Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 12

To tell you the truth I’m not ready for school! I didn’t reply to Dalon, I just smiled. I’m actually quite nervous.

Once we reached school, Dalon parked his car. He turned off the the car and looked at me.

“Ready?” he asked. I take a deep breath, and nod. He steps out and i do the same. Take deep breaths Summer, its not your first day at school so be calm. God why am i so nervous.

“Dude, what are you doing? You’re spoiling your nails.” Dalon says. I didn’t notice that i was biting my nails all this time. Bad habit, i know. It just happens whenever i am nervous. I quickly keep my hand down.

Dalon and i step inside the school hallways, to find it empty. I guess we were on time, everyone might be in the cafeteria. In our school no one is allowed to stand in the hallway when we have break (or interval, anything you call it).

Dalon interrupted my thoughts. “Lets make a run for it in the cafeteria, before anyone finds out we are her okay?” I nod. We both start running towards the doors that led to the cafeteria. I was about to go in but a hand stopped me.

“I’ll go first.. If people see us coming together they will think things.” Dalon tells me.


“Good. Listen Sum count to twenty after i go in okay.” I nod. “good, good luck” he smiled. Dalon goes inside leaving me alone.

I better start counting, 1.. 2..3..4..5.. oh god.. what am i doing! I cant do this.. what if James doesn’t like this. I’m sure he will summer don’t worry i tell myself. Oh my god i forgot about Ginger what if she asks me random questions.. god, knowing her she’ll ask tons questions.Jusst thinking about this i didnt realize how long ive been standing her.

I step back and take a huge breath. You’re gonna be fine,i hope. i open the door and walk in hoping no one notices me. But that was turned down when everyone’s eyes were on mine. I was feeling really uncomfortable, i could even here people whispering. I look around the room to find Dalon grinning, he was pointing to his left. I looked to see James staring at me. I smiled, he smiled back. Yes!

I put my hair back and sit to my table where Ginger was sitting. To be sure she was staring at me. I wave my hand across her face. Nothing happened. It was getting a little awkward. Make something up.

“That burger looks yummy.” i squeak. Stupid.

Finally Ginger snapped out. “Summer is that you?” i tap on the table and put my back on the chair.

“yup.” Ginger kept her mouth open.

A few seconds later she screamed. “Oh my god! Summer! Da hell happened to you? when did you become from an ordinary tomboy to a hot somebody?” Ginger kept on asking me questions. I knew this was hapening. I looked towards Dalons side, he was laughing at something his friends said then he looked to my side and smiled, giving me thumbs up. i turn my head.

“well?” Ginger asked.

“Uh,-“i was cut off with the bell.

“Oh come on not now!” Ginger looked at me. “You better tell me everything when school is over.”

“yes ma’am” i grin.

“Good.” yes, Ginger and i don’t have any classes together today which saves me time to find an excuse.

We get up and say are byes. I walk up to my locker to get my books. Once i got my books i try to close the door of the locker but i fail, making all my books i was carrying fall on the floor. shit.

I close my locker door and bend down to pick my books. While i was doing it and pair of hand came into view and was picking my books too. “It’s okay i got this.” i tell the person without looking up.

“No, i cant just leave a pretty girl like this.” i recognized that voice somewhere. I look up to see James smiling at me. Oh my gosh!

“uh.. ” i did a nervous laugh. “… pickles..” fudge! stupid. not pickles. “Not pickles. It.. its. okay.. i..i.. can do it myself..” My face must be red with embarrassment.

It was too late, all my books were in his hands. “come on ill walk you towards you’re class.” I was smiling a little too wide. my cheeks were hurting. but i still couldn’t believe he’s talking to me, an awkward tomboy.

“So..” He started. “are you new here?” Pftt not..

“pfft no..” I say without realizing, i clear my troat and straighten my back “no.. I’ve.. b-been studying here for a long time” i say. I guess this makeover and clothes kind of changed my whole look.

“hmm okay.” He says not asking any more questions.

once we reached the classroom we stopped at the door. James looked at me and smiled. “I’ll see you Whats youre name?” Sounding nervous.

“S-summer” i stammer.

“great.. I’ll see you later Summer” and with that he went.

“Ya ill definately see you!” I say when noones there. I jump in excitement. I cant even wipe my smile off.

I go in class and sit on my seat.

Unfortunately for me, Dalon is in my class, So he conveniently sits next to my seat.

“So? What did James say?” He whispers. My eyes widen, How did he know.

“how did-” i was cut off.

“i saw him picking up your books in the hallway.” He says it but then he grinns. “I even saw how red your face was.” He starts laughing.

“i did not” i huff and cross my arms.

“You so did!” He says between laughs.” You looked like a tomato.”

I ignored him.. My mood was so good now its ruined because of him. I hear him stop laughing.

“okay Im sorry,” i look at him seeing that he was holding his ears. Okay he looks funny, i start laughing. “now why dont you tell me what he said?” Okay here we go.

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