Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 14

“I’ll go and get it.” I tell Ginger. She nods and continues to play the game.

As far as I know, mom and dad won’t come home this early. It’s 3 in the afternoon, they always come home at around 5:30 to 6, so who could it be? As I walk towards the door, I peek through the peephole to see who it was. To my surprise it was Dalon. What does her he want? I open the door.

“Hey-” i begin, but soon got cut off when he just walks inside like he owns the place. Wow. “Sure Dalon you can come inside whenever you want to my sweet home.” i mutter sarcastically. Unfortunately he was too caught up in his thoughts to hear what i said. I close the door and cross my arms. ” What do you want?” I ask sounding a little pissed. hey he came into my house, i have the right to be pissed at the dude.

“Sum i nee-” He was cut off by a scream of the one and only Ginger. She runs towards me tackling me to the ground. Fudge! Jeez.. I groan in pain. Damn..

“Ginger what the hell!” i struggle to say with all her hair in my mouth. This woman can tackle like man gosh.. ” why did you do that?”

“Oh my gosh is that Dalon?!” she whisper yells.

“Why are you whispering? Yes he is Dalon.. Problem?” i say with my eyebrows raised.

“Oh nothin.. it’s that some hot guy is in the same room as we are and I’m having a really hard time calming myself.”

“Yeah, i can see that.” i tell her. We were having an argument whispering but we were interrupted with a cough by Dalon.

“I’m sorry to interrupt you guys, but i need to talk to Summer really urgently. Even though I would really enjoy seeing this with no problem.” Oh my god really. What a pervert. Ginger quickly gets up and offers me a hand. i quickly take it and get up.

“Excuse me?” i say putting my hands on my hips. He just smirks and shakes his head. I look at Ginger and see her fanning her face. What is with her? ” Ginger is something wrong?” i ask.

“Oh, umm.. n-nothing i-it’s just, Um.. w-what is h-he, Oh for crying out loud, do you have ice cream in your fridge?” she exclaims. I cant help but chuckle. She always does that when she is nervous. She needs something to eat whenever she gets nervous. Every time we have exams she has a chocolate bar because she gets nervous. I’m still wondering how she isn’t fat. I nod, she quickly leaves to the kitchen.

“Sorry about that, whats up?” i ask Dalon.

“Nah it’s fine.. I need your help badly.”

“yea what?”

“I accidentally sent my mom the email that wasn’t for her to read.. It was for my friend, and i don’t want her to see it.”

“I don’t understand, whats in the email that you are so worried about?”

“there are some pictures.” he seems unsure.

“Okay and?”

“Summer you don’t understand, those pictures are um.. pictures of some.. hot girl.” he says hesitantly. Wow i am actually enjoying him getting scared. i’m cruel aren’t i?

“Is she naked?” i ask.

” Technically no,- ” i sigh in relief. “she is half naked though” my eyes go wide.

“What!” I squeak.

“Hey, my mom hasn’t found out yet, her laptop is at home. she went to some lunch and she might come home any moment.. please can you help me crack her password so i can delete the email.”

“Oh, i’m not good with hacking this type of shit. I think Ginger might help.”

“i am?” Ginger asks from the kitchen with her mouth full of icecream.

“Oh god thank you so much.” he says holding my hands.

When we all go his house, they both go to the office room. While i was downstairs on my phone. After a while i hear the sound of a car engine getting louder and louder. That cant be Dalon’s mom, they arent even finished yet! i start to panic. Once Kyla parks her car she steps out. and might i say her dress was stunning. She looked amazing in that white dress.

I quickly run up to her. “Hi! Kyla how are you?” i chirp. god i sound so funny when i panic. i plaster a smile.

“Oh hi Summer, you look pretty.. im doing great.. Just tired from the business meeting i had.” she says.

“Oh how was it?” come on guys faster whats taking you so long?

“It was good. Got the deal.” She chuckles. ” if you would just excuse me for just a second, I’ll just keep this bag in my office room.” oh no. i block her way.

“Have you heard the news, it gonna rain a lot this week. Better keep my cat Bruce in huh?” really Summer, you don’t even have a cat named Bruce lee or any other damn cat or pet. I pretty sure cats don’t go all karate on you. Get it because Bruce lee.. okay shut up Summer.

“No i haven’t.. is it? i just hope your cat doe not get soaked.”she jokes. I try to laugh but i pretty sure i sound like someone who has breathing problems. “Now if you would just move i would like to put this in the room.”

“Oh.” i move slightly but them i stop her again.


“uh.. well you look lovely today. nice dress where did you buy it? cause you know i’m really interested in it.. the style’s really nice, and oh my gosh the design it so..” think Summer. ” so.. creative and stunning.. what brand is it?” i ask her.

“Wow um thanks for the compliment, i guess. My boss gave it to me as a gift. And the brand, i think it’s from Abercrombie and Fitch.” she examining her dress.

I just smile at her and just agree to what she is saying. While she keeps talking about her dress i see Dalon and Ginger coming out of the room. They both see Kyla and i and hide. I make sure she doesn’t turn around as she was facing opposite of the front door. They both quickly leave the house.

I chuckle before saying, “it was nice talking to you Kyla, get some rest.” i pat her shoulder smiling before leaving.

Kyla got confused but she said bye none the less.

Once i reach home i see both Dalon and Ginger waiting for me by the door. Ginger jumped and hugged me. “That was so awesome. Doing this stuff is fun in real life too like the games!” she says smiling.

“yeah, you got the fun part, i got the boring part in this video game”i say lamely.

“Aw cheer up Summer, the important thing is we got that thing deleted before my mom saw it. I’m safe so i declare this mission successful.”

“Good for you.” i say sarcastically. he starts to glare at me, and i too start glaring at him. Soon we were both having a staring competition.

“Ookay who wants to play some fifa 15?” Ginger says breaking the mini battle we had.

We agreed to it anyway. It has been a long day.

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