Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 23

“I messed up! I fucking messed up!” I cried blowing my nose in the tissue, “actually scratch that, i fucked up!”

“Come on Summer how bad could it have been?” Dalon tried to console me by giving more tissues which I gladly took.

After the date, the next day I called up Dalon to come meet me at my place. So now we are currently sprawled on the floor of my room and I explained what happened yesterday. Mom, dad and my brother had gone out for grocery shopping so I was alone at home.

“You werent there to know how bad that went! I mean, i freaking spilled yellow soup on his face!”

“Oh my gosh, that would’ve been priceless!” He stiffles a laugh. “You should’ve taken a picture or something so I can see!” He says between laughs. I give a good hard glare.

“its not funny, honestly i wanted to stab myself at that moment”

“Thats just stupid.. He didn’t say that it went bad right?”

“No but-“

“then problem solved, the date actually didn’t go so bad.” He says casually. Okay what does he think he is! Did James call him and say that or something..?

“No okay.. You weren’t there to witness how bad that went. I really like James, and all this effort was pointless because I made a fool of myself in front of him.”

“I underst-“

“No you don’t! How can you understand.. You’ve had girls falling for you.. You never experienced how it felt to be unnoticed by someone you liked so much and now, I had the chance! He noticed for the first time and I messed up!” I blurt out. My eyes were blurry, like I was about to cry.

I looked at Dalon and saw he had no emotion shown on his face. The silence was uncomfortable I give u that.

I didn’t mean what I said! I overreacted! I didn’t mean to snap at him. I touched his shoulder to which he snapped out of his thoughts and looked at me. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to snap at you like that..” I say sincerely.

He shakes his head and smiles “it’s fine” He gets up from the floor and looks at me. “Get your ass up I’m taking you somewhere”

“huh, why?”

“No questions, just get up and come with me” again, what does this dude think he is.. He can’t just boss me around.

I cross my arms “No tell me.”

“You’re so stubborn!” He whines.


He glares at me but soon has a smirk on his face. He grabs my arm and yanks me up on my feet. How strong is this dude! I yelp. He then pulls me down the stairs. I had no choice to to run with him or I’d lose my balance and fall.

“Dalon stop! Stop!” He didn’t listen he kept pulling me until we reached the car.

“Get in” He says motioning to the car. I grumble but got in. Once I got in, he got in later.

“You could’ve at least let me write a note”

“It’s the 21st century, text her” He says with shrug. He starts the engine and drives.

I search for my phone in the pocket of my jeans and luckily it was there. I thought I forgot it! Thank God nothing happened during all that running, I would’ve killed Dalon if it broke. I quickly texted my mom.

‘Going somewhere with a friend.. Will come home soon’ -Summer

I put my phone back in my pocket and look at Dalon who had his eyes on the road.

“Where are you taking me?” I ask.

“What did I tell you, no questions..”

“I need to know where you’re taking me.. For all I know you might be taking me to an abandoned building and plan to murder me.”

“Hmm I could do that” He taps his chin giving me a smirk.

Wait.. Is he actually going to murder me.. I was joking! Oh Lord! I didn’t mean to do anything bad! Please forgive me!

Dalon noticed my horrified expression and chuckled. ” Don’t worry I won’t do any of that..” I sigh in relief. “Not yet of course” He winks. I gulp and face the window.

“why are we here!?” I ask.

“I want to show you something.”

“Show me something in a garbage dump.” Yes ladies and gentlemen, Dalon Andrew took me to a garbage dump.

“Yes..” He says. “Now climb up that” pointing at the huge mountain of empty plastic bottles and cans. You’re kidding me right? First he brings me all the way to the garbage dump far from home and tells me to climb that! Knowing me I might fall and break my legs.

I give him a look. He sighs and climbs first. Once he reaches a certain height he turns towards me and offers a hand.

Why! I’m going to die if I climb. “Stop staring at my hand and take it.. Climb up.” He says a little irritated.

I slowly take it and he pulls me up. “Now that wasn’t bad was it.” He says. I just huff. We both climb up to the top of the pile. At moments my feet would step on some bottle making me almost fall down but Dalon managed to catch me. Once we reached we stopped to catch our breath.

“Look.” He says pointing at the forest far away, in front of us

I had no words to describe how beautiful it looked from up here. The sunlight shone perfectly on each tree. It looked so pretty. It wasn’t even that sunny today.. It was just right.

“Remember when you asked why I had a tattoo written hope” He sspeaks with a soft tone, looking straight the forest.


“two years ago, when I left this town and went to New York, I felt alone.” He says. “I didn’t have any friends, I kinda missed this place.” He chuckles softly. “Once day some girl came up to me.. Her name was Jasmine. She was I don’t know, pretty.. She asked me to sit with her for lunch.. And you probably would’ve known I was kind of a meanie that time..” He Shrugs and looks at me.

“I know a big one.”

“Anyways, I sorta said no and told her to fuck off” I stifle a laugh. “She got mad and started arguing with me.. I was sort of attracted to this.” I was listening to him so intently. “Eventually I started liking her, she didn’t know that. I was like you, trying to get her attention. When I did, we started dating. We were so happy but then one day-” He swallows. “She left.. She just vanished, with out telling me anything. I tried everything yo contact her somehow but it was no use” He looks down his eyes were teary. It was the first time I saw him crying. So the only thing that came into my head was to comfort him.

I hugged him. His voice was so soft, it was almost like a whisper.. “I got this tattoo just a reminder as a reminder that I still have hope for myself.” He cried silently on my shoulder. Ignoring the fact that my shirt is getting wet, I just hug him.

Once he was done he let go “sorry” He mumbles.

“it’s okay” I smile. “But seriously dude could have at least done it in another language or something, make it more mysterious.” I say with a grin.

“Oh yeah! ” He chuckles.

“Um Dalon.”

“Yeah did you love her?” I ask

“Yeah I did.” Oh.. I couldn’t understand the feeling I was getting.

“hey Dalon, I’m glad you bought me here.. Gets stress out”

“No problem”

“I hate to admit this but thanks Dalon your the best.” I compliment.

“What?” Pretending he didn’t hear it.

“I know you heard that”

“I didn’t just say it louder”

I shake my head and shout “Thanks Dalon Your the best!”

“Ah! Music to my ears!” I just push him playfully to which he laughs. “Now that I think about it I think we actually finished that list we made.” He grins.. Oh yeah! We both cheer and laugh like idiots in the open. But then there was a voice interrupting us.

“You kids! What the hell are you two doing up there! Get down!” A man shouts.
I look at Dalon who had a smirk on his face

“wanna make a run for it..” I didn’t have time to answer when he just kept pulling me with him down. We both ran to the car ignoring the calls from that man. This is actually fun. I look at Dalon who was laughing so much,
Giving me an unknown feeling in my stomach.

I think…

I have feelings for Dalon Andrew.

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