Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 27

“No Mr. Snowman, please don’t eat me. I didn’t know why I put a shoe instead of a carrot as your nose! I’ll put a carrot next time. Just please don’t eat me.” I beg.

“You’ll be one hell of an amazing snack, Summer! ” Mr snowman growls.

“No!” I yell.

“Summer!” He yells.

“Oh Lord, have mercy..” I close my eyes.


I quickly sit up from my bed. Oh God that was a dream. Why the hell did I dream about a snowman? More importantly why did I imagine him about to eat me? I place my hand on my forehead.

I look at Ginger who was laying on the bed. “Good you’re up, answer your god damn phone.” She says covering her face with a pillow.

I quickly look at my phone buzzing on my bedside table. Maybe the vibrations against the table made it annoying for Ginger. I quickly take my phone and see who was calling me.


Huh? Why’s he calling me this late? Before I answer the phone, I go outside my room so that I don’t disturb Ginger. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Oh hey… Summ….” He slurs. He sounds odd. I could faintly hear music playing too.

“Dalon it’s late, whyd you call me..”

“It’s nothing” He hiccups.

“Are you drunk? Where are you?” I ask.

“Summ.. It’s..” He hiccups.. “I’m fine.. I’m at a party my friends took me to.. How are you doing?”

“Dalon it’s late at night and you’re asking how I’m doing..”

“Okay.. That” He hiccups, “that was a lame question then huh?” He chuckles.

“Do you have ride home..?”

“Yeah.. My friend will drop me..” He says with a gruff voice.

“Hmm okay..”

“So when you’re sleeping and you get a dream-” He slurs, “do you” He hiccups.. “Do you dream about me?”

I can feel his smirk through the phone. I will not say anything to make his ego even bigger. “In your dreams, Andrew.” I roll my eyes.

“Last name basis huh.. Well, let me tell you..” He hiccups.. ” I do dream about you” my cheeks feel hot. I knew I was blushing furiously.

“You know, I really like the sober Dalon more than the drunk Dalon” I say.

“Oh is that it..” He chuckles. “Well let me tell ya..” He stops for a while.. “Whoops sorry..” I faintly hear someone yell ‘watch where your going!’ I chuckle at his clumsiness. “As I was saying..” He pauses. “What was I saying?” He asks.

“You were about to tell me something.. I don’t know..” I was grinning.

“Well I forgot.. Now I’m sad.”

“I don’t think you’ll remember any of it tomorrow anyway..”

“Ye-” the phone hung up. Really! I tried to call him again but he never answered it. I decided to leave it out. There’s no need to worry, his friend will drop him anyway.. I hope.

The next morning, when I reached school, I couldn’t find him anywhere. I thought maybe he’ll be late or something but he wasn’t even there during cafeteria.


School was really boring the whole week. Classes dragged on making each hour feel like an eternity. Dalon yet never came to school. I decided to go to his house and check if he’s okay. I mean he did call me, at least I would know if he’s fine or not.

After school, instead of going straight to my home, I go to his house first. I see his car parked outside indicating he might be at home. I ring the bell. I wait for a few seconds before I hear shuffling from inside. But the door never did open.

That idiot.

“Dalon I know you’re there.”

No reply.

“Come on Dalon! Open the door!”

No reply. Fine then If he wants to play coy with me so be it.

“Fine! Just so you know, I’m not gonna move till you open this door.” I cross my arms and sit by the steps that led to the door.

God sometimes when you don’t do anything, time just freezes for some reason. It’s just been 5 minutes and I feel like I’m sitting here for an hour. I was about to take my phone out to play a game and the door opens. Dalon wore a hoodie that covered most of his face. I could barely see his eyes.

“hello,” I chirp.

“What do you want?” He asks rudely.

“I just wanted to know if you’re okay, sheesh no need to be rude.”

He sighs looking straight down, “you can see I’m fine, you can go now.”

“You don’t look fine.” I say, “Why are you covering your face?” I step forward and try to see what’s wrong.

He backs away, “Sum I’m fine, you can go.” He pleads. I nod abruptly.

If he thinks I’m actually going to back away, he’s sorely mistaken. I turn making it look like I’m about to leave but as soon as he turns to go in his house I quickly pull his hoodie down. I laugh because I actually did something— ninja.

Dalon quickly turns around, fury clearly shown in his eyes. I gulp.

He swiftly pulls me inside his house before slamming the front door and locking it. Is this the time I die? Probably is. Can I just say to all my loved ones out there, I love you even if I don’t know you.. I love you! Why do I have to die this way.. I mean there’s so many other ways but why this one!

I quickly snap out of my mental debate when Dalon takes one step closer to me. I gulp, taking a step back.

“Your really don’t listen, do you Summer?” His voice calm but he’s eyes showed that he was angry. Summer, ooh that ain’t good. He steps closer making me step back again. “I mean it was simple, you leave, so we both can carry out our normal lives,” stepping more closer, I stepped back making my back hit the wall. This is it I’m going to die! “You’re just so stubborn.” His voice turns husky as he placed one hand on the wall beside me.

Our faces were so close, it made my breath hitch and my face heat up like crazy. The close proximity made me see his face more clearly. I look closely to see that there was a purple mark right below his left eye.

I was so frightened, that I never noticed the mark on his face. It seemed as if someone had punched him.

Before I had the time to react my hand was already touching the bruised area. Dalon hissed but kept his eyes on me as if he was thinking.

Trying to ignore the fact that we were like really close right now I tried to speak. “Y-youre hurt..”

“Does it matter?” He says his voice really low.

“O-of course it d-does..” What am I saying? I have no clue either. my mind just keeps losing track because we were this close from kissing each other. My eyes trail down to his lips, they look so soft. He clears his throat making my eyes snap back to his.

Dalon eyebrows were up, “it does?”

“I m-mean, yeah you need to check if anything’s wrong you know.” I gulp. “What if t-there’s something seriously wrong?”

“You’re cute when your nervous.” He says softly. My cheeks are getting hotter and hotter. I can’t handle this any longer so I quickly move out from the side and cover my face with my hands.

“Next time, try to listen to me.. Will you..?” He says with a smirk. I quickly nod. Why did I have the urge to kiss him?

Ignoring all these weird feelings that I’m getting. I ask him about his bruise. “How did you get that bruise on your cheek?”

He points at it.. “This?” I nod. “It’s nothing, just had a fight.”

“A fight?”

“Yup, at the party I attended last week.”

“May I ask, How this so called ‘fight’ started?”

“It’s nothing, I was drunk.. I might have made someone angry doing something stupid. I don’t remember. My friend dropped me home” He didn’t make eye contact with me when he said that which might be possible that he might be lying. I don’t force him to say anything though.

“Speaking of drunk, do you remember about the time you called me..” Please don’t. Please, please, please.

He smirks, “I do actually..”

Ah oh..

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