Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 19

Ginger left an hour after Chris came home. We both watched an action movie and ate snacks from the fridge. At about 5, mom and dad came home.

When mom saw Chris her face immediately brightened up. She hugged him and kissed his face so many times i lost count.

“Mom stop! Im getting all of your lipstick on my face!” Chris whines.

“oh stop it.. Im seeing my baby after a year so I have the right!” Mom scolds. I however, being me, i laughed earning a glare from him.

“Wait till you go to college Summer.” he smirks. That made me gulp.

When it was dads turn, he looked at him from up and down. “Been going to the gym?”


“Good, good.” Dad nods. There was five seconds of silence and let me tell you that was really awkward! Really. Awkward. “So.. You won’t give your old man a hug, or are you just going to stand there wasting both of our time?” he raises his eyebrows. Finally! I was planning to leave because that took long.

Chris grins and gives dad a man hug. They both laugh it out.

At the dinner table, mom had made Chris’ favourite food. Dad actually knew about Chris’ sudden arrival, me, mom and Ginger didn’t know about this.

The dinner was sort of boring. You see, dad kept on asking Chris about his college and how everything was there. Can’t we talk about something more interesting!

“Are you going to participate on any events in your college this year?” Dad asks.

“Yeah, I’m planning to take part in organising a carnival to raise money for charity” he says. Dad nods in response. I look up at mom and see a sense of irritation happening in her eyes. She started to tap constantly on the table. This was her way of saying she was annoyed.

Mom slaps the table, gets up from her seat and says ” Okay! Thats it, one more word related to his college and i swear, no breakfast tomorrow for you two!” She fumes. Dad and Chris gasp. Mom’s breakfast is amazing and everybody loved it and no breakfast is just so so awful . “Please, lets talk about about something else, before I lose my mind!” She takes a deep breath before sitting back down. She closes her eyes, opens it again and forces a smile toward Chris. “So Chris how’s Chloe?”

Chris glances at me, then at dad and then mom. He hesitates before saying “She’s good..”

Oh yeah, i forgot to tell you.. My brother here has a girlfreind who goes to the same college as he does. Shes gorgeous by the way, with that amazing golden hair and perfect skin. She’s kind enough to make our parents like her.
Chris and Chloe used to be the love birds at our school and after graduation they both ended up in the same college. I feel sorry for Ginger right now. She liked my brother no doubt about that and i would always see hurt in her eyes whenever those two were together but she would would cover it up and act as if it isnt affecting her.

“Mom, dad theres something i have to tell you..” Chris begins.

“what is it sweety?” Mom says. By this time I wasnt even thinking straight. I had a big chunk of chicken breast stuffed in my mouth.

“Me and Chloe decided to take a break.” I’m sorry what. Now having a big chunk of chicken in your mouth isn’t even a good idea because hearing some news makes you do stupid things! Me for example, ended up spitting the chunk of meat at my brothers face.

“Ew! Summer what the heck!” He exclaims. Picking the nearly chewed piece.

“Summer!” Mom shreiks. I started caughing so hardly i couldn’t stop so i took a sip of my drink.

“I’m really sorry! I didn’t mean to do that!” he just stares at me blankly. Dad chuckled earning a glare from mom. “Seriously though, you broke up with chloe?” I raise my eyebrows. He nods abruptly. I nod back not wanting to say anything that will make the situation worse. I have got to tell this to Ginger!

‘guess what’- Summer


‘guess it!’ -Summer

‘bish, how am i supposed to know! -.- ’-Ginger

‘Chris and Chlow aren’t dating anymore..’ -Summer

2 minutes had passed when i sent that text and still no reply. What is she doing? Then i hear the sound of text tone and my face lits up. I go up to my phone and see.

‘oh.’ -Ginger

Oh! Oh! Thats all she has to say oh! What the hell.. I quickly type back


‘mhmm, hey.. I’ll talk to you later okay. Bye Xoxo’ -Ginger.
What the hell just happened.? I just shrug and put my phone on the side table.

Okay maybe having your phone beside you isn’t a good idea. I have been using my phone the whole and I haven’t slept as yet. It’s 1am in the morning and here I am being a creep stalking on my crush’s profile on Facebook.
So far James hasn’t posted anything only posts of upcoming matches. I scroll down to see that James had recently added Dalon on Facebook. So I click on his profile.
Dalon’s profile is full of pictures of himself and his friends. He has about 1000 friends on Facebook that’s like trice as much as friends as mine! He even has so many fangirls commenting on his selfies.
I was curious to know how many followers he had on instagram, so I searched his name there. And he freaking has about 4K followers on instagram. I don’t even have that many!
Then I scroll through his instagram profile and it’s full of selfies of him shirtless. What the heck! The Internet is full of fan girls. The internet is dangerous place..The one which he had most likes was when he wore a suit. The caption was ‘about to go to a wedding’ and apparently it got viral on the Internet.

He does look handsome in it though can’t blame the girls for it.
I put my phone back on the side table and lay my head down on my pillow. I feel myself slowly drifting to sleep.

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