Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 18

Friday came faster than I expected. I had invited Ginger to my place for a video game battle after school. She was okay with it. I guess i just wanted to see her face when Chris comes home. Its going to be fun! I’m cruel I know. I bet she’s excited too.

James has been talking to me the whole week and we became pretty good friends now. Dalon was aware of this and told it’s going like how he planned it. But one thing that bothered me really badly was that whatever he was saying never showed through his eyes. He had a smile but it looked almost as if it was forced and i couldn’t understand properly, why? He was hard to understand sometimes and they tell girls are confusing!

I’m glad that finally James took notice of me. I guess paying attention of how you look makes you noticeable. All this time I didn’t care how I looked before, I guess I always wanted to be invisible among the crowd. It feels nice getting noticed by someone you always wanted to look at you, but sometimes I miss my old self.


“Yo Summer are you concentrating on the game or what?” Ginger interrupts me from my thoughts. Well that was embarrassing!

“Pfft yeah! why wouldn’t I?”

“Your losing.” she states.

I look at the screen and indeed i was losing. I’m on 6th place on freaking Mario cart! Well done Summer you’re losing the game you’re a pro at! Well done, I want to clap at your lameness.

“Bloody hell!” i shout and try to race properly.

“British swearing, damn!” Ginger tells me with amusement in her voice.

” My inner British self is coming out when I’m frustrated..” I tease along. Being close to Flo made me learn some words.

“Oh darling, don’t be barmy.” Ginger says it in a British way, without any difficulty.

“damn.” i say raising my arms in surrender.

“Now concentrate before I beat your arse.”

” yes ma’am.” I carry on playing. I race my cart till I reach Ginger’s cart. She didn’t even realize my cart was behind hers. All I need to do is just to pass her before I cross the finish line!

“Woah how did you get here so fast?!” Ginger yells.

“Don’t forget you’re dealing with someone who is a pro at Mario cart!” I yell back.

“Oh no, I’m not going let you win this time.” Ginger stays more concentrated.

The whole place was silent, not a single word came from our mouths. We were so engrossed in playing that we didn’t realize anyone coming in until the front door closed.

“What was that?” Ginger, whose confused like me, whisper yells at me.

“I don’t know!” I mouth back. Lets see here, Mom and dad are at work. Chris said he’ll come at 7pm so that can’t be him. Dalon doesn’t have a spare key so he would ring the bell, so that means its a thief. Oh shit! I motion Ginger to hide which she does without any second thoughts great now I’m all alone. Thanks mate.

I take one of the umbrella’s that was hanging nearby, which was big enough to hit him.. or her. Okay Summer.. Normally I would just hide but hey being a bad ass for one day isn’t bad right. Oh man, i hate this. I grip on the umbrella tightly and wait for him to come.

I hear foot steps coming closer and closer, okay Summer its now or never. I close my eyes and take a deep breath before going in. The person’s back was facing me, he had short hair so its definitely a boy or a man. He looked quite muscular from the back. Okay how did he get in my house like seriously!

As i quietly go keeping a safe distance between us, I lift my Umbrella high and hit him.


“Holy shit!” he groans. Wait i know that voice. I look and see it’s my brother Chris. Huh? I remember him being really skinny, how did he become so muscular and good looking. “Are you just going to stand there or are you going to help me and get up.” He says holding the back of his head. Damn, did i hit him that hard. I kneel down and help him get up.

“Oh man, I’m so sorry I thought you were a thief! God, I hit you really hard huh?”


“Ginger!” i yell out.

“Yo did you…” she comes running but slows down when she sees my brother. Oh my gosh her face is priceless. I cant stop grinning.

“Ginger can you get the first aid box from mom and dad’s room” I tell her.

She looks at me, then at my brother and then back at me. She opens her mouth to speak but nothing comes out ending up saying “mm hmm” walking away.

I look at my brother and ask “Weren’t you supposed to be coming at 7pm today.”

“I sorta lied, my flight landed at 3.. Just wanted to surprise you guys. Guess i surprised you a little too much”

“Hey, I’m sorry.. As i said, i thought you were a thief.”

“Yeah yeah i get it, but hey you could’ve just stayed inside your room, You wouldn’t know if it was actually a thief with a gun. you would have been in danger.”

“yeah i know.”

“You being all brave is sorta new to me. I mean looking at you, man you’ve changed.”

“Oh stop it, don’t make me emotional okay. And i could say the same to you, when did you become so muscular. been working out?”

“As a matter of fact, I am” flexing his muscles making me roll my eyes. I hear someone clear their throat and i look and see Ginger with the first aid box in her hand.

“here” she says giving it to me. Before i could say anything Chris cuts me off.

“Ginger wow, how are you?” He asks smiling.

“I-I’m good Chris, Y-you?” she stammers. Man, shes nervous.. wait do I look like that towards James. oh man.

“I’m doing great.” he says smiling. She smiles back.

She looks a me and says.

“I’ll be right back” before running off to the washroom. Then i hear a loud scream. Ginger man really?

“Woah, she okay?” Chris asks.

“oh, she’s fine.. just girl problems.” i shrug. “lets get you bandaged shall we?”

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