Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 15

Today is Saturday, the day of the party. Flo invited me to come and honestly it’s my first time going to a party without my parents. Apparently Dalon is also coming with me because he is also invited, and he is afraid that I might do something stupid considering how clumsy I am. It’s 4pm and i have two more hours left to get ready for the party.

I called Ginger to come to my place so she can help me choose what to wear but she had to go somewhere with her parents. What do I do now? I don’t have any fashion sense! Being a girl is so hard compared to boys,they can just wear jeans and a shirt and their ready. A girl has to choose what goes well on her, check if she has matching shoes and try to look good as possible, and that’s alot of hard work. My mom is at work so there is no point asking her for help and i don’t think it’s a good idea to ask Flo for help as I’m to her party, so i had no option to just call Dalon.

Five minutes later he comes ringing my doorbell. When I open the door I come and see a a smirking Dalon. “I’m quite impressed, I thought you hated me.”

“Don’t get your hopes up, I called you to help me choose what to wear for Flo’s party.” i tell him.

“What’s there to worry about, when Dalon is here. Okay show me what you have.”

I lead him to my room and show him what I have. “Here ya go, i can’t decide what to wear.” i bite my lips.

“Okay why don’t you wear this.” he says pulling out a red tank top and black jeans. He also took out a black leather jacket that was bought by my mom last year for my birthday. I never wore it because i never thought it was necessary. Got to admit his taste in style is not bad.


“And wear those heels too” pointing at the beige colored heels Flo and i bought in our shopping spree. There’s no way I’m going to wear that. Those are freaking 5 inch heels, i cant even walk properly with 2 inched heels.

“no” i state

“why not?”

“Um well i don’t know how to walk in heels.” i say putting my head down to cover my face from blushing.

“Wait so you have never worn a heels, even those short ones?” i shake my head. I was expecting him to laugh but he didn’t. He just smiled and said “I’ll help you.”

“No Dalon i don’t want to.”

“Come on Summer, don’t you remember walking on heels was in your list. Why not now?” he states. i grumble, but i agree to it.

I pick up the heels and wear them. I gotta admit they looked stunning when i wore it. i tried to stand up but they were difficult to stand on.

Oh my god! this is freaking scary! I feel my legs wobbling, soon my foot goes sideways - oh god this is the end! I’m gonna die. i shut my eyes waiting for the impact but i didn’t feel anything except an arm holding me by the waist.

“i got you.” Dalon assures me. I felt his breath against my cheek that made me shiver a little. Get a grip Summer! ” Don’t worry i’ll hold you.” He offers me his hand which i take without thinking. I can’t concentrate when his hand is on my waist, damn you Dalon for making me feel this way.

I try to walk again but i would always fall or at least about to.. Dalon was there supporting me while i tried to walk properly. This time Dalon was infront of me holding both my hands while i walked forward he would walk backwards.

“This isn’t so bad huh?” Dalon pipes in. I nod smiling.”Okay Sum I’m going to let go now, try to walk on your own.. I’m right here if you fall” I take deep breath before agreeing.

Once he lets go, i took a step, then another successfully. I felt proud of myself so i continued to walk slowly. “Dalon im walking on heels!” I say cheerily.

“Yea you are. good job Sum!”

i laugh, grinning like some goof, but then i frown because I didnt know how to stop. “Dalon i don’t know how to stop walking!” I shout.

“Okay Sum i think you should slow down.” I did i was told, but then i tripped on a wire of my playstations which made me loose my balance. Dalon managed to catch my arm but i was already falling making him fall with me too. We both fell with a loud thud.

“Shit!” I hiss.

“fuck!” Dalon groans as the same time as me.

“Oh my god, Dalon are you okay?” I ask him. We both fell on the ground for sure but Dalon had his back in contact with the floor while i was on top of him.

“I’m good” He is lying, i know he his.. I can hear his heavy breathing.

“you’re lying” i tell him. I take off my heels which didnt break thankfully, and get up. I offer him a hand which he takes. He winces but gets up. “Im going to bring the ice pack from the kitchen” He nods.

Once i get the ice pack from the kitchen, i head to my room. There i see a shirtless Dalon facing his back to the door. Damn he has a sexy back, focus Summer. I clear my thoat and walk towards him. He sees me and he allows me to put the ice pack on his back.(that rhymes :p sorry) I place the pack which he winces but later sighs. I noticed he had a tattoo on the left side of his back saying ‘hope’. They say tattoos have a secret to it. I wonder what secret is behind ‘hope’.

After i was done it was time for us to get ready to goto the party. Dalon went back to his house while i started to get ready and hopefully not trip myself again.

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