Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 25

“Woah” was the first thing Ginger said when I told her everything.

“Yeah..” I drag. What I didn’t expect after that was her laughing. Huh?

When she noticed my questioning gaze. She said, “Oh.. I’m sorry..” Wiping of a tear. “But man.. Your life is much more complicated than mine” She chuckled. Really? Am I really that hilarious? Come to think of it I think I should get a reality show or something. I could be famous and earn a huge load of money. Like the kardashians. Except it’s all about me. Cool idea.

I snap out of my TV show fantasy and scowl at what Ginger said.

“Thanks Ginger I really feel the love. You care so much.” I say sarcastically. She continued to grin.

“So you had a crush on James for how long exactly?”

“Since I was 10”

“that long huh?” She asks.


“and now you like Dalon too” She asks with her eyebrows up.

When I didn’t say anything she got the hint. Her eyes were filled with amusement.

She was about to say something else when the bell rang. She looked at me and said.. “Well, we’ll continue this later okay?” I nod.

I sigh and went to my class.

I was walking back home when Dalon car stopped me.

“Get in the car.” He says.

I cross my arms, ignoring how giddy I was feeling. “Why?”

“We practically live next to each other. It makes sense if I drop you.” He says sassily.

“Huh, yeah you’re right.”

“I’m always right.” Confident much?

“Shut up.”

“You love me” He chuckles with a wink. He is obviously joking but I can’t help but think about it. Dammit hormones. This isn’t working. “Now get in the car before I change my mind”

I raise my hands in surrender. “Okay! Sheesh no need to boss me” I walk up to his car.

When I try to hold the handle the car moves a little making me miss it.

I move forward and try to get in the car but I miss the handle again. “Dammit Dalon stop moving the car!” I yell at him.

He chuckles. ” I don’t know what you’re talking about Sum. Seriously how long does it take for you to get in?” He acts like he doesn’t know anything.

I give a irritated huff and stomp towards the car again. When I reach for the handle. It moves again.

You know what I don’t need the car. I’ll walk thank you very much. I begin to walk when a horn stops me.

“Okay I’m sorry!” Dalon yells. “I won’t do it again. Please get in the car.”

I cross my arms and look at him. He looks at me apologetically. “Fine!” I say before getting in.

He begins to drive.

We never spoke in the whole ride. The only person who was talking was the person in the radio. Like damn can this person stop taking about how education is good. Like we get it. Can he please put a song!? I grumble in my seat and change the station.

“And now a lovely song for all the lovely couples out there. And if your single well, you can still enjoy it.” He chuckles sounding a little nervous. Okay this dude might be single.

To say how awkward it was when the song came on was an understatement. The song was ‘let’s get it on’ by Marvin Gaye.

Shit, how awkward can a car ride be? I quickly changed the station.

I heard a soft chuckle coming from Dalon making me smile. This song is so weird. Like how can singles enjoy this one?

I kept changing stations because all of them had advertisements. And finally I got one which was about to play a song.

“This song is ‘drive’ by Halsey. Enjoy.” The female broadcaster said.

How ironic? Drive and we’re driving.

Damn the beginning is like we’re actually in a car. It makes like we’re in the music video.

The beat wasn’t so bad either. I paid more attention to the lyrics and kept giving Dalon side glances. He was so busy in his own thoughts to notice me staring.

I kept understanding what each word said. And I can’t help but notice how handsome Dalon looked.

Striking blue eyes and that jaw line. His dark hair was kept messy bouish way. Just looking at it makes me feel so giddy. Why am I feeling like this?

“Can you stop staring, I can feel you burning holes into me with your eyes.” Bringing me back to my thoughts. Think of something to say back.

“Y-yeah R-right.. I’m superwoman with laser eyes.” I roll my eyes. And looking through my window.

“You were clearly checking me out” He chuckles.

“pfft as if” crossing my arms. Still not looking at him.

“this song is good” Dalon says changing the subject.

“Yep it is.”

We reached our destination. I quickly get out of the car, and look at him through the window.

“thank you for the ride”

“No problem” He smiles. Making my heart melt.

He soon parks the car in his garage and gets out too. He waves at me before going inside his house.

I sigh and go in my house. Once I open the door I come face to face with a curious Chris.

“Who was that?” He asks.

“Gee, a hello maybe would do good you know” I hang my house keys on the hook.

“Summer who was that? Are you seeing someone?” Seriously Bro. Calm down. It’s not gonna anyway. He’s in love with someone else.

“No.. ” I deadpan. ” He’s just our neighbor. He goes to my school and he offered me ride. Sheesh you act like dad.”

He ignores my comment and says “Okay”

I quickly go to my room. I really want to call Ginger to my place today.

I quickly dial Ginger’s phone. In the second ring she answers.

“Hey what’s up?”

“Ginger can you come to my place?”

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