Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 22

When I told my mom that I had a date tonight, the reaction I expected from her was quite unexpected. She actually screamed and hugged me, squeezing me to death.

“Finally, you know how long I had to wait for you to say it!” grinning at me. She started to walk to and fro,”do you even have a dress!?” she shook my shoulders.

I was about to say something when i got cut off by her. “I should’ve known his would happen.. I should’ve been ready.” she now had her hands on her forehead, “I mean it was obvious, you spent most of your time with that boy next door..” Um what? No no no.. i’m not going on a date with him!

“But-” i tried to say something but it was no use, mom kept on talking.

“it was so obvious, how could i just ignore this!”

“Mom!” i shout trying to get her attention.


“I’m not going on a date with Dalon, I’m going with someone else.”

“Oh. so its not that boy?” i shake my head. “Then who is it then?”

“Its a boy from my school”

“Can i know his name?”

“James” my voice became soft when i said it. I duck my head to hide my smile. I could literally feel her smile forming even though i can’t see.

“well do you have a dress.?”


“Good, just don’t come home late.. you know how you’re dad is..” I nodded.

The dress Dalon had asked Flo to give me was just amazing. It was a black and white stripe dress with a red belt. It was really simple and i liked it that way. To top it off, I’m wearing white sneakers. Mom offered to put makeup since i had no clue what to do.

Once she was done she looked at me up and down. “My little Summer has grown so big!” she wails wiping her tear.

I smile, “Mom I’m still your little Summer, don’t worry..” she nods and hugs me. I hugged her and went down stairs.

Mom made sure Dad and Chris were out for today to have some father and son time so i don’t have any problem. Mom offered to drop me at the restaurant where James told me to come. Once we stepped out of the house my mom told me she would get the car. i nodded.

I looked around and found Dalon outside of his house playing basketball. he was sweating so much and u can his gray shirt wet. It stuck to his body showing of his muscles. I was pretty much checking him out but i didn’t want him to know that so i snapped out of it. Once he saw me he smiled. I walked towards him.

“So how do i look?” I ask

He snapped out of his thoughts and looked at his basketball in his hands and then at me.”So?”

“You look beautiful” he says staring at me in the eyes. i gulp. We were interrupted with a car horn.

“um.. I’ll see ya later then” i say

“uh yeah, good luck on your date..” he says. i smile and walk to my mom’s car.

Once i reached the restaurant i got down from the car and took a deep breath.. You can do this Summer! I know you can.

Once i entered the lace it was full of well off people making me feel like i don’t belong here. Then i spotted a familiar face. James.

i walked towards his table. He noticed me and smiled. “Hi” he starts.


“Please sit..” he motions to leather seat in front of me. i quickly take my seat. “might i say you look lovely today.” he compliments. oh my gosh he just complimented me! Act cool.

“thanks, you look lovely too..” i say but then realization kicks in. Did i just call him lovely? Stupid not lovely.. As far as i know you are not supposed to tell a boy or a man lovely. “I mean pretty,” No! i cover my mouth. and quickly let go and say “I mean handsome.”

Dammit you ruined it, all this effort for nothing. Great! just great. Now he’ll leave because i just ruined it. I expected him to say something mean but all i got was chuckle. I try to do the same but fail.

“You’re cute..” he says. yep hes swoon worthy. he calls for our menus. Once we ordered we began talking about random things. Then something fell from underneath the table, so i looked down. It was the napkin that was on my lap. It always slides down for some reason. When i tried to pick it up, my leg, specifically my thigh made contact with the leather of the seat,rubbing in the process , making a loud fart noise. Oh no..

i look up to see James, His eyes were wide open and eyebrows were up. I blush, i quickly sit up. “That wasn’t me, it was the sofa!” i say quickly. He nods understandingly, i look around to find some people giving me disgusted looks. i cover my face with my hand trying to ignore them.

Once our food came, i began eating slowly. Usually i eat fast, but considering the place i am right now its better to not. I would constantly glance at James while he was busy eating his food.

“so..” he began, snapping me out of it. “What are your Hobbies Summer?”

“Um I love video games, i’m not sure that’s a hobby though. Other than that i like to draw and listen to music.what about you?”

“oh nothing special just basketball and soccer”

“hmm” i say while eating.

“you are quite different from all the girl i’ve met Summer..”

“um thanks i guess”

Then i feel the urge to pee suddenly, so i tell him i need to go the washroom and he nods.

When i got up from my seat , something unexpected happened. I accidentally bumped on one of the waiters who was carrying a bowl of hot soup and all the soup fell. And guess who it fell on, yepp it was James. The hot yellow liquid was on his face, hear and shirt. My mouth went dry. Shit..

“I’m so freaking sorry!” i say when he parks his car outside my house.

“For the millionth time Summer, Its alright”

“You sure about that,” he still smelled like soup. even though he wiped everything off.


” Well, it was nice spending time with you” it wasn’t, it clearly wasn’t. i smile.

“yeah you too.” smiling back at me. onc i got off i waved him goodbye.

i cover my face with my hands and groan! great the date was ruined how wonderful.

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