Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 20

I got up at about 9:30 in the morning and took a shower. After the shower, i dressed into my usual wear. I took my phone downstairs and sat with everyone on the dining table. Surprisingly everyone was there before i was. Usually its Chris whose always late.

I put my phone on table and started having my breakfast. My phone started to vibrate, making me raise my eyebrows. Who is messaging me now? I look around and see everyone staring at me and then my phone.

I force a smile before quickly taking it. Its a message from an unknown number. Uh? I open the message and read.

‘Hey Summer, how are you? It’s James.. :)’ -James

Wait what? Did i read that correctly? I read it twice and it was actually him! Oh my god! Oh shit..

“Honey are you okay? You look red” My mom asks.

“I-I’m good, mom.. nothings wrong with me..” i force a laugh “i mean, what could happen to me right? Im good.. just good.. Just fantastic” I say grinning like an idiot. I take a sip of water to control the emotions i was feeling.

“Ookay..” Mom says shaking her head but doesn’t say anything else. Dad was busy reading the newspaper to notice. Chris of course looked at me like he knew i was keeping something. I ignored him and looked at my phone. How should i reply? Should i start with a hi or a hey? Maybe i should write it like….

Or maybe not.. Act cool Summer not like some love stuck puppy. Think of a friendly, more cooler, laid back way to reply so James won’t think of me as a weirdo.

‘Hi James. I’m good.. How are you?’

Is it enough? should i ask about our date today? No.. I don’t think i should do that. I click send and keep my phone in my hand instead of keeping it on the table. I continue to eat my breakfast when i feel my phone vibrate again.

I quickly lift my phone but was stopped by my mom.

“Summer, no phones while eating..” she says. Aww really.. Come on mom. I sigh and put my phone in my pocket. Just hope James doesn’t think of anything because i didn’t reply to him.

No one spoke a word which made even more frustrated. I can’t even seem to sit properly on my chair. Then mom spoke about visiting our grandmother next week, Chris and i agreed to go.

After eating I ran upstairs to my room. I open the text.

‘I’m awesome thanks for asking.. So i hope you’re coming today’ -James

I couldn’t stop myself from smiling.

‘Yea I’m coming to date :)’ -Summer

My smile slowly faded when i read my message again after i sent it. Oh crap. Not to date! shit auto correct always messes up! I quickly type again.

‘I’m so sorry. its the auto correct.. I meant today. >.<’ -Summer

I waited for a reply but never got it. Maybe he doesn’t have his phone with him right now. He might be in the washroom. I waited patiently looking at my phone.

after what took forever, i finally heard the sound ‘ping’. I open the text and read.

‘haha it’s okay.. consider this as a date ;)’ - James

Did this man just send me a text with a wink! oh man! holy jeez. Did it just turn really hot in here or is it just me.

Oh my god! I cant believe it! Its a date. Its actually a date! I’m officially going on a date with James! I cant believe this, wait till Dalon hears about this.

I kept ringing the bell of Dalon’s house. What’s taking him so long? he can’t be out because his car is parked right outside his house.

Then I hear shuffling from inside.
“Gosh, I’m coming! Can’t a man have his sleep” he yells. He still sleeps at this time.. its almost noon.

He opens the door revealing a shirtless Dalon. His hear was messy and he wore only the pants of his pajama that hung lose on his hips. He yawned and scratched the back of his head. He still had his eyes closed so he didn’t know I was checking him out and I’m thankful for that.

“What?” He slurs.

“Seriously is that how you treat a guest” I say folding my arms. At this moment he opened his eyes and saw it was me. He looked bored.

“Oh, I’m sorry.. Please come in” he says in a bored tone. I stepped in and he closed the door behind me.
His mom might have gone to work so he might be home alone.
Dalon walked to the sitting room and plopped on his sofa. “So Summer, why are you here so suddenly” he mumbles. His face was against the cushions of the sofa which made his voice sound muffled but it was clear enough to understand.

“Well I came here to tell you something.” I say

“what?” He asks.

” I got a text from someone”

“From who? What did it say” he furrows his eyebrows.

“From James, he-he said it’s a date! I’m so excited!” Dalon got up from his sofa. He smiled but his eyes kept showing something else. He came up to me. And hugged me. Huh.. might as well hug him back. (But it’s sorta weird hugging him when he’s shirtless)

“I’m happy for you Sum” he whispers.

“Aw thanks man.. its all your doing.. If you hadn’t convinced me to do that damn list I would have still be there doing nothing.” We stayed like that for a few seconds then I said “can you please wear a shirt” because its uncomfortable. At this moment we broke apart.

He grins “why, does it make you nervous?”

“Pshht no.”

“Then I have no problem staying here without the shirt” he says with a wink before sitting back on the sofa.

I cross my arms and stare at him. “Fine” he huffs and walks to his room.

Dalon comes back with a dark red shirt on.

“So what time is ur date?”

“At 7” he nods.

“So have you planned on what to wear and what to do?” He asks.

“See, uh.. that’s the thing. I need your help”

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