Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 16

I combed my hair and left my hair fall to my shoulders. Since i didn’t know how to put make up on properly i just went with one of mom’s lip glosses. I finally started walking on heels properly and i knew how to stop and keep my balance thankfully. I leave the house making sure i locked the front door and wait for Dalon since he was my ride there and home.

Once he came out saying bye to his mom, he looked at me. I felt his gaze on me going from bottom to top. Feeling uncomfortable and I break the awkward silence by saying “How do i look?”

He clears his throat and says ” You look hot!” typical Dalon. I grin.

“You don’t look too bad yourself.” i compliment him. He was wearing black jeans and a blue shirt. Hi sleeves were folded till his elbow. His shoes were black converse shoes. The look was simple but to Dalon the style looked perfect.

“Why thank you.” he shows off by poses making me chuckle. “Come on let’s go, we don’t want to get late. “

“Yeah lets go.”

The ride was silent.

Neither of us spoke, only the faint sound of music coming from the radio could be heard. Well this is awkward. Why isn’t he speaking? Usually he’s the one that starts the conversation, maybe he might be thinking about the incident we both had. I’m still wondering what that tattoo on his back meant. ‘hope’ did something happen to him, and he doesn’t want to lose hope?

Building up the courage, i ask him “So Dalon, can i ask you something?”


“I don’t know if I’m supposed to ask you but I really want to know”

“Is it me being gay? because i can assure you im straight as hell.” Giving me a serious look.

“What the hell! no.” this makes him chuckle

“Summer you can ask me anything.”

“Okay, well you see, when you were teaching me how to walk on heals, we both fell right?” he nods ” You got hurt and I was putting ice.”


“Well I saw your tattoo.” His eyes darken. “What does hope mean?”

“Hope, a noun, a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen.” he says bluntly.

I give him a look. “You know what i mean Dalon.. Why did you put it?”

“Because i wanted to.”

“Are you serious right now?! You are impossible!”

“thanks i get that alot.” he says winking. I huff and cross my arms, he is so hard to understand sometimes.”Don’t worry Sum I’ll tell you when its the right time.” i nod abruptly

Dalon parks the car and turns it off and looks at me. “Ready?”

Am i? Are you ready for the drunk dancing and loud music.? It isn’t bad right? i hope its just like the movies. I nod.

Once we reached the front door, there wasn’t any sound of music coming from inside. weird. i thought there’s supposed to be loud music. I look at Dalon “Is it supposed to be this quiet?”

“Uh no” He rings the doorbell. A moment Flo comes stunning as ever with her hair curled up and she wore a black dress.

“Oh hey guys! welcome to my house, by the way you guys look amazing.” she complimented.

“Thank you” we both say in unison.

” I’ll be right back i need to answer this call” Flo says pointing at her phone that just went ringing. I look around the place. Huh? Aren’t there supposed to be people dancing around. This isn’t like the movies, what the hell! I had high expectations man! Everyone is just seated on the couch or the floor or someplace on the corner with their phone on one hand and a drink on the other. I could even see some people mouth ‘awesome party’ while typing - probably posting it on facebook.

“Huh, weird party.” Dalon crosses his arms and leans on a wall nearby. “Usually her parties are the best.” I shrug, “hey now that we’re at the party, lets do one more of your stuff to do on that list?”

“What do i have to do now?” i raise my eyebrows. He takes his phone out and looks at something.

“Aha! You need to get some guy’s number..”

“What! I can’t do that, its hard”

“Aw come on it’s not that bad. Lets use a good old trick shall we?” He looks around till he sees a girl. She looked like a model, what does she eat grass? focus Summer! He walks towards her but not so far so i can’t hear.

“hey..” he trails off.


“hey Marissa,” he says it in a husky way. Man what is he doing? “Did you fall from heaven, angel?” she giggles. Oh my god, he’s doing those lame pick up lines and she is falling for it! Damn. “You must be made of red phosphorous and i must be a wooden stick cause we’re a match” Okay a chemistry pick up line, ooh that’s good.

“Aw!” Ya serious right now.

“Hey you think you could ask this person I know to give me her number?” She frowns but nods.

“who?” she asks.

“All right, well, keep quiet, because she’s standing right next to me.” he smirks. She bites her bottom lip and i can see her blush too. Dalon offers her a pen which he had in his pocket. She smiles taking it and writing it on his hand.

Dalon comes back feeling triumphant. He shows me his hand and indeed they were digits of a phone number.

“Now it’s your turn.” How am i supposed to do this

“No! i cant, its embarrassing! hell i don’t even know any proper pick up lines”

“Will you relax! just try at least. Try it on that guy.” pointing towards a guy in the corner. He looked like an ordinary guy which is easy to talk to. Hot and cute guys are hard to talk to. “Come on try it, you just need his number, you don’t need to call him or anything.” he pushes me towards him.

You can do this Summer! I keep repeating the words that Dalon said. Yeah, i don’t need to call him just get his number.. piece of cake.

Once i reach him i say “Hey.. can i ask your name” i try my best to act sweetly.

“Steven.” he says looking at his phone. okay rude, im right here.

“Okay,” lets just go with it. “did u just fart? Because you blew me away” Damn.. It sounded way better in my head. It sounds so cringy and weird when I said it out loud. Great you’re going to regret this Summer.

“excuse me!?” He sounds irritated.. Okay back up back up Summer or you’re dead.

“Are you wifi? Because i cant feel the connection between us.”

“yea we dont” he says leaving me. Damn I’m aweful.

i walk back where Dalon was. I could see him laughing showing all of his stupid white, perfect teeth.

“Don’t laugh at me, I did my best!” I whine.

“Woah someone needs a drink” he hands me a drink which i gladly take.. Its sprite so im happy.

“seriously though out of all that u chose the fart pick up line” he laughs and i grumble.

I look around to get my mind out of that stupid incident. I see Flo worrying walking to and fro worried. I go up to her and ask whats wrong.

“Oh Summer, the dj that was supposed to come for the party is stuck in traffic, I dont know what to do!”

“Oh.. Well I have some songs of some djs in my phone.. I can use some of them if you like”

“will you? Oh my god thank you Summer! You’re the best!” She hugs me.

I smile and say “no problem.” I go up to the dj stand and connect my phone to the aux cable. I play the playlist.

Shortly the whole party has loud music coming everywhere. People started crowding the hall and dancing to the music.

“Nice music taste you have there” a voice from the back shouts

i turn my head to see a handsome boy around my age. I shout back a thanks.

“Would you like a drink” he shouts. I grin and nod.. Maybe this day isn’t that bad.

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