Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 13

“You what?!” Dalon kept on laughing, “y-you called him..” Still chuckling, “a pickle.” He kept on laughing holding his stomach tightly. It started to piss me off, i know im an idiot, no need to laugh it out. Sheesh. “Gosh Sum, i didn’t know you were funny” he says breathlessly. He wiped off a tear that came out from all of his laughter.

“Ha. Ha.” I say lamely.

The teacher came into class and started to begin his lecture.

The day went by quite boring actually. The only thing different was that boys started to talk to me, and me being the weirdo I am, i ignored them and went home. Unfortunately for me Ginger did not go back to her home, instead she came to my house. We both started playing fifa 15 on my PS4.

“So Summer, care to explain why your appearance is so different today?” She asks while i start the game.

“Its nothing actually, i thought maybe i should change. You know get a new look, to start something different.” I say.

“Really, i don’t believe you.” She says boldly, her eyes on the TV screen.

“I’m serious. I’m telling the truth.” I lie. Well technically i didn’t right? Who am i kidding.

“Oh yeah, and i just assume you getting this huge makeover is nothing.. Summer i know you, the girl who hates make up with all her heart is wearing it today. The girl who doesn’t care what she wears is wearing something a girl would wear.. What are you hiding?” She says her eyes now glued to me.

I started to fake cough “ill go drink some water and come.” I stand up ready to leave the room when.


“Fine, fine” i calm her down. I take a deep breath before saying the three words” I like someone”. The next thing i knew her joystick was on the ground and she started squealing.

“Oh my gosh!!” I knew this would happen.” What!” wait for it. She got up, tripping herself on a wire making her fall on the ground with a loud thud.

“And here i thought i was the clumsy one.” I cross my arms.

“Don’t just stand there, help me.” She tells me trying to get herself up. I huff before I walk towards her and help her stand up. When she got up she looked at me with her eyes twinkling. she held both my shoulders and started shaking me back ad forth. “You like someone!?” she yells.

“Geez, your pain sure left huh Ginger?” i say deadpanned. Thank god my parents aren’t home. Otherwise i have to listen to many questions i don’t even know the answer of.

“Shut up, you freaking like someone?” She asks again. I nod my head. “Oh my gosh I think I know who it is!” she says excitedly. “Its Toby isn’t it.?”

“Toby Arnold, the guy who ate chalk in 6th grade.. The guy who licks his fingers when no one is looking. The one who confessed he liked me in front of my class by standing on the teachers table saying ‘I like ju Shummer’ Because he has huge braces on?” I ask. She nods.”No! shit, hes gross as hell. Even grosser than me.”

“Yea true.” she says trying to look somewhere else with a faint smile. I knew she was stopping herself from laughing. About two to three seconds later she couldn’t help it, she laughed. “Oh god, you should’ve seen your face, priceless.”

“Hilarious.” i say coldly. A moment later she finally stopped.

“Is it Dalon?” She asks suddenly.


“the guy you like, is it Dalon?”

“No! god no! I don’t like him. We’re just friends, in fact im not even sure that we are.” i say truthfully.

“Oh come on you guys hang out more than i hang out with my own cat.”

“Ginger honey, you don’t have a cat.” i tell her.

“Oh yeah..” she tells thinking but she soon snaps out of it. ” But that’s not the point, the point is that you spend more time with each other, whats up with you?”

“Its nothing, hes just trying to be a good friend, he is the one who is helping me, you know to get the guy i like’s attention.”

“Wait he knows and i don’t.” she stares at me. “You told him but you never told your only best friend!” she yells. “How cou-” before she could say anything, i cut her off.

“hey hey, i didn’t do anything .. the guy found out about it but i didnt tell him anything. he found it out all by himself.” relief comes through her face.

“oh.” she says lamely. “can i know the guys name.” i don’t speak. hoping that i dont want to tell her today. I thought she would get all sad but she was okay about it.

“You’re fine it?”

“who am i kidding, im great. Whoever you like summer, I’m happy for you.” she grins at me. Thats what i like about Ginger. She doesn’t force anyone tell her stuff real fast. She is really patient. “You can change whatever style you like, but please i beg you dont change your attitude.” she tells me seriously. what gave her that idea.

“Why would you think i would change my attitude?” i ask.

“I don’t know, i saw mean girls yesterday.” she confesses. I roll my eyes but hug her.

“Ginger what happens in the movies does not always happen in real life dumbass.”

“fine no need to be rude.” she says.

“You love me.” i say. “Now lets both play some fifa 15 shall we?”

“Hell yeah!” she screams.

I start the game on my ps4 and sit on the couch next to Ginger. what better way to have a good friendship time playing video games and having food with your best friend alone. Then the most unexpected happened.

Someone rang the door bell.

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