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Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 1

“Ginger, wait up!” I exclaim, trying to get her attention. Her tiny red haired braid could easily be seen amongst the crowd.

Ginger is the only one I’m really close to. We got really close with each other just by playing video games. She had invited me to her place and she showed me the games she played and from then on we have been best friends ever since.

We’ve been known as the gaming duo by our families. However, this is literally the only thing we both have in common. Ginger is a well mannered girl while I’m the complete opposite. I’m not even sure if how I act is supposed to be done by a girl. Ginger sometimes tells me I am a tomboy, a really lazy one, which I got to admit is a little true.

Ginger even likes shopping, while I don’t. I hate shopping, carrying loads of bags and walking around is not my cup of tea. I prefer sitting at home playing a game or watching a movie while eating my favorite snack instead of walking for two or more hours.

You can clearly know that I’m not an active person when it comes to exercising. So when Ginger was running to get to class on time, I had the hardest time trying to catch up to her.

Thankfully she stopped, making me sigh in relief. “Slow down will you, I don’t have big feet you know.” I tell her breathlessly.

As I reached her my stupid shoe got stuck on something sticky making me lose my balance as I walked causing me to fall face down towards the ground.

I yelp, and groan.


Seriously, I get to fall right now! I groan in pain and touch my right leg and notice a big scratch on it.

Ginger finally saw me on the ground. “Oh my god are you alright?” Trying to show concern but I clearly see through her face that she is trying really hard to keep herself from laughing.

“Yeah. Tell me a day where Ms. clumsy doesn’t do her job. Ugh why does it always happen to me!” I moan.

Ginger saw my face with amusement and bursts into laughter. What, did I stutter? Why is she laughing so much? Can’t she see her best friend is in pain. Some Best friend she is.

After about five minutes of laughing she noticed my face and tried to stop. “By the way how did you fall?” she asked between chuckles, changing the topic and looking around.

I was too busy looking at my scratch to even reply to her.

Suddenly, Ginger screamed so loudly that if birds were on our school building right now they would fly away.

I jumped and glared at her.

“Ew ew ew! there’s someones gum on the floor.. yuck!” she yelled. People around looked at us weirdly, some even had their eyes wide open, probably scared of what just happened. I looked at Ginger, with an annoyed face.

“Seriously Ginger!” I tell her. “Its just a piece of chewing gum what’s the big deal?”

“Whats the big deal!? Woman that is one hell of a disgusting piece of crap right there that someone conveniently chewed with all his or her dirty saliva and threw it in the middle of the school hallway! God knows how many days its been there with all the germs covering it. The staff here is horrible. I should go complain to the principle about this. Yeah he-”

I stood up and cut her off ” Ginger calm down.” holding her shoulders. I picked up the chewing gum and threw it in the bin. I looked at Ginger who had her mouth wide open.

“What?” I ask.

She didn’t reply.

“Close that mouth of yours.. Flies will go in.” I say tapping her chin. She quickly shuts her mouth immediately.

“You just touched the gum which is disgusting by the way!” showing a disgusted look to me. “Great now I have germs on me.” She says, “I’m going to wash my face and you lady must wash your hands before you even touch me after you touch something really disgusting like that.

I just groan.

Sometimes I think I have two moms. Or maybe I just act like a five year old in a 17 year old body and I find everyone way to mature for me.

We both made our way to to the washroom.

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