Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 24

No no no no no no no…

I can’t just like Dalon when I clearly like James. Is that even possible….

Okay maybe..

But I don’t want to like him, does that even make sense!? I’m so confused!

I sigh and shut my locker aggressively causing alot of stares coming towards me. Oops. I laugh nervously avoiding their gaze. I wait for my bestfriend leaning on my locker.

Ginger came running a few minutes before the bell rang.

“I’m not late!” She says with a relief sounding exhausted, bending down holding her knees for support. After she was done she went up to her locker and started taking her books. “So how was your weekend?” She asks still taking her books out.

“Oh it was swell!” I say with a sarcastic voice.

She closed her locker and looked at me, “I can literally sense the sarcasm in your voice.” I scowl.. “Well if it makes any better we have a chemistry test right now.” She says.

My eyes widen. What! I totally forgot about the test! I’m so screwed.

We both parted ways to our next classes without getting a chance to talk after the bell rang because we were running late.

We both were the last to hand in the tests and you probably guessed how I did. I was just staying there, on my seat, not knowing the answers and trying hard to remember shit. Ginger, however kept writing and writing like it was no tomorrow. In fact I’m still wondering how her ink pen kept going without finishing.

Now, we both meet in the cafeteria in our usual table.

“How was the Chemistry test” Ginger asks being the first to speak.

“Aced it.” I say lamely. Ginger just chuckles.

“It was an easy one” She jokes.. I just failed that test and she jokes. Nice.

“Yea totally..” I cover my face with my hands and take a huge breath.

“Summer.. Babe what got you’re panties in a twist.” She asks sweetly.

“Alot of things.” Alot as in, the date, Dalon and that stupid test.. I don’t really want to talk about this. I mean this weekend wasn’t great for me at all. Come to think of it, I think life hates me because I always mess up. Every. Single. Time.

Ginger seems to notice how uncomfortable I am right now so she changes topics.

“okay, so.. How’s your family?” She asks nervously. Ooh I know.. Family as in my brother Chris.

“Everyone’s good, nothing interesting happened really.” I shrug.

“Oh” was all she said. She didn’t even bother saying anything else and kept looking at her tray of food.

I sigh and continue eating my food when someone walks in catching my eye. Dalon. He walked casually to his seat with his friends

Imagine what I’d do when I’m usually surprised and I’m eating something. You guessed it, I choked again.

This time, the piece of food came out easily but then I started getting hiccups. It just kept going, even after taking big gulps of water. Ginger started to pat my back but it still doesn’t stop.

People started to notice me jumping on my seat. Some even giggled too. But I can’t blame them I would’ve done the same if someone looked like a kangaroo trying to free itself from a chair. This is so embarrassing!

I can’t stop. It just keeps going! What ’hiccup‘ the ’hiccup’ hell!

I feel a presence behind me but I’m too occupied with my hiccups that I dont even bother turning around. Then a loud booming noise shouts near my ear. Causing me to jump, shutting my eyes and touching my chest for dear life. Oh my god!

“What the fuck man! You want to give me a heart attack!?” Not knowing who that was. My breathing became so heavy and I was trying my best to slow it down. Finally opening my eyes, I see who it was. My mouth formed an ‘O’ shape.

“Well at least your hiccups went.” James says smiling. “I’ve heard that when you scare someone it takes it away. So it kind of worked on you.”

I tried to say something. But it came as “i-uh.. I..”

“please don’t tell me my voice took out your beautiful one too!” He pouts adorably with glint showing in his eyes. This dude is such a charmer he makes me like him more.

‘What about Dalon?’ My inner voice says. Not now. I ignore that and look at James with a smile.

“I’m so sorry, I.. I didn’t see you there”

“Thats the whole point” He says. “Anyway, I wanted to ask u something”

“uh yeah sure.. What’s up?”

“Um” He scratches the back of his neck. “So since our ‘date’-” pointing his finger in the air emphasizing date, “didn’t go so well as I planned.” I snort.. He looked at me weirdly before shaking his said. ” So.” He claps his hands together, “I want you to come to my basketball game this Friday.”

He just invited me to watch his match! His sweet gesture is making my heart melt.

“But James I think this is all my fault, not yours.”


“it is.. I messed up our date”

“Well it’s okay.. You can make it up to me by coming..”


“Yeah… I bought you two tickets. You can come with your friend if you want.” He says giving me the tickets which I took gladly. Then I remembered Ginger was here all along! She might have heard everything! About the date and how I messed up! Shit!

You know what I’m gonna tell her everything today.. I’m done keeping secrets from her.

“Okay Summer, I’ll see you there.”

I smile and say “Yeah”.

He strolls back to his table with his friends and I slowly turn around to see Ginger. She was crossing her arms with her eyebrows up. Giving me a look like ‘you’ve got some explaining to do’

I laugh nervously clearly ignoring her. I slowly looked at Dalon seeing he was laughing at something his friend had said. He looks so cute when he smiles. Them a caught clears my throat.

I turn towards Ginger who was quite impatient to know what is actually happening.

I sigh, and got ready to tell her everything.

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