Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 21

“So let me get this straight you want me to help you look good before your date.” Pointing his index fingers in the air emphasising the word date.


“What’s there to do, I mean we’ve already done what we have to do. What more do you want to make you look good.” He says confusingly.

“I don’t know! I just.. I want to look my best when I meet him” I say quietly.

“Hey okay..” he cups my shoulders. I seem to like his sweet gesture. He thinks for a while before saying, “hey, we still have that list. We have a few thinks left in it..” I take out my phone and show him the list. “Right, if you want to look good towards James then you have to get fit plus it makes you feel good too.”

I’m sorry what? Did he say I have to excersise! I groan.

“Hey.. If you wanna look more healthy and good you better do this.” He says with amusement.

“I think I’m okay..” I say turning around but was stopped by a hand on my shoulder.

“Na-ah-ah you are going to do this if you wanna impress him.”

“Dammit I should’ve kept my mouth shut” I huff crossing my arms.

He pats my head and says.. “Aw Sum you should have thought of that!” He says sarcastically. Thank you man, really appreciate it.. like I didn’t know.

“I can’t,” breathe, “I can’t it’s too much.. S-” breathe,”s-stop!” I stop running and hold my knees for support, panting heavily. Dalon immediately stopped a moment later and looked back.

We were in the park not far from our houses. Dalon told me to wear gym clothing and I didn’t have any so I borrowed my mom’s.

“Come on Sum, we just started!” He whines.

I give him a look unable to talk because I was too busy breathing.

“We just ran a few meters, we’re supposed to to run more than a kilometer.” Is he serious right now. Does he not see me panting over here! And what does he mean by kilometer! I ain’t gonna walk for a kilometer, Na-ah.. nope..

“I think a few meters is enough..” taking another deep breath. Dalon walks back to me with a stern look on his face.

“Right Sum you asked for this and you’re backing out already. You wanted to look good to ur date and I don’t see what the problem is? You wanted this. If you want James to fall for you, you have to do this.” His voice was calm yet stern.

“I know Dalon” I whine “but don’t you think a few metres is sorta enough because it’s my first day. Please.. I’m tired..”

He waits for a while thinking. Then a smirk appears on his face. No no no.. whenever there’s a smirk there’s always something wrong is about to happen. “Okay..”

That’s it? Huh.. I thought there’s going to be something else. Where’s the ‘but’.

“But,” ah there it is. “before you go, do some push ups.” Oh you’ve got to be kidding me.

“No” I say lamely.

“Nope won’t do. If you want to finish it up fast do some push ups.” He gives me a stern look.

Why is he being so stern to me today! Usually he’s annoying now he’s being all mean to poor me.

“Fine!” I drop to my knees and get into position. I mean how hard could it be right? Its just to lift the body. No big deal I hope..

I look up to him and ask “how many?”

“A little confident huh? I’m going to be easy on you. let’s start with ten.”

Okay ten.. tens not bad. I could do with ten. I nod and get my self to it. I start doing it, lifting my body up,taking all my strength. My arms start to hurt by the weight. My breathing gets heavy and heat consumes my body. I feel sweat rolling down my back. I can’t do it.. its just too hard. I collapse on the floor.

I was too busy breathing to even remember someone was there with me. Or might I say some people considering I was in the park.

Someone clears their throat. I look up and saw an amused Dalon. Yeah he enjoys my suffering that’s what he always did.

“How’d I do?” I ask between breaths.

“To tell you the truth that was pathetic.” Well damn that was harsh. “Do you want to know how many u did?” He asks with eye brows up.

I slowly nod.

“You only did one Sum only one.” he shakes his head. “what do you even do at home?”

“Well half of the time I’m on my computer or my phone.. mostly playing video games.” Stating the obvious.

“Right. .” He drags. “You really need to go out more. You’re life is really boring.” Well thank you for that compliment! Really appreciate it. Not. “I’m going to show you how you’re supposed to do it.”

He positions himself on the floor and began to do push ups. I cannot believe it! He’s doing them with ease. I look around the park and see a lot of people mostly girls staring at him. Can’t blame them though. He was too good looking.

I counted the amount of times he did push ups and it was more than 10! He kept on going with out stopping so I sat on a bench nearby while he did his.

After a moment he stopped getting up. He looked around and spotted me. He came jogging towards me and said “hundred.” My eyes went wide. I can’t do one, he managed to do freaking hundred. Damn Summer you need a lot of work.

I look at his face and he had a smirk on his face. Stupid. Show off. He purposely did that. I scowl at his face.

“Show off!” I scoff.

“What?” Pretending that he didn’t hear that. He knows he heard it.

“Nothing” I shake my head.

He looks at me up and down and smiles. “thats enough for today.. I’m calling Flo to help you with your dress.”

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