Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 26

“Oh my god! Seriously, stop shooting me you little twats! There’s too many of them.. Half of them have snipers and shotguns and we’re just two!” Ginger exaggerates. “Great we’re dead.” And with that our characters collapse.

“see i told you, your inner british self does come out.” I pipe in making her glare at me.

“This is the last freaking time I’m doing this and I’m done.” She says annoyed.

We were sitting on the floor playing a new game that came out recently. I mean how bad could a night be with your best friend, eating popcorn and struggling to finish a level. Nothing can go wrong, right?

“Um.. Okay” as I set the game to replay, my brother came and sat next to Ginger. What’s he doing?

Ginger looks nervous again not even giving him a glance. She stares at the TV like her life depended on it. Chris asks her the controller which she lents quickly without looking at him.

“Summer play the game” He says quietly.

I quickly nod and click play. I make my character hide behind a pillar. Chris quickly does the same behind a wooden crate.

“We need to take all the snipers out first.” He says, “Summer cover me while I take out this sniper”

“hm.. Okay” I say busy trying to kick butt here. I mean seriously, they’re everywhere. Chris quickly takes out the guy and steals the sniper gun. He quickly takes cover. When the coast is clear he shoots two other snipers.

“See not bad huh? ” He says looking at Ginger.

She nods and says “Yeah” softly.

“Why don’t you try?” He gives the controller back to Ginger and guides her to kill the other snipers. “Summer sneak up on that guy using stealth. Save as much ammo as you can, you don’t know, there might be a boss mode in this game” He says.

“Great, we can’t even finish this level, and there’s a boss mode. How nice.” My voice filled with sarcasm.

Chris just chuckles and pays attention to the screen. “Ginger not like that,” I quickly look at what he was doing and see he was holding the controller along with her. It looked like they were snuggling.

“Look at which buttons I’m pressing okay” He was too busy looking at the screen to notice how Ginger was acting in his hold. She was blushing furiously. “Come on Summer look at the screen! You’re about to die!” He exclaims snapping me out of my thoughts. Oh shit. I quickly take cover and wait for my character to heal. Damn that was close.

Soon we took out all the guys one by one and finished the level.

“Now that wasn’t bad, was it?” Chris grins.

I grin “Oh yeah” I give him a high five. I look at Ginger and give her a wide smile. ” We did it, we finished the level, now only 20 more to go!” Great, I don’t think this game will be finished by the time I even have kids.

She just smiles at me. I could see her cheeks were really red. “Um, Summer, excuse me I’ll be right back” She says walking towards the washroom door.

“What’s her problem?” Chris asks curiously. I just shrug. “Okay.. Nevermind that anyway, help me clean this place up before mom comes back yeah?” He says. I nod. I carry the bowl of popcorn while he carries all the empty drink cups.

I can’t help but think what just happened a few minutes ago. I really wanted to know if Chris feels the same way as Ginger feels about him. I mean, i won’t tell him about her liking him or anything. I’ll just ask what he thinks about her. I can’t hold my anticipation any longer.

When we reached the kitchen, I ask ” Um.. Chris?”


“mind if I ask you something?”

“Yeah sure”

“What do you.. Um.. What do you think about Ginger?”

“What about Ginger?”

“Um.. You know, do you have feelings for her?” I day quietly.

Chris looks at me as if I had grown another head. His eyebrows are up and he soon puts the things on the counter table. He crosses his arms. I gulp.

“What makes you think that?”

“Oh you know.. The way you were close to her just you know had me thinking tha-”

“Summer you’re kidding me right? Why would you think that! I look at Ginger the same way I look at you. She’s like a little sister to me. I don’t see her differently like that.” He says sounding a little irritated. Shit, Ginger is going to be so hurt knowing about this.

“Oh” I say. ” Sorry, didn’t- I just thought that maybe-“

“it’s fine, you were just curious. I get it.”

This conversation just took an awkward turn. Wow Summer, way to go! Do something before you make it more awkward. “Right, I’ll be going to my room then.”

“hmm” was the only thing he said. He was too busy washing the dishes.

Just when I leave the kitchen, I see Ginger standing by the wall. Oh no, don’t tell me she heard any of that?

She forces a smile, “shall we go to your room?”

I nod in response. She obviously just heard what Chris had said in the kitchen. She’s trying real hard to cover up but I can see through her like glass.

Once we both enter our room, I lock the door and touch Ginger shoulder.

“You okay?” I ask.

“I’m fine, I’m absolutely fine.. Nothing is wrong with me! What makes you think something is wrong with me.. Because there is seriously nothing and I mean nothing wrong with me!” She says taking a deep breath.

“You know for someone who gets A’s in everything, even drama, you really suck at lying” i say.

She clears her throat and straightens her back. “I’m good Summer, really..”

“Ookay” I’m not really convinced at what she says. But I don’t force her. “Just so you know, if there’s any problem you can share with me..”

“Yeah okay..”

We both lay on the floor looking at the roof above us. For a moment we both stayed silent. None of us spoke a single word. I look at Ginger and see she was lost in her thoughts.

I decided to change the subject. “So any news about the hot guy you met that day with your parents.”

“Oh.. Him.. Uh.. Turns out I won’t see him again.. There leaving to live in Australia”

“Oh.. That’s.. Nice” I say.. “Do you have a picture of him so I can see”

“Oh yeah, I found him on instagram” She takes out her phone and searches his name. “Here”

“damn! This dude is smoking hot” I say trying to make the tension go away. She chuckles. And then I laugh too.

When our laughing dies down Ginger asks me a question. “Why are guys so complicated..”

“Oh Ginger, you have no idea..”

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