Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 17

“So how was the party?” Ginger asks me excitingly as I put my books in my locker. I grin showing all my teeth.

Last night was amazing, I finally got the guy’s number whose name was Brian. He was quite nice and no, I did not try any lame pick up lines on him. Once was enough thank you very much. I showed Dalon his number and he was impressed. The DJ finally came after an hour and I liked his songs, he even complimented my song choices. So I was happy the end of the day.

Mom and dad knew I was at a party and they were okay with it. But once i came back home they kept on asking me questions related to the party and of course I answered them. Mom, who is interested i these type of things asked me if i saw any boys and i said yes. My dad wasn’t happy with this though, i guess dads are just too over protective.

I tell Ginger everything that happened at the party including my lame attempt with pickup lines. Knowing Ginger, she wouldn’t feel sorry for me, she would just laugh her ass off.

“Oh my gosh! It sucks to be you” she wipes of a tear after laughing. I sigh.

After i took the books i needed from my locker, i faced her “Where did you go with your parents?” I ask. She was busy yesterday so she couldnt help me get ready for the party.

“Turns out I had to go to some dinner with one of my dad’s old bestfriend and family. And guess what?” Her face brightens


“He has a son.” Typical Ginger always swooning over boys. I smile and shake my head. “He is hot. I mean he works out, like damn”.

“I’m sure you guys talked then”

“Yeah, sort of.. Like introductions and stuff”

“Ah.. I see”

“Okay so enough talk about him, lets talk about Chris” Chris is my 19 year old brother who goes to college now. I haven’t seen him in a year. I miss him a lot even though we fight over little things.

“What about him?” I ask, knowing where this is going. You see, Ginger has had a crush on my brother since we were kids. It all started when Ginger drew a drawing of her and her parents. But at that time her parents were both going out and she had to stay at my place. On the way her drawing slipped from her hands and got spoiled. She came to my place crying, and me being a lunatic didn’t know what to do. I’m not good with situations like these! But my brother was the one patient and helped her draw another drawing for her parents. She didn’t forget that day.

“You know what I mean! When is he coming?”

“Oh, he’s coming this Friday.”

“oh.” was all she said, I was kind of expecting her to say something else but oh well. But i could clearly see she was trying hard to suppress her smile. I knew she was happy hearing this.

Once the bell rang, we bid our goodbyes and part ways.

Once I reached my math class, the teacher wasn’t there and there was paper planes flying in the air and before i realized it, one came straight to my face. I squeeze my eyes, pretty sure i was looking like a scared squirrel.

Then i slowly open to check if the coast was clear. And it was, I sigh in relief. I hear the sound of shoes jogging towards me so I look around and see James coming over to me.

James! Oh my god, how could i forget him! I was so concentrated on the party that he completely slipped out of my mind! How could you Summer! I was about to hit my head for being stupid but he was already here. So Summer keep your cool!

“Hey Summer” he says smiling showing his lovely dimples I cant stop swooning of.. Gosh, i sound like a girl.

Play it cool. “Hey James” i say with a high pitched voice. Dammit Summer! I clear my throat and say again.”Hey James”.

“How are you? Listen I’m so sorry for that paper plane that hit you. You see,” he points to his friend who is making paper planes out of notebook.”my friend is acting like a kid”

“Oh, I’m fine really. It’s just a paper plane, nothing to worry about.” Oh my gosh Summer you actually said it without stammering! Two points for you!

“yeah well, I’m glad you’re okay” he smiles at me again. And I smile back obviously. “So I was thinking,” Oh my gosh what is he going to ask me! I instantly think of random things. “Are you free this Saturday?” Huh? Why is he asking me if I’m free?

“Yeah I’m free.”

“Great! Um do you want to hang out with me on saturday.” He asks unsurely.

Wait. Did he just say hang out? As in a date hang out! Did he just ask me out? Oh my gosh he did! Or maybe not? Say yes you dumbass!

i try to be cool and put one hand on the back of a chair and lean, but for me, I always get the opposite of cool. The chair had wheels on it, making me fall sideways towards the ground with a loud thud. Am I that unlucky! I groan in pain not realizing that I’m in front of my crush dammit.

“Are you okay!?!” James kneels down with a worried look.

“yeah yeah.. Falling on chairs is a thing for me” dusting my clothes. I realised what a complete idiot I might have looked when i said that. But he gives a chuckle.

“you’re cute” okay that made me blush! “let me help you up” he holds both my shoulders and sits me on the chair. That’s sweet of him. “So about saturday?”

i grin.” Yeah, I’ll hang out with you”

He gives a genuine smile ” great, here’s my number, text me your address and I’ll tell you the times, yeah?” I nod. He gives me his number, wow I actually got his number! “I’ll see you later Summer. Oh, and take care of yourself.” I grin and nod. James goes back to his seat next to his friends.

After a moment the teacher arrives and starts his lecture. But through the whole lectura I seem to wipe of the stupid smile on my face.

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