looked at me and smirked ” ready for school?”

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