Ms. Clumsy

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Chapter 28

Apparently Dalon didn’t come to school these four days because he was afraid that maybe his so called reputation would get ruined because of the bruise on his cheek. His mom, some how, allowed him to stay at home for these few days.. I quote what she said to Dalon, “my baby is hurt badly, you should get some rest until your all better..” I mean wow!

My parents would still send me to school if I get hurt whenever I fall down. But then when I think about it, I’m always this clumsy so maybe if they let me stay at home everytime I got hurt I might miss loads of important things. So I can’t complain on that.

Friday. The day of the basketball game - James had invited me to. It was scheduled after school was over. So before I left in the morning, I decided to wear something nice and comfy but something decent so I can even impress James too. I wore a loose, red tank top and light blue jeans. For shoes I wore a pair of red Converse. I didn’t tie my hair but I did comb it, to atleast make myself look somewhat normal.

When I skimmed through my closet, I found an old cap that our school gave us on our first day of high school. It was like a welcome gift. Just a welcome gift to hell in my opinion.

The cap was red so it matched my outfit perfectly. The material of it was a little faded but I didnt care. As long as it matched my outfit, it would do. I wore the cap backwards. I loved wearing caps backwards, it made me feel more cooler.

Packing all my stuff, I left for school.

School was like any other day. Nothing really special happened during it. After school was over, I met Ginger.

“hey, you’re staying after school to watch the game, right?” I ask Ginger.

“Yeah totally.. I wouldn’t just keep a free ticket go to waste..” She says making me chuckle. Today she wore a cute white sun dress with a jean jacket and white vans. I couldn’t help but make the joke.

“Damn Ginger, back at it again with the white vans..” I joke.

“Dammit, I knew you’d say it! Yet here I am wearing it.” I laugh. Unfortunately for her, my laugh is very contagious making her laugh with me.

“Come on let’s sit before someone takes our seats..” I say right after we were done laughing.


Music began to play indicating the games about to start. They announce the teams out loud. Our school team was first. James as the school basketball team captain jogged out first and might I say he looked mighty fine in his basketball clothes. I even heard girls sigh dreamily. I tried to wave at him, but he didn’t notice. Maybe he was just preoccupied with the game right now. One by one each team member came out. When I tried to see who the last person was in the team, it was Dalon. Looks like he planned to come today because of the game. Huh..

“Oh my gosh, it’s Dalon!!” A girl from behind me squealed making my ears hurt. Ow!

“I know right, he’s so hot and handsome, I would die to be his girlfriend..” Another girl speaks. I snort.

“Oh Em Gee.. He would totally be an awesome boyfriend..” Something in that sentence made me think of how he and Jasmine used to be together. I’m pretty sure they were a cute couple.

“Dude, look at the guys from the opposing team. They have fine guys in their school too..” Ginger says dreamily “Damn..” I chuckle.

James and I guess, the opposing team captain, stepped in the centre of the basketball court. The referee blew the whistle throwing the basketball in the air. James jumped a little higher than the other and swiftly hits the ball. The whole crowd cheers wildly. The ball bounces to one of the players - whose name, I think, was Jack who dribbles the ball across the court closer enough to the basketball net. When he didn’t have any room to move because he was trapped by the other team he tried to pass the ball to one of the players in our team. Unfortunately the ball was missed and a player from the opposing team got it.

He dribbles the ball to the other side of the court and threw it to the net. He missed. When the ball dropped, Dalon caught it swiftly and I’m not going to deny it but he did look hot catching it. I didn’t say it out loud though.

The girl from behind me, squealed again. My poor ears! “Oh my god, oh my god! Did you see that! He looked so hot catching that!” This girl is seriously getting on my nerves because she was not letting us concentrate the game. Some people looked back and gave her looks. “He’s so drea-“

“hey..” I look back at her cutting her off. “How you doing?” She was pretty no doubt but she’s getting really really annoying right now.

“Uh.. fine..” She looks at me surprised that I spoke at her.

“Thats good, as much as I like to chat.. Some of us would like to concentrate the game..” I smile sweetly. “If you could tone it down that would be nice..”

She looked pissed when I said that but didn’t argue. “Yeah sure, whatever.”

“Thank God you stopped her from talking..” Ginger whispers. I nod.

The crowd cheers again, making me look at the scores. Our team got a point.

In the end, our school team won. All the guys hugged each other.

I stepped down to the court with Ginger by my side, to congratulate them. Apparently James and Dalon were talking already.

“Uh hey..” I look at both of them.

“Hey Summer, you came?”

“Yeah.. I did.. I came…” I laugh nervously. I could see Ginger and Dalon behind James giving me ‘are you serious’ looks. Am I doing something wrong? I clear my throat and straighten my back. “You were amazing out there..” I say to him.

“Really, thank you.. But it it wasn’t for Dalon we could’ve lost..” He says pointing at Dalon.

Dalon smirks, I swear I think his ego just grew bigger, “Dalon meet Summer,” James says. ” And Summer meet Dalon.”

“Hi Sum..” He grins.

Somehow James got the hint that we knew each other.. “You guys know each other?”

When I was about to say anything, Dalon cut me to it.. “Yeah man, we go way back.. We are practically best friends.”

Ginger coughed awkwardly while I was speechless.

“Really, we’ll in that case..” James looked at me and smiles. “Why don’t we all go out to that diner across the street..? My treat..”

“Oh man, that would be great! I’m starving..” Dalon says. “I’m sure Summer can come too with Ginger..” I look at him straight in the eye. He’s dead. I quickly look at James and smile.

“Sure.” I say.

“Great, I’ll see you guys in 20 minutes.. We need to get a shower cause I’m sweating and I’m pretty sure I stink..” I smile and nod. He soon left.

When Dalon was about to leave I caught his arm. “What was that!?”

“What was what?” He says.

“You know what..”

“Look Sum I seriously don’t know what you’re talking about..” He motions me to remove my hand, which I quickly do. “Now if you excuse me I better take a shower.. See you there..” He winks before walking away. He knows what he did. I just know it.

“Ugh.. He’s an idiot..” I mumble.

“Well on the bright side, we get free food..” Ginger pipes in. “Free ticket, now free food.. This day couldn’t get any better!” She chirps.

That made me smile.

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